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The 2022 Watch Purchasing Abstinence Club (WPAC).

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The 2022 Watch Purchasing Abstinence Club (WPAC).

Welcome to the 2022 Watch Purchasing Abstinence Club, otherwise known as WPAC. This is the 6th year of WPAC, which was started at the beginning of 2017 to try and get myself and some other addicts out of a crazy buying/flipping cycle with watches, we were buying for the sake of it rather than for the appreciation of the watch itself, constantly chasing the next, new shiny watch or searching endlessly, fixated on some watch; generally, IMHO, a rather unhealthy behaviour.

So, what is the point of WPAC? Well, the aim is to abstain from purchasing watches. But that's a bit blunt really, the abstinence is a tool or a method to break the cycle of buying/flipping and become a discerning consumer of horology. Learning to appreciate what you have, understand what works for you with watches and think rationally about purchases, rather than emotionally. Or the ethos of less is more, as some have suggested the philosophy is here. Yes we still love watches, but as we all know we can be weak, so WPAC is a place to get help; here you can take solace from like minded people and get support and encouragement to stop impulse buying.

With those that stick around and make some commitment WPAC has been successful; for me it's certainly helped me break the buy/flip cycle and stop obsessing, so maybe it can help you.

In previous years we've had some rules, but this year there aren't going to be, there seems little point when we all have subtly (sometimes massively) different goals. If you are in serious horological trouble with buying then look back at the OP in previous WPAC threads, the rules should be a useful starting point if you want to get things under control or just shout out here to get some advice, it's what we're good at. Think of it like a clubhouse or a WUS subforum dedicated to being friendly, chatting about everything and anything and where you can find like minded watch fans.

Having said that, there is one rule I'd like everyone to adhere to; first post should be an intro with a SOTC picture (include everything, don't cheat) and some goals/aims for 2022. Whether you want to abstain completely, want to save for a special watch, just need to take control, slow things down or whatever, we'll be happy to have everyone. Just as long as you're clear on what your aims are.

Please participate in the thread, it's what makes it what it is. Any reasonable topic of conversation is acceptable and in fact welcomed.

Bashing of any potential purchases should still be a mandatory element, but let's keep it funny. Nuclear level bashing is required for any actual purchases.
Expect to be challenged by others if you're suggesting a purchase, whatever your personal goals/aims and expect to need to defend yourself.

.....and one last thing, we do occasionally get some trolls visiting, let's agree to not feed them.

Edit - clarification on enabling: this is a difficult one to deal with as WPAC has evolved such that we discuss watches, post pictures, etc., previously we tried not doing that but it didn't really work and as well despite the temptation provided by this individuals need to develop the control to not be tempted every 5 minutes by something. However, this year we seem to have a mixture of regulars and new participants, and some the latter are wanting to abstain. Hence please don't directly enable by suggesting watches......
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Master of your own domain? Bought a watch already in 2022? :oops:
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I wonder - is it possible to get every member through January - just January- without a purchase?
Nope. January purchases already pre-planned.

However, I did sell a watch today. Which I think is an auspicious start to the year, on top of 7 sold watches through Dec. Right track, anyway.

Bunch more listed with a few bites which I hope will turn into sales over the next few days.
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I started collecting 3 years ago, and I have way more watches now than I would want, so I'm planning to abstain for the whole year 2022, and in 2023 planning to buy a Sinn and an Omega Seamaster. Other than the pictures below I have 10 more watches that are all for sale, and 2 mods in progress that I'm not sure what I'm gonna do about, but I don't have them with me currently. This abstinence is more than just not spending money for watches, it's more like me trying to learn to appreciate what I have.
Watch Analog watch Photograph White Light
Watch Brown Analog watch Product Clock
Watch Analog watch Photograph White Product

Watch Analog watch Black Gesture Clock
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This abstinence is more than just not spending money for watches, it's more like me trying to learn to appreciate what I have.
Well done, you! Welcome aboard!
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Another one sold, so first of this year and that leave two left to sell.......
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Another one sold, so first of this year and that leave two left to sell.......
I don’t even remember what you have or bought while on hiatus. Did you post a SOTC?
I don’t even remember what you have or bought while on hiatus. Did you post a SOTC?
No pic as they are all boxed up.....
......list is here:

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Having said that, there is one rule I'd like everyone to adhere to; first post should be an intro with a SOTC picture (include everything, don't cheat) and some goals/aims for 2022. Whether you want to abstain completely, want to save for a special watch, just need to take control, slow things down or whatever, we'll be happy to have everyone. Just as long as you're clear on what your aims are.

