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The 2022 Watch Purchasing Abstinence Club (WPAC).

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The 2022 Watch Purchasing Abstinence Club (WPAC).

Welcome to the 2022 Watch Purchasing Abstinence Club, otherwise known as WPAC. This is the 6th year of WPAC, which was started at the beginning of 2017 to try and get myself and some other addicts out of a crazy buying/flipping cycle with watches, we were buying for the sake of it rather than for the appreciation of the watch itself, constantly chasing the next, new shiny watch or searching endlessly, fixated on some watch; generally, IMHO, a rather unhealthy behaviour.

So, what is the point of WPAC? Well, the aim is to abstain from purchasing watches. But that's a bit blunt really, the abstinence is a tool or a method to break the cycle of buying/flipping and become a discerning consumer of horology. Learning to appreciate what you have, understand what works for you with watches and think rationally about purchases, rather than emotionally. Or the ethos of less is more, as some have suggested the philosophy is here. Yes we still love watches, but as we all know we can be weak, so WPAC is a place to get help; here you can take solace from like minded people and get support and encouragement to stop impulse buying.

With those that stick around and make some commitment WPAC has been successful; for me it's certainly helped me break the buy/flip cycle and stop obsessing, so maybe it can help you.

In previous years we've had some rules, but this year there aren't going to be, there seems little point when we all have subtly (sometimes massively) different goals. If you are in serious horological trouble with buying then look back at the OP in previous WPAC threads, the rules should be a useful starting point if you want to get things under control or just shout out here to get some advice, it's what we're good at. Think of it like a clubhouse or a WUS subforum dedicated to being friendly, chatting about everything and anything and where you can find like minded watch fans.

Having said that, there is one rule I'd like everyone to adhere to; first post should be an intro with a SOTC picture (include everything, don't cheat) and some goals/aims for 2022. Whether you want to abstain completely, want to save for a special watch, just need to take control, slow things down or whatever, we'll be happy to have everyone. Just as long as you're clear on what your aims are.

Please participate in the thread, it's what makes it what it is. Any reasonable topic of conversation is acceptable and in fact welcomed.

Bashing of any potential purchases should still be a mandatory element, but let's keep it funny. Nuclear level bashing is required for any actual purchases.
Expect to be challenged by others if you're suggesting a purchase, whatever your personal goals/aims and expect to need to defend yourself.

.....and one last thing, we do occasionally get some trolls visiting, let's agree to not feed them.

Edit - clarification on enabling: this is a difficult one to deal with as WPAC has evolved such that we discuss watches, post pictures, etc., previously we tried not doing that but it didn't really work and as well despite the temptation provided by this individuals need to develop the control to not be tempted every 5 minutes by something. However, this year we seem to have a mixture of regulars and new participants, and some the latter are wanting to abstain. Hence please don't directly enable by suggesting watches......
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This was the SOTC in January of 2021
Watch Analog watch Light Clock Wood

This is the SOTC in January 2022
Watch Watch accessory Clock Rectangle Gadget

Everything else is sold with a few flippers yet to be listed. In a little bit of a weird place, tbh. In the 20+ years prior to COVID I traveled 125 nights/year for work, in the last 2 years I’ve not been out 25 nights total. I’m sure that has a lot to do with the waning interest in watches and I’ve worn my G Shock 90% of the time.

I have some probable purchases for 2022 but I’m having a hard time getting excited about doing anything. I did buy a Titanium bezel/bracelet for a G Shock mod that was delivered today and I may buy a GW5000 to complete the mod.

Another potential purchase is a 3861 Hesalite Speedmaster. If that happens I will reassess and decide what’s next, if anything. I still enjoy the hobby and I’m hopeful for a new release to spark my interest as there’s not much out there I really want to own.

Good luck to everyone and hope you meet your WPAC goals in 2022.
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The bluebay58 though is meant to have matching blue dial and bezel.
The reason I didn’t buy it after walking into an AD with cash in hand just days after it was introduced.

It doesn’t come across very well in pictures but I felt the difference between the blue bezel and gray/green dial was stark irl and a deal breaker for me.

