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Just got my Suunto X10. Trying to record tracks and _sotimes_ it does record them.

What I do is:

- enter Activities mode
- enter Activity menu (ENTER)
- set GPSfix to 1 sec or 1 min
- set Activity to record (triangle) - it writes "Log file started" and exits back to Activities mode

- (optional) enter Functions menu (long press on ENTER) and see that GPS is on

- make sure that GPS signal strength indicator shows several filled bars

- GO

- enter Activity menu
- stop recording (set activity mark to square)

- connect to Trek Manager
- download trek to local folder
- I can see altitude profile, but no speed profile and no track points

Memory is empty.

Once I did manage to record the track doing the same actions (at least I think so), but wasn't able to do this again.

Can anyone help me? What do I do wrong?

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The GPS must be receiving the satellites before it can record track points:

1. Enter Activity Mode
Press center button:
--Set Activity: > (tiangle)
--Set GPSfix: 1 sec
Back out to Activity Main Screen (lower left button)
--wait for blinking (empty) rectangle to turn into solid rectangles. Solid rectangles means your are connected to satellites.
2. Start your activity (walking, biking, ....)
3. At the end of your activity
Press center button:
--Set Activity: (solid square). This stops the GPS and stops the log file recording and saves the log file data to (date/time) file format.

For viewing track data you will need to download the data to the personal computer (PC) via the Suunto Trek Manager software.

1. Attach watch to computer via cable and press "connect to X10".
2. Notice under panel X10 the tracks and your track file saved (on your watch) by a date/time file name.
3. Right mouse click on the track file name and select "Download to folder." This creates a folder under the Local Data panel and transfers the log file to that folder. That folder is holding a copy of your data on the PC.
4. Click on the local log file. As you do this you will see your track's track points in one of the rightside panels titled "Track".
5. The Track panel has two buttons: "Track" and "Track Points"
6. Under Track Points you will be able to see your track point data.
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