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Hello all,
I am a proud owner of a Suunto T4c for a few months now.
Unfortunately - I have a crack on the (glass?) lens which slowly cause the inner part to buildup condensation.
I don't think lens cracks are can be returned and fixed under warranty right?

My question is

- Has anyone disassembled a T4C or equivalent T series watch? How difficult is it? I know there is a Core disassembly available in the forums.
- Seems that all T series watchs have the same frame. I was think if I could just get a cheap T1 series watch, and disassembly both of them, and swap around the core's?

Any ideas/suggestions

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Hi and welcome.

Well some of the advantages of the acrylic crystal is that scratches can be buffed out, they are less likely to shatter, they are much lighter...

But you found one of the disadvantages. :)

I would think a module swap would be do-able. Maybe you could find a beat up T1 on Fleabay and make the swap?

Ive never taken a T series apart. If you do, be sure to document your transplant with pictures for us!

Thanks and WELCOME!
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