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The 2022 Watch Purchasing Abstinence Club (WPAC).

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The 2022 Watch Purchasing Abstinence Club (WPAC).

Welcome to the 2022 Watch Purchasing Abstinence Club, otherwise known as WPAC. This is the 6th year of WPAC, which was started at the beginning of 2017 to try and get myself and some other addicts out of a crazy buying/flipping cycle with watches, we were buying for the sake of it rather than for the appreciation of the watch itself, constantly chasing the next, new shiny watch or searching endlessly, fixated on some watch; generally, IMHO, a rather unhealthy behaviour.

So, what is the point of WPAC? Well, the aim is to abstain from purchasing watches. But that's a bit blunt really, the abstinence is a tool or a method to break the cycle of buying/flipping and become a discerning consumer of horology. Learning to appreciate what you have, understand what works for you with watches and think rationally about purchases, rather than emotionally. Or the ethos of less is more, as some have suggested the philosophy is here. Yes we still love watches, but as we all know we can be weak, so WPAC is a place to get help; here you can take solace from like minded people and get support and encouragement to stop impulse buying.

With those that stick around and make some commitment WPAC has been successful; for me it's certainly helped me break the buy/flip cycle and stop obsessing, so maybe it can help you.

In previous years we've had some rules, but this year there aren't going to be, there seems little point when we all have subtly (sometimes massively) different goals. If you are in serious horological trouble with buying then look back at the OP in previous WPAC threads, the rules should be a useful starting point if you want to get things under control or just shout out here to get some advice, it's what we're good at. Think of it like a clubhouse or a WUS subforum dedicated to being friendly, chatting about everything and anything and where you can find like minded watch fans.

Having said that, there is one rule I'd like everyone to adhere to; first post should be an intro with a SOTC picture (include everything, don't cheat) and some goals/aims for 2022. Whether you want to abstain completely, want to save for a special watch, just need to take control, slow things down or whatever, we'll be happy to have everyone. Just as long as you're clear on what your aims are.

Please participate in the thread, it's what makes it what it is. Any reasonable topic of conversation is acceptable and in fact welcomed.

Bashing of any potential purchases should still be a mandatory element, but let's keep it funny. Nuclear level bashing is required for any actual purchases.
Expect to be challenged by others if you're suggesting a purchase, whatever your personal goals/aims and expect to need to defend yourself.

.....and one last thing, we do occasionally get some trolls visiting, let's agree to not feed them.

Edit - clarification on enabling: this is a difficult one to deal with as WPAC has evolved such that we discuss watches, post pictures, etc., previously we tried not doing that but it didn't really work and as well despite the temptation provided by this individuals need to develop the control to not be tempted every 5 minutes by something. However, this year we seem to have a mixture of regulars and new participants, and some the latter are wanting to abstain. Hence please don't directly enable by suggesting watches......
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Quick SOTC. Goal to reduce to 18 or 19 watches by year end. Bring it on 2022.
That's a lot of Tudors! Are they staying as the core thing you collect or are they going to be part of the rationalisation?
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My collection:

View attachment 16330163

Goals for 2022:
  • Sell the Sinn 104, and probably one more watch as well.
  • Don't buy a single watch for the entire year.
  • Participate in WPAC as a daily reminder of my goals.
Why do you think the Sinn has failed to make the grade?
I like it, but don’t love it. A couple of reasons: 1. It’s a little too small for my 7-1/4 inch (185 mm) wrist. 2. It competes with my other black and white watches (Speedmaster, Planet Ocean) for wrist time.
Interesting, from my perspective it doesn't look too small (slim bezel) or as if it competes with any of your other watches. But my perspective is irrelevant here. I thought you were going to say, 'hard to read'.

For the past two years, I have been ruthlessly paring down my collection to contain only watches that completely delight me in their respective slots. The Sinn is a very nice watch, but it doesn’t stir my loins the way other watches in my collection do.
Me too. But trying to come up with a rational rule as to what we will form an irrational attachment to, is clearly impossible. So once we have ruled out what we definitely won't like, trial and error is the only way forward. And errors can be expensive.
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2014-2018: Many watches bought & sold
2019: 2 sold, 2 bought
2020: 0 sold, 0 bought
2021: 0 sold, 1 bought
2022: Goal will be to buy 1 and sell 1.
Small 2-4 watch collection, only 2 in regular rotation.
Can we see a pic of them?
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Tim from Ohio, USA and I have a watch addiction. It's nice meeting all of you here.

I purchased 11 watches in 2021 (one was a catch/release) which can be viewed here: 2021 purchases. In addition to the 2021 purchases, I unfortunately already had a full collection going into 2021, which most would say didn't need any additions.