The FXD Pelagos and SeaQ are good examples of blue done right. The SeaQ in 39mm is fantastic IMO.
Watch Analog watch Silver Clock Everyday carry
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I've heard a similar sentiment expressed by many, and I'll be honest - I just don't understand this. Another friend says most of his good watches are in storage in Austria - he doesn't have them because he doesn't need them, having retired from the business world.

Even when I was working from home 4/5 days of the week, I still wore different watches in rotation, still got a kick out of whatever WotD was on my wrist. Maybe this is why things did not appreciably slow down for me in 2021?

In any case, members have posted some really compelling smaller collections, which is the kind of inspiration for which I hang out at WPAC.
Think of it as wearing jewelry on some level, which is what watches are - more or less. When I’m home I’m doing stuff around the farm and a G Shock is more appropriate, when I’m on the road seeing customers I like to wear something a little bit nicer.

Add in the fact that, with a few exceptions, we’ve dialed our social schedule back to almost zero. Wearing a nicer watch isn’t worth the effort, atm, and I don’t like to have “stuff” just lying around not being used. I’ve also sold a bunch of nicer knives, lights and pens over the last few months for the same reasons.

Things will eventually get back to quasi-normal and I will likely rebuild the collection then. Until then I’m content with what I have and there isn’t anything I’ve sold that can’t be replaced, they’re just baubles.
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The GO SeaQ in 39mm is amazing. I just wish their big date version wasn't so big :/. I'd just prefer a big date if getting a GO.
I didn’t put the SeaQ on my official list of watches to buy this year but after handling it at an AD a few weeks ago, it’s on a list in my head. It would be an aspirational purchase for sure but not out of reach, especially as the prices move down on the secondary market. GO seems to take a little bit of a beating once they’re driven off the lot.
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Oh, I get it. But different strokes, and all. Kudos to you for being you.

Me, doing messy things around the house? Swap out to beater watch... then back to lounging WotD.

Also, me, just hanging around the house, all casual-like:

View attachment 16330789
In my mind I pictured you as more of a top hat and monocle kind of guy.
Face Chin Hat Eye Vertebrate
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Okay so was wanting to do this last year but did not. The past few years have been crazy in watch buying and selling. So here is a pic of the collection minus one of my skx007 which is at a watch maker so the one in the pic is my backup, and one cheap quartz watch that was a gift that I do not have a picture of, other than that its all here the good and bad lol.

My watch hobby goals this year is to only buy one and I may sell some that do not click with me. Maybe this will get me to focus on what I have and enjoy them or find them homes.

I am looking forward to this and have no idea what the one watch for the year will be. Here is the collection.
First picture are the divers/dive style

View attachment 16331239
Second pic is field watches View attachment 16331240
Third pic are dress watches View attachment 16331241
Fourth pic are aviation inspired watches View attachment 16331242
Fifth pic, Gshock and digitals View attachment 16331243
6th pic a wooden watch that was a gift View attachment 16331245
7th two pocket watches View attachment 16331246
8th a unworn glock 35th anniversary chrono View attachment 16331247
9th pic is my last one for 2021 and is currently in the mail system on its way to me. View attachment 16331248
10th pic are my sport watches, mainly bezeless woth good WR, the new Ball will be here, the two woth bezels here lack decent WR so they are casual watches. View attachment 16331249

Okay so yeah might have a problem, might not. Not sure but I want to slow down. This puts me at 46 total counting the two not here.
So help me keep to only getting one this year and maybe selling some of these. 🙂
Man, that is a bunch of watches and more than a few really great individual pieces in each category. The Marathons, Weiss, Hamilton, GW5000 and Rangeman stand out along with the incoming Ball.

You’ve already gotten some great advice from @Lee_K and he’s right, to pare down a collection like this you have to be a harsh critic and cull ruthlessly.

I might start by identifying 2-3 favorites from each category and wear them in rotation for a while, put the rest of away for a few weeks and see what watches you miss and regret not being able to wear. I wouldn’t get in a big hurry to sell anything and if you let this process play out I would think 10-12 watches will sort themselves out as the heart of your collection. Then you can start the culling process and get some of these sold.

I could get this set down to less than 10 in about 5 minutes but I’m not you. I’m interested to see how this works out for you. Good luck and welcome to WPAC.
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I have been lurking on the 2021 WPAC thread for two months, and I'm happy to join this group!