So here's my SOTC at 2022's first day :

Left to right, top to bottom :
  • My infamous Seiko Alpinist SPB1 97J1. 😍
  • The VSA Fieldforce which taught me there were other qualities than hands alignment. ^^
  • Boccia 3773-03, and its full titanium.
  • My restored VSA Lancer 100. 🥰
  • A quite singular representative from a WeWood Metis. ^^

For those who are wondering if that isn't a bit short for a Trias post, the detailed version is here.

Intentions for 2022 are :
  • Fully understanding how my Alpinist works, I'm not there yet. ^^
  • Possibly straps or bracelets changes.
  • Between zero and one purchase during the year, and if there is it won't be allowed before late November/early December, so about a year after the previous one.
To be honest at the moment the Alpinist is revealing itself more and more as one of the best picks I could ever have made for me in regard of mechanical units. It also embodies how I was, with WPAC's members help, able to control my desires during a full year, with in the end allowed me to make not only a near perfect choice, but also to feel proud about it.

As a consequence, at the moment I don't feel tempted to look for other watches to acquire ; and wouldn't even known which category I would fancy since I'm in full learning mode with the 6R35. Also, I don't want the last slot of my watchbox to get filled too quickly, as that could induce flipping for the future, and I don't want to get there too fast.

Yet, human nature is to be somewhat volatile. So I'll make myself an allowance of either one, or zero watch for the year, and with the objective not to purchase before about one year once again if that's the case. Last year was a success from that point of view, which I enjoyed. So I'm confident I can do as well, or better for 2022. :)
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As the clock struck twelve I took my WPAC vow with a glass of champagne.

First a bit of background to assess how I got here:

TLDR warning, see TLDR marker below
  • I enjoy collecting, many different things but watches have always been somewhere on the radar since I was a small child.
  • My best friend through middle and high school was a collector as well and got into a Seiko Black Monster (Gen 1) back in about 2011.
  • I dabbled, purchased an Orange Monster SKX781, then did a bunch of research and ended up with a Deep Blue Alpha Marine 500. Still a great tool watch to this day.
  • 2014 was a big year, I joined WUS and opened my eyes up to a whole new world of horology, history, and a marketplace of like-minded individuals.
  • Here is a photo of what I had back then, there are some smaller pieces below but a lot rotated in and out amongst this core collection. (The Eco-Drive actually got smashed and I never fixed it)
Watch Analog watch Light Product Black

  • At that time, the Laco was my biggest purchase (and the most expensive watch I have purchased to date, secondhand at $600. I was unhappy with the ETA 2824 gaining almost 30/SPD which seems laughable now to be honest.
  • Fast forward a few years to 2017: I purchase a house, I'm in an unhappy relationship and not financially stable any longer. I am wearing a G-Shock and have resigned my horological fascination as too expensive and frivolous. These were the dark years. I sold pretty much everything above, outside of the Deep Blue, for its' sentimental value to me. I did purchase one watch out of necessity, for my good friend's wedding.
  • Fast forward to the present "COVID-times," I still had an empty watch box but now I am in a fulfilling relationship, decent-paid job for my locale. I bought an Apple Watch, didn't like it but the convenience factor was there. My fiancée noticed I was unhappy and upgraded my old Apple Watch to a 40mm model, that's not what I was looking for. A few months went by and she noticed I still wasn't happy. I opened up about my past, about how much I enjoyed collecting. She said I should get back into mechanicals and sell my G-Shock or Apple Watch if it didn't bring me any joy. She also said she would get me a Chris Ward for the wedding. She's a keeper...
  • I considered watch-making school, instead of uprooting our lives we will continue to live close to family for now as I build skills on my own terms. Some project watches are outside of the scope of WPAC but I have plenty to work on in the coming year to hone my skills.

SOTC: Jan 1, 2021

Brown Light Wood Symmetry Wood stain

Top L-R
  • HMT Kanchan I bought to fix up, a project watch I just happened to get going over the holiday.
  • Slava (Craba) Vintage Soviet watch, I was fascinated both with Russian history and watchmaking. It is a sentimental piece as I searched for this Bauhaus combo for some time and will not be leaving.
  • Maratac Mid Pilot. I always wanted one of these but didn't buy one before they ran out of stock. I owned the larger model years ago but it was way too big for my wrists. Found an example on eBay, added the Sapphire display back as well. I cherish it.
  • Radia RBMK, a fashion watch more than anything else. I joined their Kickstarter back in the day but the price tag was always too high and I don't really like quartz watches. One day, out of the blue, they sent me a 66%-off coupon code for being one of the original supporters even though I never bought the watch on the campaign itself. Bit of an impulse but it gave me a reason to buy one. Very fun!
  • Orient "Howard" which was purchased for a funeral, I didn't end up going to the funeral but now I have a black dress watch that can pass as everyday wear.
  • Orient Power Reserve, Small Seconds. Purchased for my good friend's wedding. It's a great wedding watch for me and has sentimental value. Recently had it serviced for nearly the purchase price of the watch. Will never sell.

