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I have a movado 2004 Gentry Chronograph. I had the battery replaced and the jeweller din't seal it tightly. Over the few months moisture builded up and then the watch stopped moving. I only paid $300 used and its not worth the repair cost of 150..

My friend has a WAF1115 used in good condition, some wear. I have never owned a Tag. It has the Mother of pearl dial with 10 Diamonds. He is buying a Omega he same color and said he would sell me the Tag and to make him an offer. I seen the retail is $2200 but you can buy it online from 1199 to 1499 new. What would be a fair deal to buy this watch used? Minor wear, he had it serviced at a watch store that offers battery for life...

Do you know when this model was in production? How thick is it? I have seen listed 38.4 mm as the case diameter but can't find thickness?

Is this a classy watch I can wear out with a nice itialian suit or just a thick sporty watch? How are he reviews on this watch? I just went through it with Movado, the Movado retailed at 699 new, you can get it at the most for 399 new now and they want almost half the value to repair it because of a hack who place the battery in. When I noticed some moisture in the watch I brought it to a different jeweller, they told me whoever opened it last to put a battery in, never even tightened the case back up very tight. It slowed leaked moisture. He dried it out and it worked but a fter a few days it stoped. I was told the moisture caused damage. Nothing is broken but to go through it, oil it, clean corrisoin, ect... the cost would be about 150, which to me isnt worth it. So now I have a movado paperweight
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