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The 2022 Watch Purchasing Abstinence Club (WPAC).

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The 2022 Watch Purchasing Abstinence Club (WPAC).

Welcome to the 2022 Watch Purchasing Abstinence Club, otherwise known as WPAC. This is the 6th year of WPAC, which was started at the beginning of 2017 to try and get myself and some other addicts out of a crazy buying/flipping cycle with watches, we were buying for the sake of it rather than for the appreciation of the watch itself, constantly chasing the next, new shiny watch or searching endlessly, fixated on some watch; generally, IMHO, a rather unhealthy behaviour.

So, what is the point of WPAC? Well, the aim is to abstain from purchasing watches. But that's a bit blunt really, the abstinence is a tool or a method to break the cycle of buying/flipping and become a discerning consumer of horology. Learning to appreciate what you have, understand what works for you with watches and think rationally about purchases, rather than emotionally. Or the ethos of less is more, as some have suggested the philosophy is here. Yes we still love watches, but as we all know we can be weak, so WPAC is a place to get help; here you can take solace from like minded people and get support and encouragement to stop impulse buying.

With those that stick around and make some commitment WPAC has been successful; for me it's certainly helped me break the buy/flip cycle and stop obsessing, so maybe it can help you.

In previous years we've had some rules, but this year there aren't going to be, there seems little point when we all have subtly (sometimes massively) different goals. If you are in serious horological trouble with buying then look back at the OP in previous WPAC threads, the rules should be a useful starting point if you want to get things under control or just shout out here to get some advice, it's what we're good at. Think of it like a clubhouse or a WUS subforum dedicated to being friendly, chatting about everything and anything and where you can find like minded watch fans.

Having said that, there is one rule I'd like everyone to adhere to; first post should be an intro with a SOTC picture (include everything, don't cheat) and some goals/aims for 2022. Whether you want to abstain completely, want to save for a special watch, just need to take control, slow things down or whatever, we'll be happy to have everyone. Just as long as you're clear on what your aims are.

Please participate in the thread, it's what makes it what it is. Any reasonable topic of conversation is acceptable and in fact welcomed.

Bashing of any potential purchases should still be a mandatory element, but let's keep it funny. Nuclear level bashing is required for any actual purchases.
Expect to be challenged by others if you're suggesting a purchase, whatever your personal goals/aims and expect to need to defend yourself.

.....and one last thing, we do occasionally get some trolls visiting, let's agree to not feed them.

Edit - clarification on enabling: this is a difficult one to deal with as WPAC has evolved such that we discuss watches, post pictures, etc., previously we tried not doing that but it didn't really work and as well despite the temptation provided by this individuals need to develop the control to not be tempted every 5 minutes by something. However, this year we seem to have a mixture of regulars and new participants, and some the latter are wanting to abstain. Hence please don't directly enable by suggesting watches......
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So I read through this thread last night, having never participated before. I was aware of it, having seen it on the forum listings and stuff, obviously, but never really browsed through it.

In the last few weeks, I've impulse bought a few things, put them on, and immediately thought "wow, I'm an idiot. This is not for me." So I'm looking to end that kind of thoughtless buying for the sake of buying.

I'm one of the people who got into watches at the beginning of the pandemic out of lockdown boredom, and I already feel like I've gone through the phase where learning and acquiring was exciting, so now I'm hoping to be a little more targeted.

My current collection:
Watch Analog watch Clock Watch accessory Rectangle

-G-Shock GWM-5610 which I wear 3-4 days a week
-Bluro that my girlfriend just got me for Christmas, and which I plan to do a couple tweaks to (sapphire, 12hr bezel insert)
-early 80s Timex I impulse bought on eBay and have totally fallen for
-Christopher Ward C63 GMT which was going to be my travel watch, because I naively thought I would be getting back to my old schedule of 100+ nights a year on the road for work
-Sinn 556i which gets worn on all the days I'm not wearing my G-Shock

Not pictured: the two other F-91Ws I keep in my bag and my car, in case I forget to put on a watch in the morning; the Vario Empire I got in on Tuesday and immediately realized I don't really care for. Going to put it up for sale this evening when I get home.

Goals for 2022:
-save up for my first foray into the $2000+ category that will be the watch I wear to my wedding. (Thinking Nomos, anOrdain, possibly GS, even less possibly GO)
-related, spend some money on an engagement ring
-maybe, MAYBE sell the Christopher Ward. It's on a shaky nail since, like @jcombs1, I travel a lot less now than I did. And even if things return completely to normal tomorrow, the fundamental nature of my job has changed. I've been very fortunate that my company has grown over the past two years, and I do less boots-on-the-ground selling now, and more managing relationships with our distributors and staff in other markets.
-spend less time on WUS and the internet in general and more time on hobbies that make me happier (fly fishing/fly tying, cycling, woodworking)

So basically I'm signing up for ferocious chiding in the event I buy anything this year. Thanks in advance, and have a happy and safe new year, everybody!
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I realize I'm new here, and don't want to be that guy already, but this feels like a better than average place to ask this question.

Given that a few of us have included "spend less time on WUS and other watch sites/media" as a goal for 2022 I was wondering if I was the only person thinking this.

Does it seem like WUS lately has been making itself, let's say, easier to spend less time on?

