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The 2019 Watch Purchasing Abstinence Club (WPAC)

Welcome to the 2019 Watch Purchasing Abstinence Club, otherwise known as WPAC. This is the 3rd year of WPAC, which was started at the beginning of 2017 as I was in a spiral of buying, flipping and buying again. Sometimes I was looking at the next purchase before I'd even received the last one I'd ordered, it was a little crazy and not exactly healthy . As well I wasn't putting much thought into my purchases so very few became long term keepers. Part of the problem, for me, is here on WUS you're exposed to new shiny watches all the time and the constant new purchases you see create a norm of buying. Yes, I could just stop visiting WUS, but I like watches and I like a lot of the threads on here……

OK, so what is the point of WPAC? Well it's a tiny corner of F71 that is a safe place for those that are intending to abstain from buying watches over the rest of 2019. Yes we still love watches, but as we all know the exposure to shiny stuff on WUS can be overwhelming and somewhat of an enabler and for those with a weaker will (that'll include me…..) this is a place to get help. Here you can take solace from like minded f71 brethren and get support and encouragement. We can even swap and share coping strategies for getting through what will be a tough time.

For the WPAC regulars (including the lurkers) we all know the SOP for this, but here are the rules for 2019, these have changed slightly from last year as I think we need a tougher approach to this…….

Ground rules:

  1. Abstain from buying any watches for the whole of 2019.
  2. Pre-orders, even if delivery is in 2020, still count as a purchase.
  3. Trades are acceptable but must not result in any $ spent to make up the difference.
  4. New straps, parts and tools are acceptable (buying all the parts separately to make a watch is not!).
  5. Sales are okay but $$$ can not be reappointed to a new purchase.
  6. Watches given to you as a gift are acceptable but the one in one out rule applies (see rule 9).
  7. Purchasing for profit is allowed, but watches purchased to make a profit shouldn't be worn or find their way into your watchbox. If they do then it's back to the one in one out rule. And we don't want see them.
  8. One exception allowed for the year, but on the basis of one in one out. The exception is intended to cover weakness of will and also that occasion where there is something special that you've been saving or looking for available. If you can avoid using it then great.
  9. If you fall from grace and succumb to temptation then the one in one out rule applies (applies to pre-orders as well).
  10. If you fall from grace twice then there is a self-imposed ban from WUS for a month.
  11. All members to post SOTC (with photo of all watches) and state their intentions for 2019. This needs to be your first post please!
  12. Please participate in the thread!
  13. Bashing* of any potential purchases is mandatory, but let's keep it funny. Nuclear level bashing is required for any actual purchases.

* - bashing has become a divisive issue in previous threads and it needs to be made clear upfront that bashing (meaning finding faults with a potential purchase in any way possible) is perfectly acceptable behaviour here and is encouraged. If your fragile ego can't take a little bit of abuse at an inanimate object that you desire then you're either too sensitive or in the wrong place. Having said that we need to keep it within the bounds of reasonable behaviour……. b-)

If you've got a different goal, but it's aligned with the spirit of WPAC then feel free to join in and tell us what you're intending. And let's be clear here, neither I or anyone else can stop you purchasing a watch, it's up to you. WPAC is more of a state of mind than strictly keeping to some rules. This isn't a deadly serious thread it's intended to be fun and for those who really do want to try and abstain…….

And if you do have a slightly different goal just expect to be treated as if you are abstaining, I'm not going to be remember every person's little permutation of the rules |>

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I'm in for WPAC 2019.

I thought it would be a worthwhile exercise for WPAC 2019 to firstly look back over 2018 and try and perform a bit of an autopsy on what happened. I started 2018 with the following watches:

Oris 65 40mm, Eterna dress watch (heirloom), Squale 30 ATMOS Pan Am, Seiko, SBDC051 (modern 62mas interpretation), Squale 30 ATMOS Horizon Ceramica

Sold both the Squales and bought two dress watches: Seiko mini GS SARX035 and Archimede 1950's. I'd had a notion that if I had specific watches for work that I would only ever wear for work this would free up the other watches and I'd be less inclined to flip/buy because I didn't wear them as much. The truth was that I got bored of both watches and not having some variety during the week and being honest I'm just not a dress watch person. So eventually both of those got sold.

Along the way there was also an Armida 62mas homage and a Seiko mini turtle. Neither lasted very long.

