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I’m in. 2018 was a good year with finally some grails (for me) bought. This was part of my larger goal of buying fewer but “better” watches. Also spent the year trying to stop buying watches that I would end up selling and overall it went pretty well.

As for 2019 - I have two watches which are not ready yet but deposits have been paid. Fully intend to have only one more purchase for the year and will likely have to sell to do that but nothing identified so bay manage a zero purchase year. We will see.

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Welcome to WPAC 2019 to both of you :-!. Don't forget about the SOTC pic and a little bit about your intentions for the year pleple.......
Sorry I forgot my SOTC pic. Just couple group shots to keep size down.
with 2 deposit paid steinharts to come. So 21 in total. I do have 2 other watches but I don't count them - my dads old watch and a beat up G Shock. Neither gets worn but I think my son will get the G.

With so many watches it's inevitable you accumulate lots of straps. I have about 3 (if you include the OEM bracelet) for every watch, which means circa 60 straps. One of the things I intend to do to keep me away from watches is to source / build some kind of strap and bracelet storage solution. I'm sick of digging through the watch boxes to see which one has a particular strap in it.

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1 hour to go to 2019.
I will join the 2019 club, if allowed two provisions:
1…I will most likely buy a few watches for my son.
2…I may be tempted to pick up a Panerai 312 later in 2019 as my final acquisition.
Oooo Panerai 312. Nice goal. I mean - "you don't need another watch - what are you thinking"

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When I get time I'll add photos of my current collection but for now a SOTC:

Patek 96 Calatrava indirect sweep seconds with Tiffany dial
Patek 96 Calatrava Steel
Patek 3509 Calatrava Steel
*Patek 524 Drivers Watch
Patek Golden Ellipse

Seiko presage cocktail time "Sakura Hubuki" JDM
Seiko presage cocktail time "starlight" JDM and international
Credor in platinum
Seiko SARY055 JDM

Tangomat GMT
Ludwig "timeless edition"
Tetra 18k Gold
Ahoi Datum


Vintage IWC in platinum

Frank Muller:
Some round one in platinum

Ralph Lauren:
Slim classique square in white gold (I have 2 of them)


Reverso day/night

Micro brands and other stuff:
Deep blue DayNight Rescue t-100 Batman
Sturmanski Gagarin sport gmt
Hamtun h1
Helgray Le Mans
Arcturus LC-1
*Alexander Venacci
*Martenero Edgemere Reserve
*Akrone k-04
*2018 WUS Chinese watch
HKED bundeswhere
Timex weekenders x3 (one Todd Snyder)
Timex expedition
Rodana Calatrava
Jean Richard ronde small seconds
Seals model a
And probably a few more watches I've forgotten about

* = incoming from 2018 purchases
Yikes quite the variety in there. What's your goals for 2019? Total abstinence? Also why a Patek calatrava AND a Rodana calatrava - genuinely confused about that....

Oh yeah and all the best for 2019 everyone. Hope you and your families have a healthy one.

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Hey folks, wup?

SOTC 2019 Top row L2R: Blumo, Landmaster Kinetic, Marinemaster 200, Scubamaster AGS, Scubamster Pippin Ferreras. Bottom row L2R: The Citizen AQ1030-57H, Zimbe Shogun, Landmaster automatic, Citizen SPT56, Alpinist GMT.

Not many changes compared to last year's ten watches, three out, three in. The Blumo is there till a friend asks for it really hard, or it gets discontinued and the price is right. Don't wear it anymore cause its way too heavy. The Landmaster Kinetic should have been sold locally but the deal fizzled cause the date wheel is off by half a mm (yup a WIS). I've always liked this watch, had and sold two before, so I'll hold on to it for awhile. The Scubamaster has a faulty bezel, wish I can find one. Those three would be the most likely candidates for the chopping block this year.

I think it would be best to reduce to five, maybe six. But I'm feeling good right now and it's best to put everything on hold and just stop feeding my brain with nonsensical dilemmas. It feeds the madness.
I'd say it's already at a good number George.

