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Thanks to WUS thread and CitizenM, I bought a watch an hour ago... Citizen Signature Automatic

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So, this morning I was reading the thread that CitizenM posted about some of the new Citizen Signature automatic watches, their new movements and designs, really just a great thread. As always, his posts contain just a wealth of information, along with some tempting pics. Turns out some of the photos were from Joe at AZ Finetime (forum sponsor) and so, in a fit of "WTH" I headed up to their shop, just a few hours ago.

Saw the new Citizens, and they are stunning. I mean, truly, just gorgeous watches. I am tempted to say "for the money", but the fact is, that they are beautiful regardless of price. As in all of Citizen's better offerings, the AR and crystal are impeccable. Not only is the dial stunning, but it SHINES under the loupe (I highly recommend each and every one of you get a loupe if you don't have one already, an indispensable watch accessory IMO...) Blued hands are clean and crisp, and the lume is outstanding, that wicked cool blue lume that Citizen seems to own.

The movement is extremely well decorated, the rotor is particularly stunning. Pics really don't do this piece justice. Bracelet is clean and well fitted, though I do not care all that much for the clasp.

But seriously, this watch is something else. It will rise right to the top, I believe, in many of the "Best watch under $1500" threads. I, for one, will be certain to mention it. 28,800 BPH runs smoothly as expected, and turning the crown to wind it is silky smooth. Again, wish you could all see this watch in person.

BTW, Joe at AZ Finetime was wearing his Grand Seiko "Snowflake"... Talk about a stunner. While a considerable distance apart, the new Citizen is definitely somewhat reminiscent is style and general feel, IMO... Anyway, here's the pics, enjoy! Also, CitizenM, will send you an invoice ;-) !


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Amazing looking Citizen. That other Citizen guy does good too; he has led me to seriously fall in love with a certain Orient Star.

Enjoy in good health.
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