It culminated in purchasing a MKII key west, which was intended as a an exit watch, but that didn't work out. I think that I found the MKII disappointing in the end, well it's just another sub homage and whilst a nice one, it wasn't as special as I thought it would be. The issue I had with the SELs and getting the spring bars correctly seated was a surprise and a disappointment considering the much vaunted quality of MKII products. I think that this experience woke me up to several things, first that I'd finally exhausted the need to have sub homages and second that I no longer wanted homages, I want something original and preferably with heritage…….

2018 conclusion: very poor performance from a WPAC perspective and a -D mark for the year. From a non-WPAC perspective I think that I learnt some important lessons for myself.

OK so here is the state of my collection at the end of 2018:

Eterna dress watch:

Oris 65 40mm:

Up front before committing to WPAC 2019 I'm declaring that for 2019 this will increase by two that I'm buying based on a very generous Christmas cheque from one of my relatives. That and I've come to the conclusion that I can't live with just one watch (considering I don't really wear the Eterna), so I'm buying a Steinhart Titanium 500 GMT and a Seiko turtle SRP775. These are both watches I've owned before (well it was the non gmt Steinhart) and liked, but sold. OK folks say you sold 'em for a reason so don't repeat the mistake, but I think that the mistake was selling them simply because I wanted to get the next shiny watch rather than keeping them and appreciating what I had.

Seiko SRP775 is a classic dive watch and comes with the rich Seiko heritage in dive watches. It also is cheap and 2018 taught me a big lesson regarding the amount of money I'm willing/comfortable spending on watches and the SRP775 is just perfectly priced and gives huge bang for your buck. As well there are opportunities to modify it and create something more unique and suited to my tastes. Despite the big diameter the lug to lug measurement is within what I can wear.

Steinhart Titanium 500 GMT is an original design, it's not a homage as most of their other models are. As well it is just bloody good looking and is titanium which I like and have a connection with via my profession. I love the tool look and the lack of any polishing and I'm always a sucker for a GMT. No modifications but it will get treated to straps……..

This will bring me up to 4 watches in total. One dress, two divers and a GMT.

My intentions for 2019 are as follows:

1. No new purchases and I'm excluding myself from the exception rule.
2. Get into straps for all the watches.
3. Light modifications for the SRP775.
4. Wear my Eterna more.

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I'm in. I bought one watch in 2018. Whatever I do, I shall buy no more quartz watches. All mine have died from neglect this year, a sad fact I discovered, when I finally got my act together and started swapping out batteries. :-/
I'm in. I just ordered in an Omega PO. I swore I wouldn't be doing this again. The micro brands and inexpensive Russian and Chinese watch purchases messed with my head.

I'm traveling with the family in May so I'm joining the moratorium.

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Welcome to WPAC 2019 to both of you :-!. Don't forget about the SOTC pic and a little bit about your intentions for the year pleple.......

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I bought 2 watches in 2018 (one was 1-in-1-out), and was given a family heirloom watch to look over for the family. I'm not buying anything in 2019, I'm saving. C grade for me. I like the rules for 2019, kudos on those. Happy early New Year to all, and I truly wish everyone a good year in all respects~

Here's where I stand (the oooold Hamilton's actually not as gross as it looks in the first picture):
View attachment 13760173
View attachment 13760207
Welcome TJ, good to have you back!

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I didn't officially participate last year but I lurked and made some comment in the 2018 thread mainly because I found the frequent posters interesting, knowledgeable, funny, and to some degree insane. 2018 on a grading scale for me would have been a strong D--- / F+ in my own opinion as I bought and sold watches like a drunken sailor. I ended up selling two watches that really should have and could have become my exit watch, either of them. One was a simple Swiss and one was a higher end Japanese. I won't mention them because the pain is still there.