Bottom L-R
  • Invicta 9094 - which I got on a great coupon during Prime Day. Auto mechanical for under $50, might mod the bezel or replace the crystal this year but it's my beater for yard work, shop work, etc.
  • Maratac SR-35 Gen II, Titanium - An incredible watch. Just picked it up on a Black Friday coupon stacked with my own discount for a great price. Considered flipping but once it landed, I realized it is objectively the nicest watch I own. (And I realized I am firmly a dive watch guy.)
  • Maratac LSA - purchased just before Christmas. Figured it was my only chance to snag one as they are already out of stock on the CountyComm site, and I wouldn't be purchasing anything in '22. I was right, it's beautiful!
  • Vostok Komandirskie - purchased on a whim at first sight but I always wanted something to replace my Amphibia. Just a fun watch to wear, and quirky, as Russian watches tend to be.
  • Deep Blue Alpha Marine 500 - a stalwart of my collection, one of the first watches I bought for myself of real quality. It's a great tool and I plan to keep it forever.
  • Glycine Combat Sub 42 - This one means a lot to me. During some difficult times in my life, I bought a new Sub in this colorway. The quality is spot on. About a year later I was struggling financially, and I was forced to sell that watch mostly because of my ex. So, this year I found the same reference secondhand and pulled the trigger. That was the first time I felt "back" in this whole watch collecting journey.

Now for the project box:

Watch Analog watch White Light Product

Top - A bunch of Janatas I have fixed, assembled, built, stripped down to clean, then rebuilt and regulated. You get the idea. They are simply a sacrifice to use my tools and get good at servicing.

Bottom - Vintage Timex which was inherited from a family member who passed away this year. I will clean and repair it, still runs with a battery hooked up but the case needs work. Cheap field watch I bought to beat up while working on difficult projects. ($2.12 on AliX!!) Also a Diantus (Diantvs) pin-lever hand winder. Also inherited from the passed family member. Needs a good cleaning which I'm working up to.


Not pictured:

Apple watch 40mm, fiancee purchased for me and I wear to our gym sessions to monitor heartrate, etc.
One Kickstarter project watch I backed in the middle of 2021
A 1963 Chronograph I purchased to replace the Seagull version I sold back in 2014. Pulled the trigger last night just before midnight so I could avoid the 2022 program. (cheeky I know.)
An incredible number of cheap quartz project watches that were handed down to me from that deceased family member. Nothing of note.
A Lucerne (Baumgartner 588 movement) "Mustang II" promotional watch I am restoring for my soon-to-be father-in-law. I'll probably make a post about that project on its own. Pin-lever movements are frustrating to work on! Especially single-jewel movements.



1. No watch purchases in 2022. With one exception: I am selling my house this year, and if the profit margin is as high as I am anticipating, I'm going to close out that difficult chapter of my life with a SMP in silver. Something I would never otherwise be able to acquire; it's what the heart wants but which the head did not allow.
Of course... If I don't hit my number or the house takes too much funding to sell, no chance!

Watch Analog watch Rectangle Clock Watch accessory

Beautiful, innit?

2. If I'm a good boy, I'll get a Chris Ward for my wedding in October. That is enough to look forward to.
3. Parts and accessories don't count in this. That means some straps are allowed, or parts for projects I need to complete. This should not be taken as a loophole to buy "project watches" that I end up wearing regularly. All my HMT projects so far have been less than $15 a piece. That was justifiable this year.

That's pretty much it. I have a watch Instagram which I enjoy using as a creative outlet, and I really enjoy the company of everyone here on WUS and especially \f71 :)

Thank you for being a part of my crazy ride and stay WPAC 2022 strong! 💪
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Welcome to WPAC, Miles! I know we can give you some sage advice so stick around for the witty banter that will ensue.
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OK my SOTC coming into January 2022. Very pic heavy, excuse.

First category, dive watches. 4 here.

1. Scurfa Diver One ND513RD, currently on stock rubber strap.
Watch Analog watch Clock Gesture Watch accessory

2. Certina DS PH200M Blue dial, on Ali FKM tropic strap.
Watch Analog watch Clock Watch accessory Wrist

3. Christopher Ward Trident C60 40mm, on stock bracelet.
Watch Analog watch Clock Silver Font

4. Seiko SPB087 MM200 PADI Edition, on stock rubber strap.
Watch Analog watch Clock Watch accessory Font

Next category, Pilot watches. 3 here.

