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The 2023 Watch Purchasing Abstinence Club (WPAC).

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Welcome to the 2023 Watch Purchasing Abstinence Club, otherwise known as WPAC. This is the 7th year of WPAC, which gives me pause to stop and think that I'm surprised it has lasted this long. We might just be onto a good thing?

I'm not intending to repeat the usual opening remarks, but if you're coming to this thread wondering what this is all about have a gander at the last couple of years WPAC threads:

.....obviously don't read them all, but the original, opening posts should give you a good idea. In short this is a thread for a like minded group of watch obsessed individuals who are generally trying to improve their watch buying habits. Anyone is welcome to join, but if you join we want participation and contribution!

In previous years we've had some rules, but this year there aren't going to be, there seems little point when we all have subtly (sometimes massively) different goals. If you are in serious horological trouble with buying then look back at the OP in previous WPAC threads, the rules should be a useful starting point if you want to get things under control or just shout out here to get some advice, it's what we're good at. Think of it like a clubhouse or a WUS subforum dedicated to being friendly, chatting about everything and anything and where you can find like minded watch fans.

Having said that, there is one rule I'd like everyone to adhere to; first post should be an intro with a SOTC picture (include everything, don't cheat) and some goals/aims for 2023. Whether you want to abstain completely, want to save for a special watch, just need to take control, slow things down or whatever, we'll be happy to have everyone. Just as long as you're clear on what your aims are.

Please participate in the thread, it's what makes it what it is. Any reasonable topic of conversation is acceptable and in fact welcomed.

Bashing of any potential purchases should still be a mandatory element, but let's keep it funny. Nuclear level bashing is required for any actual purchases.
Expect to be challenged by others if you're suggesting a purchase, whatever your personal goals/aims and expect to need to defend yourself.....

.....and with that I declare WPAC 2023 open for business. Yes, it's a little premature but I reckon I'll be quite busy after Xmas and between NY, so a little forward planning is required.
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So I need a bash.

No risk of an sudden purchase, this is significantly more expensive than the ready cash I have to hand, so it could be 2024 at the earliest, but I need the flaws pointing out so it doesn't migrate to my wish list and fill my brain for the year.

The H. Moser Pioneer & cie 40mm:

View attachment 17319684
View attachment 17319683

I like and respect the Moser brand, and tried the current (43.8mm) model, but it's too big for my taste without a bezel to take some of the weight. There are some limited edition models with dive bezels but they are at least 20k so way beyond what I would ever spend.

This new model is 40mm and 13k CHF which is very expensive but not impossibly so. I love the sunburst dial, the hands, the practicality of a sports build with 120m WR, screw down crown, rubber strap. This could be a daily casual wear and would compliment but not totally replace my recent purchase Nomos Club (smaller, dial bracelet, small seconds).

So what's wrong with it? Hit me hard, please, otherwise I'll be in thrall to this for a year or more 😁
A while back, someone asked how we'd bash a watch that was 'unbashable' and I think put forward the Grand Seiko snowflake as the example. We proceeded to bash it without much bother.

This, for me, is a lot harder to criticise without resorting to talking about money or really subjective things.

It's got a blue dial and I don't like blue dials. I prefer the older versions where the logo is silver - this for me has too much negative space... But really after that, it's just so much money that I can't comprehend it. And presumably the servicing will be exhorbitant.

If I was rich, I'd buy the red one in the larger size. I think they're stunning. Sorry - I probably need some dungeon time.
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Out of curiosity, what’s your reasoning for WPA?
Is it financial: spend less money?
Consumerist: spend less time/energy/resources on an endless chase, and find inner happiness with what you have?
Maybe environmental, not to be so wasteful?

I imagine a combination of some sort for many.
Pretty much all number 2 for me. I'd become obsessed about minutiae of almost identical watches and was constantly acquiring new ones only to come to the same realisation - that I already had a watch in that category that I liked more / meant more to me.

I wasn't enjoying what I had and was wasting my time / avoiding genuine issues in life by using endless consuming as a distraction.

I suppose on the financial side, it helps me to think about what else the money could be put towards. I never spent beyond my means but sinking loads in to something as pointless as watches would leave a sour taste / guilty feeling.

As for environment... I have a car and a motorbike. I have bigger faults to tackle re my impact before I start to look at second hand watch acquisition.
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Annnd satire just died again for Zzyzx.
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Don't be too harsh on yourself. We've all been there. Nothing pathetic about it, we're all human ;) Try to observe your own behaviour without judgement. Calling yourself pathetic will not make things easier 😘

Just for some context to the tough love, I'm only able to call out your behaviour, because I've done it all myself as well. You're just mirroring my own old patterns. (And I'm not pathetic, so neither are you).

The first thing I did after joining wpac in 2018, was buy a Halios Seaforth two weeks into January... My goal wasn't to fully abstain, but to put no more cash into the hobby. Even so, buying a 750 bucks watch (the upper zone of what I'd ever spent on a watch) wasn't exactly working towards that goal.

I've purchased many watches in a rush, just to be rid of the obsession and get some sleep...

I've told myself my purchases were thoroughly considered, when really it was barely 3 days of obsessive research between becoming aware of it and buying it.

I've steadily walked increasingly outside of my spending comfort zone, because of the hypes of the forum. (Starting at 100-200 bucks, ending up at 800-900 bucks).

I've invented collection "rules" (like one watch for each colour) to justify buying more watches.

I've chased the perfect watch that ticked all boxes. And held on to a boring watch I didn't enjoy wearing for 2 years, because it was supposed to be as perfect as it gets on paper.

