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Which is the better value for the cost


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They're both great companies, I think we would all agree on that. But considering the price difference (with Tag being on the more expensive end), is it really worth the extra $? (This is not a discussion related to specific models but the BRAND OVERALL!)

I've had many Oris watches, but a Tag is next on my list. Which do you prefer and WHY?
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Are you actually planning to buy a company? Or a watch?

Or if you buy "value", are you shopping for entry level models or the high end? I bet Tag has the highest value tourbillon in the high end brand world. Nobody comes even close and I don't know if Oris even makes one.

If you are shopping in the quartz / entry level, whatever floats your boat. High end brands are generally very bad value.
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Many 'storied histories' and the product of marketing meetings.
You mean successful marketing meetings as opposed to brands that have meetings and market but do not succeed?
Hmmm, like at TAG when selecting a price for the 'Tiger Woods Watch'.
I have no idea what it costs or if it's a part of Tag's success but after googling it, I have no need to ever get one. What is your point?
Customers will lineup to overpay, full-pop, for a piece of 'schlock', because of a name.
Oh, you mean the other luxury brands are not charging too much for their quartz watches? :rolleyes:
For the price of that enamel dial Oris you can get a twin tourbillon Tag chronograph with 1/100th of a second timing in Chrono24. Sure, it's not easy to compare value of those features but I'm sure it's one of the more expensive enamel dials and one of the cheaper twin whatever...
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It's an exercise in futility to compare entire brands, especially ones as diverse as Oris and Tag Heuer. Specific models side-by-side comparison would make perfect sense. But not entire brands.
Here is why... in basic luxury entry level divers (like ones pictured in OP) - Oris holds it's own very well against TH with Aquis and 65 bringing a ton of value compared to an Aquaracer.
But Tag Heuer plays such a wide range of the market that in most other positions it blows Oris away. After all Tag has quartz Formula\Aquaracer watches at entry level, beautiful Carerras, Monacos at mid-level luxury, and haute horology offerings at the high end.
Oris has a nice 10 day ProPilot at the top end of their offering, but that's it. Nothing that comes close to competing with Tag in area of chronographs, tourbillon, or any Micrograpg\microgirder lines.

There is a lot of hate for Tag Heuer and a lot of it is based on perceived high price for their entry level watches.
But I can't think of any other Swiss brand that comes close to Tag when it comes to affordable Tourbillon or any of their chronograph watches.

Here is the best that Oris has to offer at their upper end of models....
View attachment 17189791 View attachment 17189792

Compared to Tag Heuer, Oris is kind of a basic and lower-level manufacture
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These two are on my list. Nobody else makes nothing quite like these:

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Even though I have no Tag's at the moment, this is the only watch I regret selling:

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Not that it matters to me, but it might to you? Nobody's gonna ever say, "nice Oris man," but you will get "that's a really cool Tag dude!" lol
I still remember the one time window shopping at the local AD 15 years ago when a father with two kids came next to me: "There's Rolex and an Omega and... that, that my sons, is a Tag!" :D
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As someone who's owned both brands and currently owns neither, I do like many models that both brands bring. There is a lot I dislike about Tag, when it comes to cheapening out on some of their models {formula series}.
F1-series has generally been horrible. Until lately when they started making some decent models up to a tourbillon (unless you hate Mario Kart ;))
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