I’ve never wanted a large collection, but I do like a rotation with some diversity (one diver, a dress watch, a versatile GADA, and something casual that is not a diver). I have had a long-held wish for either a Rolex OP, an Explorer 1, or an Omega SMP. Lastly, I’ve had a long-held wish to have two mechanical chronometers if I could. I am an astronomer, and love the historical linkage between astronomy, navigation, and precision timekeeping (John Harrison is a personal hero of sorts).
SOTC at the beginning of 2021:
  • Seiko 5 Field-style (SNKK35J1)
  • Oris Artelier Skeleton (my first “near luxury” model; a gift from my wife some years back)
  • Seiko SARB 17 Alpinist
  • Tudor P01 as my diver (pool diver that is...)

During the year I made a few trades and purchases and learned a surprising thing:
  • I gave the SNKK35J1 to my son who now wears it as his daily
  • I replaced the SNKK35J1 with a used Tudor Ranger at a very fair price in hope it would scratch my Explorer itch
  • I bought an Oris BCPD 80th Anniversary Bronze, partly because I really loved it, partly because it reminded me of my mom’s service as a USAAF WAC, and partly to pander to my local Rolex AD just a bit (which, in retrospect, was pretty dumb.) Thankfully, I love the watch.
  • I traded my Alpinist for a Glycine Airman Base 22 with a little cash in the deal. This was impulsive, but I did really like the 3-time zone functionality.

In September I learned on WUS that some years back AAFES opened online shopping to all honorably discharged veterans, AND that they have remarkable sales on Omegas. This set up an end-of year flurry of activity. I bought an Omega SMP 300m on the AAFES black Friday sale. At the price, I simply could not pass it up. On receipt of the watch, I was truly blown away. I love it.

So on Dec 1 I had six watches in hand, including two divers and two pilots, which felt like a bit much. I also had some sellers regret about the Alpinist because it had been my versatile GADA. And, like I said before, Omega. Wow. So, between Thanksgiving and Christmas I did a 3-for-1 set of transactions; the P01, Ranger and Airman (all of which I did really like) went out, and an Aqua Terra from my local AD (thankfully also discounted a bit) came in.

The SOTC now is:
  • Oris Artelier Skeleton
  • Oris BCPD 80th Anniversary Bronze
  • Omega SMP 300m
  • Omega Aqua Terra

I now have pretty much everything I ever hoped for. A diver that was on my obtainable grail list, a dress watch, a beautiful GADA, and something casual but not a diver. Two are high quality chronometers, one is from my wife, and into the bargain they all have the same 20mm lug width. My 2022 objective is to avoid temptation and be happy with what feels like an amazing rotation to me. My biggest fear is that I may get an AD call about an available Rolex – in which case I am truly not sure what I would do, because I’ve learned that 4 is the right number for me.


View attachment 16331202
That’s a great 4 watch collection but think I could find a spot for a Rolex Explorer, especially at retail. I have a permanent, yet unoccupied, space for a 36mm Explorer. It’s unlikely to be filled but I keep it open just in case.
Thank you!

But, isn't this the thread I come to to NOT be enabled? :unsure:;)
We’re all here for different reasons; abstinence, curation, reduction, etc and your 4 watch collection seems to be pretty well thought out.
If you do get the call and decide not to take the Explorer, let me know - I’ll take it even if I have to fly out to get it.
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I am officially in for 2022, and I have a feeling I am have better success than I did when I joined in 2020 and 2021. Maybe I am jinxing myself, but I feel like I am in a pretty good position with my collection overall.

Collection picks:

Tier list:

Almost certainly not going anywhere:
1) French skeleton watch - the watch that started it all which I bought on my honeymoon. I almost never wear it, but I will keep for sentimental reasons. Plus it wouldn’t be worth much anyway
2) G-Shock square - my go to travel/outdoors watch. It has gone with me to Peru, French Polynesia, and who knows where next. Plus again, it is pretty cheap where it is not worth reselling.
3&4) Rolex Explorer and Cartier Santos - I got both of these at the end of 2021 when I only intended to get one, but sometimes life is funny. I am still in the honeymoon period, so maybe my thoughts will change, but right now I can’t see myself parting with either of these

Unlikely to go anywhere
5) Casio baby-G Pokémon - it puts a smile on my face and isn’t worth enough to warrant selling. It doesn’t get worn much, but I enjoy having it around
6) The Citizen - a wonderful piece with a great movement and a stunning dial. Wearing the explorer makes this feel a little large, and it seems a bit redundant with the Santos and Explorer. Still I don’t see myself selling it. Plus my wife loves it
7) Oris 65 - I think this is the most comfortable watch in my collection, and I love the funky arabics
8) Ginault Ocean Rover with custom red bezel. I love that Ginault customized this for me, and it is my most worn ever watch ever.