I began 2018 rather healthy owning ONLY two watches that I enjoyed very much. The Seiko Sumo admittedly was a 3rd time "re-buy" and the Damasko DA37 was the second Damasko I had ever owned, the first being a DA36. Both of these got sold in 2018 and the floodgates opened WIDE to include two other Damasko versions that were quickly flipped for within $10 of what I paid for them. Several Seiko divers, the longest tenured one that I still own was purchased in March of 2018. I actually love this watch and if it was 38mm-39mm it would easily be my exit piece. As it stands however it always seems to wear just a shade too big for my liking....still, it has remained. Shortly thereafter I bought the SRP775 (never have mounted on the pristine OEM bracelet...always worn on rubber)...another really cool Seiko but my least worn piece since it arrived in April of last year. I went on a Grand Seiko 9F buying binge and still have 2 of the 3 I purchased in my watchbox. For less than a couple days Starbucks orders I picked up two classic but low dollar Casio digitals and then followed that up with a Solar Tough G-Shock. The G-Shock traditionally got worn on days I was expecting a new watch arrival/delivery. There are others that get short term binge worn, an in-house manufacture BALL Engineer "M" that is superb but at 43mm simply too big... a Carl F Bucherer Patravi Autodate which at 38mm and on an IWC Alligator strap gets the most wrist-time lately. Recently picked up a 3rd time re-buy of a Seiko Orange Monster (Gen2) and a quirky 1988 Seiko 36mm quartz diver on jingle jangle jubilee. The only one I hadn't mentioned until now is a forum purchased Seiko 6309-7049 from January of 1979 that unfortunately had to have an entire movement replacement at a local watch shop.

Where I stand entering 2019 does not make me very happy with myself. I am going to take charge and get back down to that breathable, comfort zone of maybe 2-3 watches by selling off the majority of this box's contents. There is even the possibility that they ALL would be sold and I would either decide to keep the SBDC053 which is my gut feeling or purchase ONE wristwatch in the $4000-$6000 range that really is quality enough to be my "EXIT". Potential candidates for that would be a 38mm Zenith El Primero, 36mm Rolex Explorer I, 36mm Rolex Datejust, 36mm IWC Pilot, or 37mm Grand Seiko Automatic. Lets see how that works out!

I'm IN.
View attachment 13760267

Ending 2018 with 12 wristwatches..... Goal in 2019 to have no more than 3!
View attachment 13760277
That's a bold plan. You certainly have plenty of duplication in there that you could consolidate. I would caution you, based on my own experience, to think twice before selling a watch you currently wear a lot. You might find yourself missing it and tempted to repurchase. Maybe keep the Patravi for a while after you buy your exit watch to make sure you are really done with it.

Doc Savage
I'd echo what Hotblack says, don't rush in to selling things off and then regretting it as that seems to be a pattern a fair number of us have done.......

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Sorry I forgot my SOTC pic. Just couple group shots to keep size down.
with 2 deposit paid steinharts to come. So 21 in total. I do have 2 other watches but I don't count them - my dads old watch and a beat up G Shock. Neither gets worn but I think my son will get the G.

With so many watches it's inevitable you accumulate lots of straps. I have about 3 (if you include the OEM bracelet) for every watch, which means circa 60 straps. One of the things I intend to do to keep me away from watches is to source / build some kind of strap and bracelet storage solution. I'm sick of digging through the watch boxes to see which one has a particular strap in it.
You've not mentioned or I've missed it, but what are the two long term preorders Rusty? Rolex?

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I won't make a purchase unless I get a call from my AD to pick up a Patek 5711. It's unlikely I will get the call this year though.

2018 and 2017 I had the best of intentions but I got attracted to unique "micro brands" and some "investment" pieces. I'll do better this year.
Don't forget your SOTC pic please!

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I don't have any pics of them handy, I'm at work on lunch. Besides, looking at watch p0rn might make some of you guys falter, and we wouldn't want that (shame on you for suggesting pics of our collections, Hornet -- a most grievous tactical error indeed!!).
Trial by fire, etc, etc.....

.......if you can't survive a few pics of watches then seriously give up.

* - I've been drinking for a considerable length of time now, so a) happy new year everyone and b) I hope I don't offend anyone.......

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Aware of that. It is going to be a challenge for sure. But following love there, so what do you do huh. ;) I'm there right now for two weeks, and its definitely a culture shock. But so far I think I'll be able to get used to it for the most part. The heat I'll have to experience yet though...
Definitely will be an exciting time!
It'll be different for sure, but it'll be an experience and something that will enrich you. Good luck with it :-!.

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View attachment 13764079

this sums up my experience last year. grade f
Well, 2019 can be the year of success for you? :think:

I am not going to even try in 2019. Although I did "downsize" in 2018 all the pieces I was not wearing I still have a decent size 20. Sold off about 10.

My 2019 resolution is to wear everything I own and rotate my watches on a weekly rotation. Too many favorites kept getting more than 1 week of wrist time while others got little to nothing.

