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Which is the better value for the cost


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They're both great companies, I think we would all agree on that. But considering the price difference (with Tag being on the more expensive end), is it really worth the extra $? (This is not a discussion related to specific models but the BRAND OVERALL!)

I've had many Oris watches, but a Tag is next on my list. Which do you prefer and WHY?
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As someone who's owned both brands and currently owns neither, I do like many models that both brands bring. There is a lot I dislike about Tag, when it comes to cheapening out on some of their models {formula series}. There isn't anything serious I dislike about Oris, no more than other brands. However, in spite of my higher level of dislike for Tag, if I had to choose one brand it would be Tag. They offer such a large variety of models and I believe their current level of quality to be the highest it's ever been.
F1-series has generally been horrible. Until lately when they started making some decent models up to a tourbillon (unless you hate Mario Kart ;))
That's what I mean, Tag has really been putting out nice quality watches in the last several years. The variety blows away Oris and this would likely be my main reason for picking Tag.
1 - 2 of 112 Posts