Will get sold eventually
9) Archimede Outdoor Chronograph - I plan on getting a 3861 speedy eventually. I am still debating if I should sell it now to recoup some funds from getting the santos and explorer, or hold off until I am able to get the moonwatch. It is a fun watch, even if the thick slab sides makes it not get worn too often.

Sometimes I consider selling either the Oris or the Ginault to reduce redundancy, although I don’t think I will follow through with that. I don’t mind a bit of redundancy as you can tell from the rest of my collection. I saw some advanced pictures of the upcoming Ginault Silent Service and have also considered replacing the Ginault with a Ginault, but I’m not sure if I will do that. I love that my ocean rover is customized, so I can’t see myself selling it.

Anyways, that is my story and I am looking forward to another year of WPAC membership!

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The trio of the Santos, Explorer and Citizen is such a great group of watches. I’d be tempted to sell everything else, buy a luxury diver and get the hell out of here. Congrats on a superb collection.
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Another one sold, so first of this year and that leave two left to sell.......
I don’t even remember what you have or bought while on hiatus. Did you post a SOTC?
Alright, so now that we're done with the SOTC formality, it's been long enough : it is TIME, for a multiquoting post.

Welcome back then, Stubbadub, glad to read you feel at peace with a rationalized 5 pieces collection. Don't hesitate to share some of your budhist experience when needed, as it is inevitable for some of us to be tempted to fiddle with their intial intentions as the year will unravel. :)

I see your views have evolved regarding the Tudor. It has indeed been quite discussed, but, possibly as you may have felt like invading the thread with your reflections, you seemed to be wishing to contain those to a minimum last december.

If I may :
  • Taking your time, even if it's about a full year to mature one's decision is a good move. In the end, most of us are here to break or avoid fueling the flipping cycle ; and IMO, the better the quality of the prior brainwork/thinking , the better the odds of the ensuing decision being a good one, and the lower the incentive to flip afterwards.
  • You're not invading the thread with your dilemmas. You're wondering what are the best choices to end the frustrated purchases behavior. Even if it might (or not) conclude with a purchases, that's fully in line with the objectives of 2022 WPAC.
That unless you prefer us to develop our thoughts on grammar points. ;)

I'm quite impressed by the evolution of your collection. And I'm saying that without irony : it takes more efforts to curtail, or trim down a collection than just to keep hoarding them little by little. I also understand better what you said when you qualified watches of baubles/ mere jewelry, since such a drastic reduction indeed implies you have no affective connection to their horological particularities. You're now a one watch man, which in a way is a grail objective for some of us (and it's interesting it brought you to a similar choice than Usclassic).

Now, the fact you're considering a Speedmaster, and do wonder for an hypothetical continuation afterwards could highlight some ambivalence regarding that. Yet as I know you, you probably don't wish to discuss it. ;)

Nice collection, Lee, quite diverse, with a good variety in roles and ranges ; with nice luxury analog watches coexisting with digital shock-resistant units ; highly water resistant ones with others barely. It's obvious you're fond of divers-like bezels and of lumed non numerals indexes as well (hence the Tudor and Omega preference ? ;) ), but you still have a good diversity in dial colors, straps and even complications.