Every other thread, seems like, is from one of about three or four genres. The most noticeable being: "something something ROLEX," "I got my dive watch wet, is that bad?," "this obviously fake watch is fake and I'm very obviously trying to sell it against the rules," or endless posts mocking the aforementioned categories.

I guess I'm just wondering if it's just me, or if there has indeed been something of a sea change.
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In the spirit of, but without reviving the cheapest three watch collection thread, I think my cheapest three would also make a pretty nice three watch collection.

(With an exception made for the fact that I have 3 F-91Ws)

Watch Analog watch Light Clock Wrist

1. F-91W. (~$11) Great for weekend, around the house wear, forget you have it on.

2. Early 1980s goldtone Timex handwind. ($25) The dressy watch for this collection. Small, kinda cheesy, but I really like this thing.

3. Casio Bluro I just got for Christmas. ($54) Sports, jeans t-shirt, etc. More work appropriate than an F-91 if you work somewhere professional.

Three watch collection for under $100.

I think I'm going to limit myself to just these for the week, in fact. Hopefully it will be a grounding experience.

Thanks for the idea!
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Not really on topic, but since you're my gang now, I thought I'd share. In today's Los Angeles Times crossword:

clue: Fancy watch brand
answer: SEIKO
I do the NYT, and awhile back on a Friday there was a six letter clue "luxury watch company."

I was seriously at a loss for what it could be. All I had was _ U _ _ _ _. I was thinking like, "is this a rebus, and it's something like A U DE MARS PIG UET? VO U TIL AI NE N?

It was BULOVA.
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On the subject of watch review videos (or online press) is there anyone that people trust to give an objective view? We'd discussed here before about how most if not all reviews seem to be gushing and that lead to Lee suggesting that they are not wanting to bite the hand that feeds. I tend to watch reviews with the sound muted, I just want to see the watch not hear someone blabbering on.
I like Jody from Just One More Watch quite a bit. He's really the only one.

He seems (seems) to do a great job of remaining objective even during sponsored videos. For instance, he still calls Zelos out for their one year warranty in every Zelos video, despite nearly all of them being sponsored content.

Nick Shabazz is also fun, but has a fairly limited genre of watches he likes. (Very tooly). He also has a lot of knife/flashlight/EDC content that isn't really relevant for me.
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If you're seeing Amphibia's for 129, you're definitely not looking in the right place... but I'm not going to tell you where to look.🤐
Oh man. That's cruel!

I didn't realize WPAC was like that.

But now that I know it is, I'm also not telling.
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Brief update, I'm one watch down for 2022.

But it was the one I said I was going to sell, and didn't picture in my SOTC. So that might not qualify as a true "-1."

Either way, it's ~$200 and instead of buying a couple G-Shocks, which is what I may have done last year, I'm spending it on a new fly tying vise so I can better enjoy my winter fly tying.

So in a way I'm just trading a vice for a vise.
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I had an AnOrdain that is probably the most beautiful watch I have ever owned, but it didn’t meet either of those criteria, and so ultimately it didn’t stay.

I'm very much the same way with my watches. Don't want to have to worry about it in whatever situation.

For a possible new pickup in 2022/2023 I'm between a few possible options, and anOrdain was pretty high on the list. (The changes back and forth with their ordering system aren't helping their case, though. I understand they're a small shop, and they're trying to find the best way to get their products to people who love them.) But I do keep worrying that it would not only not be very versatile to wear whenever, but also that I would damage it. Kind of the same reason I love, but am less interested in buying a Nomos.

Accordingly, when I've been thinking about this next somewhat more dressy piece, from my initial list, I keep coming back to either a Stowa Marine Klassik 36 or the new Oris BCPD Calibre 403 as they seem more wearable in the real world.

Side note. It seems like anOrdain is actively trying to prevent themselves from becoming like a Ming/Kurono situation where their watches get immediately flipped for mad profitz. And I really respect that.
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Everything becomes the next big profit. We know the cost of everything and the value of nothing anymore.
I think you might sadly be right.

Watches are subject to the same market forces that led to the rise of crypto, NFTs, selling farts in jars, and selling NFTs of farts in jars.

Which is pretty disheartening.
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This is honestly one of the major worries I have for the future. The collapse of western society will not come from the middle east or China - it'll come from destabilizing digital movements within our own societies, that most politicians are completely oblivious to ...
Yeah, without trying to get political, I think we here in the US have really seen what happens when online movements have real-world consequences.

I think there's a good and bad side to this, though. The internet can be used to organize for productive movements/discussion/commerce etc. just like it can be used by movements who are a destabilizing influence on society or the economy. I think the bad actors here get a disproportionate amount of attention.

It seems every crypto/NFT/watch/fart investor thinks of themselves as disrupting the stodgy old inequitable traditional economy, without understanding the potential repercussions. Let alone the inequities that are inherent to this new form of investing.

I guess what I'm saying is that I think (hope?) these digital movements are like a hammer. You can use it to build a house, or you can use it to reenact the famous scene from the movie Oldboy.
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Here's some low hanging fruit.
Talk me out of this for 99euros. Sapphire crystal as well. How do they do it?

Invicta Watch Pro Diver 8926BRB - Official Invicta Store - Buy Online! (

There's only 4 hours to go though. "too late, too late will be the cry. The man with the bargains has just passed by. "
Someone might mistake it for a Rolex.

And we've all seen the threads about how wearing a Rolex will all but guarantee someone will murder you and take your watch.

So it costs 99€...and your life.
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