5. Fortis Official Cosmonauts Chronograph, Valjoux 7750 edition, on Crown & Buckle Matte Supreme NATO.
Watch Analog watch Clock Silver Watch accessory

6. Citizen Nighthawk Blue Angels Edition, on Rios1931 shell cordovan strap.
Watch Analog watch Gesture Clock Watch accessory

7. All original HMT Pilot, on Eulit Kristall perlon.
Watch Analog watch Silver Clock Wrist

My only modern dress watch:

8. Frederique Constant FC260WR5B6DBR Moon Phase, on ZicZac genuine croc strap.
Watch Analog watch Clock Silver Rectangle

And my only digital watch:

9. Casio G-Shock DW-5600, on stock rubber strap.
Watch Communication Device Everyday carry Clock Gadget

Final category, vintage. 6 here.

10. 1980's Seiko 6309-8239, on Vario tweed strap.
Watch Brown Hand Analog watch Gesture

11. 1960's Ball Trainmaster, on Cascadia genuine croc strap.
Watch Brown Analog watch Clock Rectangle

12. 1950's gold plated Elgin Deluxe, on ZicZac genuine croc strap.
Watch Footwear Clock Rectangle Analog watch

13. 1940's vermeil Harvel, on ZicZac genuine croc strap.
Watch Analog watch Rectangle Watch accessory Clock

14. 1950's 14k gold Hamilton Thin-O-Matic, on ZicZac genuine croc strap.
Watch Brown Analog watch Clock Rectangle

15. 1950's 9k gold Smiths DeLuxe, on 7Strap genuine croc strap.
Watch Hand Analog watch Clock Rectangle

Not included with the SOTC are two project watches- not sure if either will wind up staying in the collection after I'm finished restoring them. They are as follows:

1. I think all or mostly original HMT Janata, Devanāgarī edition. Movement running very poorly with barely a whisper of amplitude; donor movement incoming from India.
Watch Analog watch Clock Measuring instrument Watch accessory

2. Again, I think all original 1940's-50's vintage Smiths, 9k gold Dennison case, 15 jewel movement running obscenely fast and destined for a service once I clear my bench off.
Watch Analog watch Clock Watch accessory Silver

Goals for 2022:

1. Practice one in, one out, with no more than 10 watches this year- preferably less. That may seem like no restraint at all, but I must qualify that buying and reselling is the only way for me to try stuff that interests me (I live hours away from any AD or vintage dealer). Coupled with this is to not lose any money, all told, on watches through the year. No AD purchases for me.
2. Hold off buying anything until March of this year. This is a common goal for me.
3. Learn more about watchmaking, and learn how to service a movement with a date. Also learn how/acquire the tools to service mainsprings.
4. Do more writing- articles, reviews etc.

I look forward to hanging out with you all in this new year!
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I'm with you, Hornet -- I purchased a watch earlier this year via reddit and I found it to be a non-intuitive and confusing system for what should be straight-forward things like contacting the seller and registering feedback. But it seems to be the trend for watch sales as more and more transactions are being conducted there. With eBay's growing fees and Watchuseek's stuffy reputation, the Cool Kids are migrating to the latest on-line platform and that appears to be reddit.
Just reading the sales listings on reddit give me a headache, but it feels like if you want to sell you should maximise your exposure.......
Reddit's the place to sell. I get easily 10x the inquiries there than I do for WUS.
As an old hand at selling on r/watchexchange, please feel free, any member, to come to me if something doesn't make sense or you want some tips on posting there.
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Happy 2022 gents! I am back for another year of WPAC.

I started last year with 18 watches, and half of those have been replaced. Still sitting at 18 right now. That's not exactly the stability I was hoping for a year ago. The Polaris lasted barely a month before it had to go. That one looked so good on paper, but the honeymoon phase wore off quickly, and I couldn't justify the money wrapped up in it.

In 2021, I retired after 31 years of military and federal law enforcement service. I researched heavily a new acquisition that might be able to serve as a one-watch collection, in case I took a job in the South Pacific. I didn't take that job, but I bought the Sinn U50 to celebrate my retirement.

A few months later, I got a job teaching prep school English Lit and moved from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan down to the Detroit area. I celebrated the new job with the purchase of a long time grail (Planet Ocean 39.5).

2021 had me do something I haven't done before. I pulled a watch out of my "To Sell" closet (Hamilton Interstellar Coop). Every time I have tried to sell that watch, something keeps me from letting it go, so I need to admit that it really is a keeper and should officially be counted in the collection.