What I did do in 2021 with my collection is thin out a couple slightly large watches and replace with smaller variations. This process is now complete. Also, I've been trying to do a two out, one in method where I can maybe feed my addiction a bit, but also cull the herd. Finally, I've given a couple watches away (to family, don't get too excited).

My goal for 2022 is to continue the two out one in method. Also, to not make impulse buys. I admit I do have a short list of watches I'm interested in acquiring. There's no hurry, and they may not be 2022 purchases or I may not purchase them at all. So the additional 2022 goal would be to be patient.

My current wish list is:
  • Omega Seamaster 300
  • Glashutte Original PanoMaticLunar or Sixties
  • Zenith El Primero
  • A. Lange & Sohne 1815 Up/Down
By no means do I intend to purchase all (or even any from this list). I very well could wait till 2025 or never purchase. These are just what I've been considering for a while now. Again, being patient, these watches are not going anywhere, they'll still be available long after I'm gone. Also, to aquire I'd sell two watches (as per the rule).

So in closing, I welcome all the current members and those that post after. Hopefully, we can work together to reach our 2022 goals.
Wow, those are a lot of nice watches. The trouble is, if you only wear one at a time, it's a lot of nice watches that you're not wearing at any given time. So your 1 in 2 out policy seems sensible.

What's intriguing me is what you already had coming into 2021. Without looking at any post history, I'm going to guess your collection also includes a Blancpain FF and an IWC Portugueser.
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No Blancpain, but you nailed the Portugieser. Also a Speedmaster, BB58, marathon GSAR and my only remaining Rolex (GMT Pepsi). There's probably something else I've forgotten. I did have a few others at the start of 2021 which were sold as part of the 1 in 2 out program and watch size downsizing.
Seems like a good day for me to pop out to buy a lottery ticket...
Well as you kindly pointed out the 2022 thread is live, I will direct my attention here from now on.

I am still awaiting 2 deliveries from last year, but I won't be buying any more in 2022. I will try to release some watches, but the first one I tried to sell has proved much harder than I expected, and still hasn't sold, which was a bit of a downer. Lucky I'm not desperate for funds.
It does appear much harder for Europeans to sell watches. I don't know why, in theory the marketplace in Europe is bigger. Lack of common language, not as consumerist, historical brand preferences; all have something to do with it but don't explain anything like the whole of it.

I was looking at a watch from a dealer in Germany on and in the detail it said that they only sell to the EU. So given that they were posting on the specifically UK version of the site, what did this mean? That they didn't realise the UK was no longer in the EU? That they did realise and this was a way of expressing their resentment at us leaving? That anyone could buy from them but they couldn't be bothered to remove the VAT for nonEU purchases?

It's all too complicated to bother with.
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Greetings WPAC 2022 peeps. I've been pretty scarce on WUS over the last several years, largely due to wanting to remain in the ranks of successful abstainers.

This is hard for me to believe, and I had to go back and double-check to be sure, but, while I'm an alum of the class of 2017's WPAC thread, I haven't purchased a watch, actually, since 2015. I was gifted one in the collection in December 2017, but I had no idea that was coming and I didn't plan it into the collection, so to speak. I was actually happy with the 5 I had prior to receiving that one (though contemplating one more purchase around that time), but also happy to have the gift so I gratefully keep it and I'm not sure I could part with it (and I happen to also like it). At any rate, I was trying to stay steady at 5 at the time that I signed on for the 2017 abstinence party.

From about 2009 to 2015, I explored a lot of watches, flipping pretty actively while I learned what I like and what I don't like in a watch, and learning what sort of "purposes" I have for my watches. By late 2015, I had acquired basically what I was looking for - I had roughly 5 "categories" of watches in mind, which gave each watch a purpose to live in the collection, and I chose what felt like the right watch for each category (usually after some trial and error along the way). I am sure over time I will still continue to evolve the collection a bit, but I have felt like the watches in the collection generally serve their intended purposes well. Plus, once I added the Tutima after hunting for a perfect one for quite a while, I had "the one" for me and the rest became supporting cast. That helped cure the itch to buy more watches quite a bit - nothing else would quite stack up (in my eyes, anyway).

I still get the bug now and then. Right now I'm going through it a bit. I think I have eventually gotten to the point where I can bash watches I'm considering all on my own, though I'm sure I'll enlist help here if needed! 🤪 There are so many things about so many watches that annoy me now or that I know won't sit quite right if I owned it, after owning such a wide variety over the years, that it's made me incredibly picky about what I do want. I even nitpick the stuff I still own, but not enough to boot any of them (as of yet, anyway). I also have developed a hatred for the hassle that comes with selling things (not just watches), so I really try not to put myself in the position of needing to sell something any more.