As for your objective, we share a very similar one. If I may, whether there's a purchase once the year has elapsed or not, it's an ambitious one. Yet I can tell there is satisfaction in managing to fulfill it, so it's well worth the try. :)

First, compliments on this SOTC and write-up ; it sees you are a watch enthusiast, and the sentimental value and memories your associate with some of your watches (the Deep Blue Alpha Marine for example) do highlight it.
Now, either one or two watches for the year seems quite reasonable objectives. Best wishes to attain those, and welcome around ! 😃
There seems to be some uncoveded dial space available on the inner part of the 12H-3H quadrant. Wonder if the designers are aware of it ? 😌

Jokes aside, your 2022 objectives indeed seem like a rather moderate restraint. But better aim for something moderate and meet them, than state something too ambitious and keep failing. Not to mention you'll lend us a hand here meanwhile. ;)

Saludos, Ezy,

About your reflections, I think that when rationalizing a collection, considering the watches per utility, particularities and sentimental value is one of the way to spot overlaps. You seem to have a lot of Casio digital alarms beaters for example, maybe just one is necessary ? Which could lead you to wear one of the sentimental ones (aren't watches made to be worn after all ?), and possibly give, sell or possibly even recycle some of those who never get wrist time. Recycling or giving to a charity would be what I would do for the "not worth selling" Casios personally, as they would be more useful that way than in a drawer.

Yet, rationalizing a collection is an interesting mind exercise. Welcome around for 2022, hombre ! 🕺😃
I’m happy to discuss but I may need some clarification on the topic. I will agree that I don’t have the same emotional attachment to watches that others may and although I refer to watches as jewelry, that doesn’t mean I don’t like them or that I dislike wearing them. I still spend too much time here but I do enjoy the hobby and I’m constantly learning.

I want to have a small 3-5 watch collection, probably closer to 2-3 if I’m honest, but atm there are just a handful of watches I’m interested in, the Speedmaster is certainly one of them and the GO SeaQ is another but my interest has waned and my focus is elsewhere, tbh.

I will buy 1-2 watches in 2022 but I’m not sure when that will happen or what exactly I’ll get.
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On the subject of watch review videos (or online press) is there anyone that people trust to give an objective view? We'd discussed here before about how most if not all reviews seem to be gushing and that lead to Lee suggesting that they are not wanting to bite the hand that feeds. I tend to watch reviews with the sound muted, I just want to see the watch not hear someone blabbering on.
Tim at the Watchbox (YT) doesn’t really review watches as much as he gives excellent information in a very short period of time. The video is high quality and his knowledge of watches seems to be off the charts.

You have to know going in that every watch he features is for sale on their site, so it’s less of a review and more an informational advertisement. I’m not looking for a review as much as I want to know specs, how it wears, etc. and he is very good at that.
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It is January 3rd. Two days ago I joined this group, posted my SOTC and said,

And this afternoon, after 18+ months on "the waiting list" that I became convinced didn't really exist, I got a call from my local Rolex AD. They are holding a new Explorer 36 for me that came in today. 😶

Truly I am beyond conflicted. You can't make this stuff up. Cosmic test of will, anyone?

My left brain (and one of our WPAC brethren who will remain nameless) is telling me it would be silly not to simply pick it up and flip it.

My wife thinks I should just get on with it. "You'll be buying one for less that it will be worth next week? And it's a Rolex? Why is there a question? It's not like you're buying a third Seiko 5..."

And there's a whole bunch of back and forth rationalization going through my head. Pick it up and keep it. (Don't buy it and keep it! A Rolex is theft bait! LOL) Turn a quick buck...?

One in one out? That's OK, right!!? I could sell an Oris to stay at 4. But that's not exactly a fiscal wash.

Mind you, no, I would not be going into hock to buy it, and the mortgage is in fact paid off...

OK - let the bashing (and hopefully some actual usefull feedback) begin.
I’m the nameless WPAC brethren. I would buy it no matter what the intentions are. If you love it, keep it. If you simply like it, then flip it and pocket a couple grand.

A Rolex at retail is a rare opportunity, especially in the current market, and it would be silly not to purchase it if finances allow. I would be at the AD first thing in the morning, cash in hand, and then decide later what I was going to do with it.

Spoiler alert: I would keep it and wear the hell out of it.
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It's funny...

Conjecture about Rolex is just so much armchair speculation on my end.

I can't afford one, even at MSRP. I don't particularly want one. So I wouldn't be on an AD list for one.