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If you've downsized aren't you there? Just need to abstain and we're here for that...... |>

Last 7 days I've had a 10% and a 15% off coupon and used neither. I'm taking this as a good sign.
Stay strong Rusty, stay strong........ |>

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First day in 2019 and i already have to revisit the plan that i made last night to buy one last watch for this year. I am now planning to rock my hydroconquest everyday for the rest of the year.

That being said, i can see myself 80% into complete abstinence this year with the remaining 20% reserved for an irresistible purchase should the money allowed.

And a good news for me in 2019 is that i will be able to safely wear my hydroconquest even on a bracelet, if i want to, without fearing it will get badly damaged or violating safety rules on my new field job.

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Brilliant! I'm sure that the hydroconquest will do you proud for the year :-!.

View attachment 13764793
View attachment 13764795
SOTC January, 2019:
1. Vostok Amphibia, 2. Seiko Tank (?) - early years anniversary gift- pre-WUS, 3. Timex, EasyReader - pre-WUS, 4. Orient Bambino, blue, open-heart, 5. Orient Bambino, 6. Damasko DA38, 7. traser P67 Officer - 107425, 8. Kemmner Mechnaik one hand, 9. Collins - The Bronson, 10. Bertucci 12122, 11. Seiko SKX007 w/ mod insert, 12. Deep Blue NATO Diver, 13. SKX009, 14. SKX007, 15. Orient Mako II Pepsi, 16. Casio AW-80 Telememo 30 - pre-WUS, 17. Izod Club I-032G- pre-WUS (junk shop purchase), 18. Invicta Pro Diver 9403 (for modding), 19. Red Star Solo, 20. Citizen BM8180-03E, 21. Invicta Pro Diver 9403 (for modding - not shown)

My experience and time sort of mirror @cortman . My buys have pretty much been affordables to find my preferred types. There may have been an impulse or two in there, but not too bad. I believe I'm aligned with the spirit of the thread, though not in perfect alignment. I don't think I'm out of control. I don't need to stop, but I want to limit collection size, and I want each one to make good sense for me - I admit I could not love each piece in too large a collection.

Goals for 2019:
1. At the end of the year, each piece in my collection will be a) one I love, b) one that fills a specific need, or c) one kept for sentimental reasons. (I hope to see ovelap.)
2. Get rid of pieces I don't love or wear. Give away or donate ones that can't reasonably be sold or that won't encumber the receiver. #16 above is difficult to use and very well worn.
3. One in, one out for upgrades.
4. Submit potential upgrades for bashing here.
5. Change looks with straps rather than buying new pieces.
6. Be a good auxilliary member here - bash as I can, don't enable, don't mention intentional purchases here unless I regret them and need to be beaten up a bit for my foolishness.
Good set of aims! But just remember to not be too hasty with selling 'em off, don't want to regret it.......

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I haven't purchased any watches since the end of September and plan to keep that streak alive through 2019. Current collection:
View attachment 13765223
Left to right, top row first: Aevig Corvid quartz, Junghans Max Bill, Victorinox INOX V, Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic, Vostok Amphibian, NTH Santa Cruz, Seiko SRP309 Orange Monster, Visitor Duneshore Calligraph, Visitor Vale Park Officer, Seiko SNK809 mod

View attachment 13765233
Seiko SNZH55 mod, Zelos Helmsman I, Melbourne Collins moonphase, Fitbit Versa, Seiko SNK809, Undone Urban Killy, Mondaine Giant, Parnis Milgauss, Q&Q Solar Smile, Suunto Core

View attachment 13765241
Poljot Signal, Eone Bradley, Vostok Amphiba mod, Raketa Copernic, Luch One Hander, Pebble Time, Raketa UFO

Plans for 2019:
- Don't buy anything. Not even on a "one in, one out" basis.
- Organize straps and see if some of the unworns get worn with better visibility. If not, give them away or trade them.
- Stay unsubscribed from watch shop mailing lists
- Continue to track daily wears. This really helped me shut down any new purchases and sell a few in 2018. It makes me feel more in touch with my collection and more likely to think about new purchases in terms of what it would displace in the rotation.
- Earn a prize for success. If I make it though Dec. 31, 2019 with no new watch purchases, I can start shopping for a Casio Oceanus OCW-S100 on Jan. 1, 2020.
Welcome to WPAC (and of course to all the other new members!) Sussa. Sounds like a good plan you have there. Like the idea of tracking wear and that helping with stopping new purchases, good one.
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