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Here's the state of my Russian collection. Sold three last week, still feel like I have too many. Yes, this may be a cheap and crappy collection to some, but I love Russian watches and as a college student I've put a lot of money into my collection over the last couple years, so it means a lot to me.
Bottom row left to right:
-Pierce Chrono, heirloom, never selling.
-Poljot Signal Alarm: One crown fell out, need to get repaired and then sold this year.
-Zim Moscow Olympics Bear watch: Cute watch that I'm on the fence about. Inexpensive and cute but feel like I don't really need it.
-Kirovskie Crab: Favorite watch ever. Not going anywhere.
-Poljot Signal Alarm: Really like this one. Probably staying
-Zvezda Tank: Also really love it and can't see me getting bored of it anytime soon.
Winder left to right:
-Slava Tank: Not getting as much wear as it used to. Also fogged up on me the other day so I'm less keen to wear it.
-Vostok Amphibia: My beater that I wear to work. Only watch I can swim with. But at the end of the day I don't want to keep a watch I don't love all that much just to tick a box. I can just buy a Casio for being a beater.

Watch purchase goals: I want one reliable, almost every day watch that I don't have to think about and will always like. I'm leaning towards an older Tag Heuer professional 2000. I feel like quartz is the way to go for an everyday that you don't want to worry about. The one thing I also don't like about a mostly vintage collection is being hyper-aware of bumping your hand into things or being really careful when washing your hands.
I've just received my first Russian watch, a Vostok Amphibian "Sniper" - is there any way to determine year of manufacture from the serial number?


I'd like to learn more about Vostok watches, can you suggest some resources?

1 - 1 of 1888 Posts