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realized in Corian

After the success of the Magnum line, TB Buti introduces a new watch in the 2009 edition of Baselworld: MAGNUM PORTO CERVO,realized with a special carrure in Corian.

This new model came to life with a specific and intentional purpose launch as a message to the international financial crisis (that is concerning also the luxury market) and the intention to protect nature with the use of environmental friendly materials.

TB Buti line of jewel-watch is joined by a Magnum "competitive luxury", available in the same versions (Solitario, tricompax and riserva di carica) with the usual decorative features and equipped of advanced impulses.
TB Buti, with this watch, confirms again its trend towards the combinations of innovative material, by being the first firm in using the Corian in the luxury watch world, a compound of unique chemical characteristics: 2/3 of aluminum hydroxide and 1/3 of acrylic resin (polimetil-metacrilated) with the addition of colouring pigments.

Exclusive product of DuPont, the Corian is made with natural thin granes from which craftsmen obtain a tough and resistant material, excellent high performance in terms of flexibility and design.

Used for furnishing and architecture (hotel, boutique, yachts, airport), the Corian is nowadays the most utilized alloy by international designers and architects, also because it remains within the standards of environmental sustainability (low emissions of organic composes VOC). The respect of strict standards in order to limit waste and energy consumption at all stages of the production process allowed it to obtain Green Guard Indoor Air Quality Certified.

Porto Cervo will be available in black, white, red, brown, orange and marbled light blue.

Social responsibility, respect for tradition and a “green attitude”: three key principles hedged in Magnum Porto Cervo.

The second model presented in Baselworld is “Magnum Carbonium Fasi Luna”. This completes the series "Magnum Carbonium" with a variance from the Tricompax and Power Reserve, adding "Fasi Luna" to our prestigious solid carbonium line.

Two creations that reaffirm the goal of TB Buti for the quest of the successful use of material and treatment combinations.

The first TB Buti collection saw the light in 2001 in Via Tornabuoni, in the heart of the old city centre of Florence. Presented for the first time at the Basel International Fair in 2002, to date the company boasts 3,500 pieces distributed at international level in 12 countries (not just in Europe, but also in North America, South America, Russia, Japan and the Arab countries) and sold in 80 luxury shops.
In September 2008, as well as transferring its operational headquarters to Piazza della Repubblica, the company also opened its first boutique in Florence, in Via della Vigna Nuova, a location of 250 square metres on the banks of the Arno, the second in Italy after that of Porto Cervo.

In its creations, TB Buti synthesizes the concepts of typical “buongusto” and craftsmanship, proper to Made in Italy, the non plus ultra of Swiss technological quality and the meticulous precision of the gear trains. Each detail responds to the dual demands of aesthetics and functionality, conceived to play sinuously with a design at once, classical and symmetrical. The result is a “watch-jewel”, important in both dimensions and stylistic details and enhanced by a major emotional component.
Tommaso Buti and his staff, monitor the production process from conception through to the final packaging: he designs the watches, personally taking care of sourcing and selecting the materials and project the decorative elements.

Quality, craftsmanship, sophisticated style and technological reliability. All in a single high-bracket watch. Italian Luxury…from “T” (tradition) to “B” (buongusto) .

Beyond the confines of the materials
In the laboratory of Piazza della Repubblica, every day a staff of expert master craftmen assemble unique pieces, experimenting new aesthetic combinations and using materials never before applied to the watchmaking sector.

Fusing craftsmanship with the expertise of the Andreoli firm, over time TB Buti has ventured beyond the confines of classic workmanship, experimenting innovative techniques of casting and compression. Such as the press mouldingprocess for the carbon fiber, which calls for up to 24 hours in the press at a temperature of 140°C.
Many successful collections designed by Tommaso Buti are characterised by precisely these contrasts and combinations of unique materials, such as treated titanium, palladium, black gold and carbon fiber.

Looking to the future
All the TB Buti products are limited edition, eminently customisable and made – on request – for an international clientele.
The future of the company will continue to look towards the new horizons of design and use of materials, but the traditions will remain solidlyanchored to an artisan past.

TB Buti International srl : [URL=""][/URL]
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