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Hi all,

so I have a gen 3 tag heuer connected now. I’ve had the other prior 2 versions of this watch and honestly, the prior two models I disliked. They never really felt like a watch, they felt like a toy. And the battery life was an issue for sure. That said, I have to say the newest version (gen 3) is sooooo much better. It really feels like a watch, and as a watch nut, it takes some of the pain away from wearing a smart watch for the functionality, and having to leave the real watches home.

that said, I’ve noticed 2 things with mine that I can’t quite explain or figure out. Generally, on a normal day, the battery is actually pretty good. I make it to the night with plenty to spare and throw it on the charger. I have tilt to wake turned off, AOD on, and a quick screen timeout. I also leave the brightness to self adjust in the middle setting.

I tried it playing golf though. And while the app was really nice, and exactly in line with the garmin GPS I was checking against, by about hole 14 mine was dead (to the point of shutting off). I’ve seen others claim to get full rounds with battery to spare. But no one seems to share the settings they ware using. Anyone have any insight into the ideal “battery extending” settings for trying to use the golf app?

the other oddity, I have the “boost screen brightness for direct sun” setting turned on. Oddly though, I feel like it actually DIMS the screen in that setting? Is there a bug or glitch with this setting? Has anyone else had that issue?

didn’t see much discussion about this version, or these specific issues, which is why I started a new thread. Of course, if I missed a prior thread in the search please let me know. Thanks!
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