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Most do, as well as a few other languages.

1. Sinn U1 , great watch - perhaps slightly overrated because of the recent hype over it - but such a unique design is deserves kudos , especially because of the strap options available . The rubber deployment is "The Best" I have handled for any type of watch.

2. Stowa Pro Diver, Very Well Made - it shows when the watch is handled. Dial is flawless with perfect letting and excellent lume. I think this class of German made watches are really a big bang for the buck, save the aggressive marketing campaigns of the well know brands that are basically massed produced on some type of production line. A similar Rubber Deployment as the Sinn has would complete the package. Bezel is well done, as a recreational diver you never want a bezel that spins easily, you will lose your air! , the bezel clicks tight as it should. The way the band connects to the watch head is also seamless, Very Nice!. Don't like the helium release valve, and if the crown was placed at the 4 position it would wear a bit better - most likely not a keeper for me.

3. Explorer II, I like this watch - have owned the spectrum of Rolex's and this one sticks. Submariner? yeah ok , had about 4 bought and sold - oversized crown digs into your wrist , rubber O ring on stem wears out . Everyone and their brother has one or a good copy of one. Exp. II wears very comfortably has the smaller more comfortable crown , a unique look from the Rolex line - does not have the unnecessary moving bezel useless for daily wear and the unnecessary diver extension in the buckle that never comes into play for daily wear. Smaller buckle with the SEL band is much more comfortable. A keeper when all others get sold! .

4. Muhle SAR - now here is a keeper. We all know how tough it is to judge a watch until you have had the chance to handle it or wear it. Same boat here bought it blindly and love it. Very well made and I highly recommend it to any watch aficionado.
Contrast of Steel and Rubber band works. Detail on watch is flawless. Wears extremely well with a unique look - of the 3 German made watches here - this is by far my favorite.
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