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T-Online 24h - small watch from a giant German telecom (AWW 35)


Name: T-Online
Movement: ISA 1198, 1 jewel, battery type 395
Time display: 24 hours (with 24 on top), minutes and seconds
Case: satin steel with stainless steel snap back
Size: diameter 34 mm, 36 mm with crown, 41 mm lug to lug
Height: 9 mm
Face: black display with pink hour numbers and silver hour markers, lilac sun icon and arc marking daytime hours 7-17, silver moon icon and arc marking nighttime hours 23-9.
Text on dial: [T-Online logo]
Hands and markers: narrow metallic silver hour and minute hands, lilac seconds hand
Water-resistance: 3 atm Water resistant
Crowns: unsigned crown at 3 to set time
Crystal: flat mineral crystal
Lug: 18 mm
Bracelet: leather strap with buckle


Collecting 24h watches is nice and wide-ranging hobby. Your objects can be cheap $30 noname quartz watches and noble limited edition mechanical wonders with 4-digit price tags. This watch I found in one German classified ads site. The price was about EUR 30, including shipping.


Here we have a promotional watch of T-Online. T-Online is the biggest internet service provider in Germany, a business unit of giant Deutsche Telekom. I don't know which watchmaker brand is behind this watch. This is the only T-Online watch I ever saw.

Promotional watches can be cheap or original solutions. Cheap solution is to take an existing watch and place some company logo onto the dial. Like tens of Raketas with some company, army unit or sports competition logo; or Fortis with Harley Davidson logo. Original solution is a special newly by some watchmaker created watch model; like German Post Braunschweig special (

Here I'm afraid we see an original watch made especially for T-Online.

Most attractive is the dial, it caught my attention first when I made my offer. The division of day and night is original - daytime 07-17, nighttime 23-09. Of course, the overall design is quite simple and this watch is probably suitable only for juniors.

The stainless steel case back has text stating that this watch is 3 atm water resistant. And there are two letters - "CW" - please can anybody tell me what it does mean?

Before I opened the snap case back I was sure that inside is Ronda 763.24 or something similar. I was wrong. This was an ISA movement, model 1198.

ISA ( is Swiss quartz movements' marker. They started in 50s with mechanical movements as Fabrique d'Ebauches de Sonceboz SA. Later, renamed as ISA Group, they produced quartz movements en masse. From 2006 the company is named ISASWISS and is focused on complicated quartz movements.

ISA 1198 movement has several modifications and models, with and without day or date, and 24h option is also used sometimes. Here is another 1198 equipped 24h cheap watch reviewed by l3wy:

Probably there is no big difference in quality between ISA 1198 and Ronda 763.24. But big ISA looks much more serious and reliable than tiny Ronda. In one forum I saw recently a thread where people complained on Ronda-based watch - "this cannot be serious, it is impossible to pay money for such a hilariously simple solution".

To find spare 24h options of cheap quartz movements, ISA or Ronda, is very problematic. If you ask me, then my answer is - buy another 24h watch with the same movement inside and use it as a donor. That is exactly what I'm doing. And the difference is not very big - to pay $30 for a watch or $15 for a movement. This is true only for 24h versions; to find a "normal" 12h movements of Ronda or ISA is no problem


Very wearable watch for juniors with original dial. Interesting for me was the first opportunity to study ISA movements.


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Re: T-Online 24h - small watch from a giant German telecom (AWW 35)

Looks nice, I don't care for the pink, but it's part of their logo and they've incorporated it well on the dial. I'm guessing there is a relationship between t-online and t-mobile here in the states (as t-mobile uses the same colors and a similar logo).
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