Last year I fell hard for Monta, picking up a Noble and a Skyquest. I am pretty sure the Skyquest will stay around. Not so sure about the Noble. I love how it feels, but time will tell if it can carve out its own unique spot and stay.

I have 17+1 watches right now (I ordered a Tudor Royal in early December that should arrive within the next few weeks). I will count my 2022 SOTC at 18, including the one inbound. My goal is to limit the flipping this year to one watch.

Also, I am committed to Rusty's challenge of absolutely no new acquisitions in January!

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Welcome to WPAC, Mike! I know we can give you some sage advice so stick around for the witty banter that will ensue.
Am I Mike? Don't worry I've been a lurker for a few years, but now I'm here to party. 😃
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Am I Mike? Don't worry I've been a lurker for a few years, but now I'm here to party. 😃
Yeah sorry —autocorrect changed it and I didn’t proofread before posting. I’ll edit the original.
Yeah sorry —autocorrect changed it and I didn’t proofread before posting. I’ll edit the original.
No worries! It happens to me with work emails a lot too. Im sure I can learn from the group in WPAC, and am masochistically looking forward to my first bashing when the next urge to buy comes up.
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I’m in. Applying the 5,4,3,2,1 rule! 5,4,3,2,1 close internet browser and stop looking at watches! After a long time searching I finally found this Seamaster 2254.50 towards the end of 2021, full set and I’m mint condition. Flipped quite a few to fund it. After a few years going at this hobby it’s a watch that I love, much prefer it to the Seamasters that followed (skeleton hands etc). For me purchasing watches is simply a way to find the things one likes in a watch. Think I’m pretty much there with the 2254! Anyways, I’ll check in at the end of the month with a progress report...
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Cool Peter Blake, man! What a classic
Happy New Year Gents! Long time lurker, first time poster in the WPAC. In 2018, I owned 2 watches, since then my interest (and purchasing) has spiraled out of control and I now own around 20. I want to participate in WPAC to try to strike a healthier balance.

Goals of 2022:
  • Get rid of all of my unworn watches, which are mostly affordables, and most of them will be given away to my brother, who has a growing interest in horology, and could benefit from selling any he doesn’t like.
  • Reduce my consumption of watch media and participation in watch forums: Spend more free time in the gym, learning a new language, learning about investing or having quality time with my family.
  • Really enjoy and bond with the watches that I do have, go to more places, do more things wearing my current collection.
  • one in / one out rule (after getting rid of unworn watches), really try to keep my core stable at 6 watches (not including a few heirloom pieces and the AW).

Below is my SOTC for kicking off 2022

Core Stable:

Watch Photograph Analog watch White Light

  1. Hamilton Khaki Field Auto
  2. Sinn 856 UTC
  3. Citizen Blue Angels World Time
  4. Omega Speedmaster Auto Date
  5. Grand Seiko Snowflake
  6. Tudor BB58 Navy
Below are the others:

Watch Brown Photograph Analog watch White

Most of these are on the chopping block, I’m keeping the two on the left for sentimental reasons:
  1. The Seiko Turtle has been on a lot of dives with me in different countries, I can’t bring myself to part with it yet.
  2. The Citizen AT8700 was my first decent watch, which I bought when I was 18
  3. The Apple Watch serves a practical purpose, it is my lap counter at the pool, so I am keeping it as my “gym watch”.
In full disclosure, I have 3 other watches back home in the US and not pictured here:
  1. An Invicta Objct d’ Art - This is also going away.
  2. A vintage heirloom watch from my mom’s side of the family, this is a keeper.
  3. A vintage heirloom from my in-laws, also a keeper.
Purchase aspirations:
Finally, I do have a few potential purchase goals, but I’m not too eager to make them happen:
  • Omega Planet Ocean 39.5 (latest model)
  • Stowa Marine Handwound 36mm
  • Vintage GS 6145 or 4522
If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading, and good luck to everyone in their 2022 goals!
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Reddit's the place to sell. I get easily 10x the inquiries there than I do for WUS.
As an old hand at selling on r/watchexchange, please feel free, any member, to come to me if something doesn't make sense or you want some tips on posting there.
Thanks cortman, I've joined Reddit and started reading the rules for the watch exchange, so might pm for help.....
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Been on wagon in 2021 and trend will continue. Happy with collection and ran out of dopamine buying and selling watches. One in/one out last year...
Watch Analog watch Light Rectangle Clock

Watch Analog watch Clock Rectangle Material property

Rest of my SOTC unchanged from last year.

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