Anyway, SOTC looks like this today (and since December 2017, really):
View attachment 16338752

Top-left to bottom-right:
Helson Blackbeard - Rolex "Hulk" - Tutima NATO 750 - G-Shock
Archimede Outdoor - Speedmaster Automatic 3210.51 - Christopher Ward Slimline

I'm not sure I'll survive 2022 without buying something, as it's been a long dry spell and I could see maybe selling the Archimede and the C. Ward and consolidating that into one new purchase. Other than that, I just plan to continue to enjoy what I already have (while occasionally living vicariously through others here on WUS).

Anyway, hopefully this post serves as just a little encouragement for those of you who are wrestling with taking your foot off the accelerator to let you know it can be done, once you're really ready for it (and perhaps with some encouragement, or maybe that's discouragement, from the WPAC crew). Hope you all have a great 2022!
Fantastic amount of diversity for 7 watches.
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I got issues with Teddy. He's hawking watches off his website, so I don't trust that reviews of the brands he sells are anything but shilling to the masses.

Some of the other ones he does, are simply pandering to the wealthy. And then there's his "look at my pretty girlfriend" vids.
The pretty girlfriend ones are my favourite too!
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I watched a video by Jenni Elle on a Tudor and she was apparently going to tell me 5 useful things on the watch, it took her soooooo long to get to the first point I'd given up. This seems common, in that the reviewer bulks out the video to make it seem worthwhile.
I recently found out why. A friend started a youtube channel and the first thing she had to achieve in order for something good to happen was 1,000 subscribers, the next is 4,000 hours of viewing. I assume watched hours means revenue, which then leads to tricks to eke out viewing time for each video.
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Tim at the Watchbox (YT) doesn’t really review watches as much as he gives excellent information in a very short period of time. The video is high quality and his knowledge of watches seems to be off the charts.

You have to know going in that every watch he features is for sale on their site, so it’s less of a review and more an informational advertisement. I’m not looking for a review as much as I want to know specs, how it wears, etc. and he is very good at that.
Yes I've used his videos to get specs that manufacturers and some ADs are often coy about, e.g. thickness, calibre, microadjustment etc.

Being better informed is a good thing on the whole as long as the viewer is aware they're being sold to. I wouldn't call them all enablers.
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It is January 3rd. Two days ago I joined this group, posted my SOTC and said,

And this afternoon, after 18+ months on "the waiting list" that I became convinced didn't really exist, I got a call from my local Rolex AD. They are holding a new Explorer 36 for me that came in today. 😶

Truly I am beyond conflicted. You can't make this stuff up. Cosmic test of will, anyone?

My left brain (and one of our WPAC brethren who will remain nameless) is telling me it would be silly not to simply pick it up and flip it.

My wife thinks I should just get on with it. "You'll be buying one for less that it will be worth next week? And it's a Rolex? Why is there a question? It's not like you're buying a third Seiko 5..."

And there's a whole bunch of back and forth rationalization going through my head. Pick it up and keep it. (Don't buy it and keep it! A Rolex is theft bait! LOL) Turn a quick buck...?

One in one out? That's OK, right!!? I could sell an Oris to stay at 4. But that's not exactly a fiscal wash.

Mind you, no, I would not be going into hock to buy it, and the mortgage is in fact paid off...

OK - let the bashing (and hopefully some actual usefull feedback) begin.
Interesting that you're talking about moving on an Oris to keep you at 4 when the Orises are not in direct competition, the AT is. Unless the size is radically different, which leads to more questions.

Good luck, it's a nice dilemma to have.
I say that this is a hole that only you could have dug (maybe @usclassic) and therefore no-one is better placed to offer advice on how to extricate yourself from it.

WPAC conundrum: You bought into a pre-order to the tune of two watches, $50/ea, at pre-order pricing, full price to be invoiced at fulfillment, when watches are in stock and ready to ship. Do you:

a) Ignore the invoice, forfeit your $100 deposit, "$100 is small price to pay to maintain my WPAC dignity!" and not have to deal with headache of flipping.
b) Pay out on the invoice, know that you will be tempted to keep at least one, but if you follow through with sale of both, you stand to make money selling at current retail vs. preorder pricing?

Although previous sale of this brand and model have indicated that it should be no problem flipping for full retail between preorder release and follow-up general release, there is always a greater than zero chance you may lose money on the deal, potentially even more than the deposit value.

What say WPAC?
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I resemble that remark! I don't think I have 50+, though.

For me, it's an affordable variety thing. I don't aspire to a 3-watch collection. I know I'd want more variety. I will grant that I have some near duplicates that could bo away, though. I think I could appreciate quality, but I don't seem to be willing to spend that much on any one watch.
Have you reached a contented place by collecting all the watches? It seems as though there's no churn through being dissatisfied with what you bought, more a case of reducing the number of purchases having acquired so many as allow you to not to get bored of what you already have.