And even if I could afford one, I'd probably be looking at other watches - I don't particularly care for Submariners, would opt for a GO SeaQ instead; forget OP/DJ/E1, a Cartier Santos Medium would get the nod if I had $6k burning a hole in my pocket. I.e. watches I could get right now, rather than waiting more than a year for when/if I get The Call.


WPAC conundrum: You bought into a pre-order to the tune of two watches, $50/ea, at pre-order pricing, full price to be invoiced at fulfillment, when watches are in stock and ready to ship. Do you:

a) Ignore the invoice, forfeit your $100 deposit, "$100 is small price to pay to maintain my WPAC dignity!" and not have to deal with headache of flipping.
b) Pay out on the invoice, know that you will be tempted to keep at least one, but if you follow through with sale of both, you stand to make money selling at current retail vs. preorder pricing?

Although previous sale of this brand and model have indicated that it should be no problem flipping for full retail between preorder release and follow-up general release, there is always a greater than zero chance you may lose money on the deal, potentially even more than the deposit value.

What say WPAC?
I’m a flipper at heart so grain of salt, whatever. If I knew for certain that I could turn a profit then I would move forward with the preorder and flip them both. If I was uncertain, I would consider either canceling or eating the deposit. At some point this just becomes math, especially if you’re not likely to keep either one long term.
I do think luxury pieces deserve a pass (most of the time, anyway) as they are likely to put an end to the constant flipping cycle that comes with sub $1,000 watches. Notice that I said likely.

This doesn’t work for everyone, Hornet is a recent example, but for those that consider $5,000 and up real money that comes from hard work and not a trust fund these kinds of purchases typically come at the end of our watch journey.

A Speedmaster, a SeaQ and a G Shock would likely be an end game collection for me.
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Thats nonsense. With preorders you can still wait for the inevitable catch and release listings on the secondary market. There may be a few instances where the secondary price is higher, but the majority will take a hit, so you save a few bucks as well (in case you still want it after all those months waiting).

Your current situation would have been avoided, if you had just waited for some other FOMO junkie to catch and release their pre-order.
I’ve only preordered one watch, a Zelos diver, and it will be my last. There is a FOMO component to these preorders and I think you’re right that with discipline they can be avoided. It can be tough though.
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Yes, @Hornet99. Right you are sir.

A couple of days ago I stirred up a lot more of a tempest in a teapot than intended. And today I decided.

Here's the surprise in all of this, BTW. I asked my AD if they would please give me 2 days to reflect on the decision, and they graciously agreed. I didn't see that coming either.

I didn't really reflect too much on the bashing, or the "I hate Rolex for reason X" posts. (BTW, I really like both mercedes AND cathedral hands, so there! LOL). I also didn't spend much time thinking about the enabling posts. I did think a little bit about how having a watch appreciate in value for a change (even if only for the short term) would be nice. But that can change, and we all should know that.

Mostly I reflected (and discussed with my wife) the question of whether I felt some need for this thing, or if I simply thought it would add a bit of additional enjoyment to my impending retirement. That is, would I "like" to have both of my "grails" (achieveable grails mind you, the Patek with the planisphere dial is never happening, LOL) or, would one be superfluous, like one glass of fine wine too many.

Today I brought home my new E36.

Some of you will be happy for me. Some of you think I have bad taste. I think one of you believes my next stop is detox or a slippery slope to heroin, LOL. And all of that is OK. (Well, not the heroin bit. Please be assured that's not happening).

A few of you will be pleased to know that the bracelet has been sized, and the watch was worn on my way home. It will also be worn tomorrow, and if I am lucky on many days in the future.

We do not have to agree on everything. I love the fact that this thread has a bunch of well intended and honorable participants who actually care. Good on all of you.

I'm going to take my time deciding which of my others will be departing, and how. Possibly a sale. More likely a gift. Either way I'll take some time to see which one is getting used the least, and at some point it will be back to 4.

Thanks again to all of you who chimed in about my dilemma, no matter what you had to say!

I wish all of you good health, good fortune, and the strength to keep your personnal challenges in check.

I'll post a pic tomorrow.

Good for you and a smart move, IMO. A good idea to take some time to see how it fits into your life and what might be sold once you’ve lived with it for a while.
I’m not a Rolex fanboy, I have some reservations about the branding and perceptions of wearing a Rolex, but the Explorer paired with a G Shock for the messy stuff would be another example of an end game collection for me.
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Anyway, some fibers in my body are starting to itch for another Vostok now... Ehh, so, change of subject!

