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-----------I am going to add onto my first review of the X6M "Black Collection" seen here...
The X6M is built entirely in Finland. It has the build quality of the Observer with the graphic features of the Core and has its own model specific features.
I have since sold the X6M "Black Collection" to a new home simply because its bracelet could not be adjusted on the fly and I am moving away from negative (black) display watches.

The weather Trend in the above night pic is: A graphical presentation of the air pressure development (sea level) during
the last 6 hours in 15-minute intervals. One step on the vertical axis represents one
hPa and one step on the horizontal axis represents 15 minutes. There is also another graph in the memory of the last 2 days weather with stats.

I have missed the X6M from my collection because of several underlining features....
First is the build quality: The SS build quality of the X6M is still in its own league from other Suunto models like the Core. Button push is silky smooth but firm. It oozes quality and I gravitate to metal watches over plastic watches. The finish on the X6M is brite Stainless Steel. It has a inner chapter bezel. The face is set down below the bezel leaving the mineral crystal well protected from bumps and scrapes. Features like this gives it a feel and design for mountain climbing. WR of 100M/330ft.
If you do happen to scrape the X6M along the rocks, the bright SS finish can be polished very easily with "Mothers Mag Polish". The beauty of this is it will remove scratches or minor scuff marks and leave the watch looking new again. I find the SS a tough finish for every day abuse. The finish could also be brought to a satin look if you tape off the crystal and use a "Green Scotchbrite Pad". (Do a search for this procedure on the forum. Omega owners know this well.)

My X6M came with a leather strap. It a very comfortable soft leather strap with a fuzzy suede like material on the back side. Its extremely comfortable with a very nice double tang buckle. I am not sure how this strap would hold up getting wet often?? I ordered the Elastemer strap model:SS0S4723000 shown below...
It is also is the strap shown on this watch in the movie AVP: The AVP watch is a older X6M with the green display.

Any Observer strap/bracelet is interchangeable with the X6M model. Warring: Never attempt to change out the strap unless you own a small forked spring bar tool like this I am very good at changing bracelets and do it very often on my Rolex,Omega and many other watches. The X6M and Observer are the most difficult to do. Dont say I didnt warn you.;-)

Another feature I have dearly missed is the reminder alarm: This alarm will repeat itself for any duration you set it for. I love this feature and set it for every 10 minutes or what ever the duration from 5 seconds to 59 minutes and 59 seconds.
The alarm will chime and reset itself without touching a button.

One note:
The reminder timer is designed to work in the "hiking", "weather" or "Compass" mode. If you set the reminder alarm and go into the "time" mode, the alarm will only sound once or twice and then go into a energy saving mode and will not sound(this is not in the manual. A Suunto tech had to check into this for me). In the "weather" "Compass" and "hiking" mode the alarm will sound indefinitely until the battery is worn out. This is no big issue because the "hiking", "weather" and "Compass" mode both have the option to display the time. After thinking about this logic, I realized this is a good feature. When you are in "Hiking","Compass" or "weather" mode you are in a specialized task mode and the reminder alarm may be a very important feature for taking readings at a set time of intervals. This is why in those modes the reminder alarm should never go into a energy saving mode. Only in the "time" mode does the watch go into a energy saving mode to conserve battery life. Very intuitive thinking.

Another feature I use often is: The quick difference attitude mode. Suunto calls it "DIFFER" and it is a : When you select the Differ function in the bottom short cut display, it displays the difference in altitude and
time since the last reset of the function. To reset and start a new measurement, press
Start. Differ is always in the measuring mode, i.e. it measures the time and altitude
difference constantly but displays them only when you select the function. This is very fast and intuitive to set/reset on the go. I cant tell you how many times I used this feature on my last X6M "black". At the base of the hill you just hit one button and it resets the timer and starts to record the difference. I love it.

I like altitude graphs of the day when I am hunting. The X6M is fast by just starting the chrono timer. Thats it. Every time you start the chrono it automatically starts recoding your altitude in its own log that can be viewed on the watch as a graph with readings or downloaded in a easy one-touch transfer to your computer for a large detailed reading. No other watch does this.

The positive display is crystal clear and is much more read able in any light over is negative display counter part. Easy to read display has become a priority for me in the woods during hunting season. Hands down the positive display with its rounded font on the X6M is the best there is.

The X6M is one of the models that Suunto is listed as a discontinued model.o| My watch has a serial number of 948xxxxx. This means it was built in the first week of November in 2009 so it is a very new X6M model. Prices of these watches were always expensive ($450-$500.00 USD)and was Suunto's top of the line ABC professional models. Buy outs and Suunto dealers going out of business has placed some X6M models ridiculously cheap. So cheap that you could tell the wholesale companies selling them didnt know what they had. I think most of those cheap prices has dried up but most all Suunto dealers still stock the incredible X6M.

I put a brushed finish on the X6M and custom stap/PVD buckle....
See link:

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