It's interesting that we all came here to stop (stop what? impulsive, ill-thought through purchases I guess) but we all stop in completely different places.
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Inspired by mconionx's bash and an old Subaru commercial, I'm going to bash the 36mm Explorer I by comparing it to the first watch I put together myself:
View attachment 16342722

Shiny bezel on an "adventurering" watch, guaranteed to scratch in no time? Check. Call it a tie.
"Oystersteel" 904L vs the mundane but more scratch-resistant 316L on my watch? My watch wins! :giggle:
36mm? Tie.
Mercedes hands? You love 'em, hate 'em, or (like me) tolerate 'em. Matter of personal taste.
Servicing a wonderfully innovative Rolex movement costs more than servicing or replacing an ordinary Sellita movement. My watch wins! :giggle:
Rolex recommends a 10-year service interval, Sellita is more like 5 years. Okay, Rolex blows my doors off. :cry:
Symmetry? Tie.
White on black? Almost a tie, but Rolex's white is whiter.
Logo/text? Way too much on the Rolex, none on mine. My watch wins! :giggle:
Oyster Perpetual or Explorer? For the cost of a Rolex Explorer, I can build 10 "homages" of each. :giggle:
Redundant boasting about chronometer certification? Not on my watch! :giggle:
Does the dial text tell you it's an automatic? Call it a tie. No, wait, my watch wins because it isn't automatic! :giggle:
Full minute track? Rolex fails, my watch wins! :giggle:
Exrol exrol exrol rehaut? Not on my watch! :giggle:
Only 100m WR?!? Okay, the Rolex blows the doors off my watch. :cry:
Non-standard, proprietary tooling caseback? Not on my watch! :giggle:
Does the clasp even glidelock? My watch doesn't even have a bracelet! :giggle:
Fit and finish? The Rolex blows my doors off.:cry:
But I can afford to replace them. :giggle:

In all seriousness, I can't criticize a well-considered purchase of a nearly unobtainable watch.
I admire your jacket! What is the gold motif on the sleeve there?
Hi guys, it's hard to keep up, so I might've skipped over some comments in the thread, but I'm trying :D. Anyways, I decided I would slowly unsubscribe from all the watch channels on youtube I'm subscribed to. Let's minimize the temptation. I'm going to keep the appreciation here on this forum + the conversations with my one friend who is a watch guy like me :D.
You've got one friend who's into watches? That's one more than the rest of us, I'd guess.
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I think people approach watches according to some sort of (shall we say) first principles on what aspects of a watch matter most to them. I haven't got my theory all worked out, and probably won't. Maybe it's just a minor thesis at this point. Obviously, some principles overlap:
  • does it sort of tell you what time it is while being durable?
  • does it keep time quite accurately?
  • is the price appropriate to the factors I value?
  • does the workmanship of the various elements reach a level I find satisfactory?
  • does it meet MY aesthetic criteria?
  • can it survive Armageddon so the roaches and rats will know the time while I am a comfortable pile of ash?
  • can it tell time on the bottom of the Marianas Trench? (I'll still take it off to get in the pool.)

People have a grab bag of these criteria that matter to them, then seem to discuss with others as if those others had the same grab bag. I liked the summation @Trias did while trying to understand Tudor (and I like your posts better without spoilers).

Maybe we should compile a comprehensive list of watch attributes that matter, and we could do "state of the criteria" posts. Each one may need a numerical scale.
One thing that seems to be on some people's lists is movement decoration as a mark of quality. Personally I'd rather pay less.
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On another note, I wanted to ask about posting pictures of new straps/bracelets in WPAC. I've always considered adding new strap options a great way to retain interest in the watches I have, keeping my attention away from buying new ones.

I have a new bracelet coming for my SNXF05 and would love to share when it arrives but wanted to make sure it's not seen as enabling.
Lots of strap discussion here and pics are always good. Some have huge strap collections and a SPAC has been mooted but yet to be set up.
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I do not like skeleton watches or open heart dials but I think they, and decorated movements, exist purely for aesthetics which is why I like them on pure (and expensive) dress watches. In defining aesthetics, Oscar Wilde said: "Art is useless because its aim is simply to create a mood. It is not meant to instruct or influence action in any way. It is superbly sterile, and the note of its pleasure is sterility." My insufferable literary reference aside, it's just pretty for pretty sake and some people want that sometimes.
I agree entirely. But my personal preference would be for my money to be spent on the mechanical quality of the movement and the aesthetic quality of the dial. I look at pictures of finely finished movements and appreciate them but that's not where I want my money to go.
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Can I join the 2022 WPAC while the going is good because I know full well that I’ll fall off the wagon in the next week or so?
You'd have to submit a SOTC of course. And state your purchasing aims for the coming year. But yes, it would be lovely to see more of you.
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