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I bought the Suunto T3 heart rate monitor mainly for two reasons:
- I was interested to the Training Effect feature (TE)
- I like the style of this heart rate monitor .
An important thing that I noticed compared to the heart rate monitors of other brands is the excellent transmission between the belt and the watch. I tested that the watch can receive the heart rate at a distance of about 5 meters (16 feet) from the belt. The transmission is coded so there are no interferences and the belt transmits the right heart rate always, while heart rate of other brands that I owned sometimes gave erroneous readings, for example with the Suunto T3 never happen that the indications of your heart rate jumps abruptly from 120 to 220 bpm.
Regarding the Training effect, this feature has been developed by firstbeat technology. A lot could be said about the TE, and people that are curious about this should have a look at the firstbeat site
Here I can simply say that TE is an indicator of my EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption) also called oxygen debt and the correct use of the TE allows me to avoid overtraining.
Another good feature is that the watch displays an estimation of the calories burned, and in my case the estimation is fine when I'm under effort while the estimation is too high during the rest. I know this because I compared the calories with the mechanical work done with my bicycle and the correlation between the calories and the real mechanical work is good considering the human efficiency.
The T3 has also a memory and keeps the data of the last 15 trainings. The data can also be transferred to a free training manager software using an expensive PC POD. The watch also display the main total data of the last six months.
It is possible to buy the optional Foot Pod, Cycling Pod or GPS Pod. They allow to display speed and distance, but I own none of them.

- Excellent transmission between the belt and the watch
- Good calories estimations (im my case works fine during the effort)
- Good style for an heart rate
- TE feature

- I like this watch and I'd like to wear it for everyday use, unfortunately the plastic screen has poor resistance and could be scratched too easy, so I use it only during my cycling training.
- The top field of the display is not configurable by the user.
- The pods are expensive


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unfortunately the plastic screen has poor resistance and could be scratched too easy, so I use it only during my cycling training.
Thanks for a great review.

Yes, plastic crystals can mark but, unlike glass, they are easy to clean up with something like Polywatch or Solvol Autosol and they don't shatter if heavily impacted. :-!
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