Anyone here bootstrapped their own business in the past? Because that's what I'm about to do, and I'm sh-tting my pants lol. Excited as well, don't get me wrong, but sh-tting my pants. So would love to hear how other people managed it.

First few months to a year I'll probably be living at least partly off my savings. And am now looking for renting a new home... However much financial sense it makes to stay at my parents' a little longer during this time, its just not working - so trying to find an apartment that doesn't eat through my savings too fast, yet at least has some separate space for working/sleeping, which is a challenge in the current Dutch housing market...
You’ve already gotten some great advice. All I would add or emphasize is that cash flow is king or is for our business. Don’t be afraid to take some lower margin projects in the beginning to build your portfolio and references, it can make a huge difference down the road.

You’re going to work harder than you’ve ever worked in your life but it’s very rewarding. Determine what you don’t do very well and get some help, leverage those that are experts in their field, book keeping, budgeting, marketing, etc and it will allow you to focus on what you do best. It can be overwhelming so don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

Running a one-man show can also be isolating and lonely. If you can find a business group that meets regularly it’s a good idea to join. These types of groups will help with referrals and business related issues but they can also improve your state of mind. Just the interaction with like-minded people can be a positive.

Good luck, I wish you success.
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Everything that MC and Hornet have already said, but I will add this: the clasp of the bracelet is guided by ceramic ball bearings and closes with a definitive click, like closing the car door of a Mercedes Benz. It is definitive, weighty, and precise. The bezel rotation has a notable detent when it reaches 12, so you can feel it in the dark. The printing on the dial is crisper than any watch I've ever owned. The tactile feedback from the winding of the MT56xx movements is sublime, just silky smooth. It's even better than the co-axial movements in my Omegas.

As I posted previously, these are all incremental improvements over affordable watches. Like anything else in the consumer products world, these come with diminishing marginal returns: you pay more money to get these admittedly subtle differences.

In no way would I ever tell anyone else that a Tudor is the only watch one should strive for. That is just nonsense. But I can say from direct personal experience that I have come to deeply respect the brand and the product though ownership of now three of their excellent watches. They have stopped cold my yearning for other watches in the same categories (diver, GMT).
Per usual, @Lee_K is spot on here (Hornet and MC too) the subtle differences are easy to describe but nearly impossible to understand unless you have irl experiences.

The GO SeaQ is the watch that sticks out to me and would likely stop my yearning for similar styles. I’ve not owned many mid luxury brands but I’ve handled a lot of them and, as I’ve said before, the SeaQ may be the nicest of them all.
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Different things to different people. I get it why people would gravitate towards the more expensive watch that satisfies all these little perceived needs (no one needs a bezel that is 'buttery smooth'-it just needs to stay in its place when you set it before diving. Turn a bezel with diving gloves on, you won't feel a thing). But you get a lot of compulsiveness in this hobby as with any other hobby really. It's a choice whether you'll get more compulsive and end up paying a fortune to get rid of all possible quirks or less compulsive and enjoy it more.

I don't like Tudors. They feel like German WWII tanks that got so over engineered that they couldn't move around. They are watches for the Uber compulsive enthusiast that won't get excited about anything else anymore. Mehr power, mehr cannon, mehr everything!

I can literally see the design team talking to one another: Der Kommandant! We have ran out of color combinations that won't offend anyone for ze Black Bayz! -Ah Nein! Quickly make it Gold. Or Bronze. Or Zilver! Zey are valuable elements no? Everyone will like them! Or else!

The only Tudor I would wear is the silver Black Bay. Cause it's flawed. By accident. IMHO it's the only collectible one. The P01 on the other hand is their philosophy to the extreme. It's flawed because their philosophy is flawed. You can't have perfection. Period.

apologies for all the racial stereotyping to our German friends - I was going for Teutonic rather than plain German. Mostly.

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That’s strange you would mention the Silver BB58, I feel exactly the same way. It is flawed and it will likely be the most collectable, if that matters - it doesn’t to me, but I’ve yet to see one in person and the dial color, olive/khaki, needs to be seen.
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