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I haven't purchased any watches since the end of September and plan to keep that streak alive through 2019. Current collection:
View attachment 13765223
Left to right, top row first: Aevig Corvid quartz, Junghans Max Bill, Victorinox INOX V, Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic, Vostok Amphibian, NTH Santa Cruz, Seiko SRP309 Orange Monster, Visitor Duneshore Calligraph, Visitor Vale Park Officer, Seiko SNK809 mod

View attachment 13765233
Seiko SNZH55 mod, Zelos Helmsman I, Melbourne Collins moonphase, Fitbit Versa, Seiko SNK809, Undone Urban Killy, Mondaine Giant, Parnis Milgauss, Q&Q Solar Smile, Suunto Core

View attachment 13765241
Poljot Signal, Eone Bradley, Vostok Amphiba mod, Raketa Copernic, Luch One Hander, Pebble Time, Raketa UFO

Plans for 2019:
- Don't buy anything. Not even on a "one in, one out" basis.
- Organize straps and see if some of the unworns get worn with better visibility. If not, give them away or trade them.
- Stay unsubscribed from watch shop mailing lists
- Continue to track daily wears. This really helped me shut down any new purchases and sell a few in 2018. It makes me feel more in touch with my collection and more likely to think about new purchases in terms of what it would displace in the rotation.
- Earn a prize for success. If I make it though Dec. 31, 2019 with no new watch purchases, I can start shopping for a Casio Oceanus OCW-S100 on Jan. 1, 2020.
Love that 38mm junghans

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My hobby is mechanical watches (MWPAC I guess). To that end I don't even count G shocks as watches never mind fitbits etc. my one and only G Shock is a 5000 and doesn't even live in the watch box. It's a true beater and gets thrown into the sock drawer etc.

Ofc it is a watch but kind of not.
a snap from my foolish days when it actually did live in the watch box.

*edit* don't get upset GShock fans. I like it too. Just different categorisation in my eyes

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Ok boys I might be in trouble (already).... anyone that knows me knows my grail has always been a Tudor sub.... but prices got silly. Tudor teaser released today
Shows at 0.14 an old Tudor sub case - ok it's got a red bezel but I'm sure other variants would happen. Might make it through the year since demand would likely be high and difficult to get but I think I'd struggle to resist if they actually do it.
not in red though.

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So listen on. The German guy says : ...model from the late eighties, all in burgundy, which was clearly an inspiration for us for the choice of the color of the bezel of the 2012 Black Bay burgundy. Full-stop.

Is that wishful thinking? You're already guilty as hell ain't you?
Sorry I'm confused - yes it was the inspiration for the original black bay red. I know that. Still doesn't mean they won't reissue it. It's vintage Rolex submariner case shape would see queues round the block. They were selling Tudor subs right into the turn of this century so it not exactly a leap to see them launch it again now they have established market traction and a huge following globally now. If it IS released I might target a January 2020 purchase of it. Win win

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I should get in here. I purchased 25 watches in 2018 so a new one roughly every two weeks. Last watch purchased was a metal G-Shock on Dec 4th and I shut it down after that. I think this is going to be fairly easy as I'm pretty happy with my collection right now and not interested in adding anything in 2019. But I agree to post if I see something interesting so the collective can 'knock it down'.

Purchased in 2018:

  1. Alpina 'Blackstar' Pilot Chronograph
  2. Baume & Mercier Blue Capeland Chrono
  3. Borealis Portus Cale No Date
  4. Borealis Estoril 300 No Date
  5. Casio G-Shock GMWB5000D-1
  6. Edox Grand Ocean Chronometer
  7. Glycine Combat 6 Classic GL0101 Black
  8. Glycine Combat Sub GL0090 Root Beer
  9. NTH DevilRay Deep Six LE No Date
  10. NTH DevilRay Silver No Date
  11. Oris Aquis Titanium Regulator
  12. Oris Aquis Source of Life LE
  13. Oris Artilier 73376704051MB
  14. Phoibos Eagle Ray
  15. Seiko SBDC047 Transocean
  16. Seiko SDGM003 'Grand Cocktail'
  17. Seiko SBDC053 Blue Diver (PADI bezel)
  18. Seiko SZSC005 Green Monster
  19. Seiko SBGA229 GS Spring Drive Diver
  20. Seiko SBDC043 Transocean ZH
  21. Seiko 5 Sports SRP483 Orange Monster
  22. Seiko SRPC93 Save the Ocean Samurai
  23. Seiko SRPC95 Orange Turtle
  24. Seiko SBTR029 Quartz Chrono
  25. Traska Freediver

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Ok you need to be restrained - that sir is out of control.....
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