I held on to the Seaforth for a year, convincing myself I loved it, because I couldn't justify not loving it because of the amount I spent on it; and because it ticked the yellow box - yellow is my favourite colour, so I must like this yellow watch. Ultimately I had to admit a yellow watch doesn't fit my style, and aside from the colour it was a boring watch.

I've bought watches for occasions. One even as a sort of token during a tough time, which I justified by telling myself it would be a reminder to keep working on my issues. I sold it less than a year later (you can't buy meaning..)

I've bought countless watches because they looked pretty, but that didn't really fit my style and hardly got worn. (Somehow that's a tough one to learn, not everything that is pretty will get worn/you can appreciate pretty things without needing to own them).

The list goes on... So I'm all too familiar with the thought patterns of the addiction. And it took some time to recognize it and get a grip on it.
Wimads, I think when @jmariorebelo asked us all for a list / photo collage of former watches, you said it was too great a task due to the number you'd been through. But, I for one would be really interested to know what some of them were. Sounds like you had an interesting journey!
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Wait, I made that list in Google sheets, so accessible from phone. 37 total, but here may be one or two missing.

Parnis skeleton20122019
Kenneth Cole chrono20132019
pam replica20142015
Monaco replica20142015
Seagull ST-520142018
Raketa Art deco20152017
Raketa Jasper dial20152017
Poljot stuhrmanski20152016
Raketa eternal calendar20152018
Vostok dress watch20152018
Seiko snkk4520152017
casio w5920152020
casio w80020152018
Vitjaz alarm clcok20152019
Seiko Turtle20162018
Helson Shark Diver20162018
Mondaine Evo20162018
Slava day date20162018
Citizen F10020162018
ChrWard C60 GMT20162016
MWW Iconik 120162017
Raketa white dress20162018
MWW Morgan20162018
Union Noramis2017-
L&H Orthos20172018
Casio Lineage20172021
Seiko SDGM00320172018
Molnija pocket watch20172019
Molnija pocket watch #220172019
Halios Seaforth20172019
Hamilton open heart2018-
Citizen pro diver20182019
Stowa flieger20192021
Fortis flieger20192019
Vostok komandirski2020-
Raketa alarm clock2021-
That's an eclectic mix - a few there I'd have to Google... What G-shock did you have?
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Hypothetically speaking, if someone were to turn 40 soon, would an exception be made for a two-tone or gold watch with a jubilee bracelet?

I have no desire for such a watch, but who knows what the dark side of 40 will do to me... 😬
Wimads is very lenient when it comes to birthdays... I suspect he'll be along in a moment to say it's fine.

All that time watching the Rolex forum having an impact?
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I forget the model number, but here is a pic:
DW-9052-1C9... With catchy names like this, there really isn't much excuse for forgetting.
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Sometimes I wonder if Wimads and USclassic are two personalities of the same person battling for dominance.
Head Eyebrow Eye Human body Jaw

secretive group - check
Set of rules - check
Brutal punishments - check

I'm starting to worry.
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But not when the screen is black, right? Like, you have to sort of "activate" it or whatever, first. I could have sworn it used to be that, even when the screen was black, there was a dim clock visible.
I've an older Google Pixel... No clock when screen otherwise blank, but it comes on via movement. I.e. When I pull it out of my pocket, still locked but clock shows without the need to press a button.

Just wear a dive watch over your sleeve :)
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Wildorf was British, wasn't he?
Probably more British than the Royal Family 🤭
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Came across this model and I was captivated. I've always liked the Protrek line of Casio - all the functions of a G Shock, in much more civilian package, yet plenty tough. Already had two of them and always regretted letting them go.

This one is different from what I had earlier. Very wearable size, narrower and thinner than what I had. The bezel is reported to be 41mm, rotatable. Positive display. Needless to say, it solar/radio controlled, has ABC-T sensors, double LED lights, stopwatch, timer, alarm etc. Doesn't break the bank either for JPY50k.

I'm in no rush to buy, will wait a month or two to see if the urge persists, but let's hear your bash. It's been uncharacteristically quiet here.

Edit: model No PRW-6800Y. View attachment 17379821
I suppose you've got to really analyse why you flipped the previous Pro Treks and ask what is different about this one that will make it a long term prospect.
I've had an ABC equipped G-shock and like Lee, decided that those functions felt more like a novelty to me than something genuinely useful.

I've come to accept that most of what draws me to Casio, and G-shock in particular, is some kind of nostalgia and an appreciation for wacky case design that shouldn't work but somehow does. This watch feels like a bit of a 'box-ticker'... Small form (relative to g-shock), loads of functions and sensible layout. It wouldn't be quirky enough to last in my collection. A bit vanilla, a bit ugly, but not 'cute, worm your way into my affections ugly'.

And those sticky-out pusher shrouds look like an afterthought.
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I've had my eye on the small-seconds Bambino for a little while now. Biggest bash I have on it now is that it's using a ridiculous 21mm lug width (with a cheaply made strap by all accounts), and that the champagne dial version (not pictured) is using a white date wheel. Any other bashes?
I agree with the other bashes raised. Especially the date window.
I'll add that the small seconds looks cramped by the handset; 12mm is too thick for a dressy watch and domed mineral crystal will get scratched but can't be easily polished.

Why not buy genuine vintage? It's not like the movement is going to be particularly accurate on the Orient and 30m water resistance will see you not getting it wet much. Surely better to get the real McCoy.
So, the year has been going well so far.

In January, I went from 9 watches down to 4 and have held at that with no purchases since. Over the last 2 months I’ve been purposely avoiding wearing 2 of 3 G-Shock 6900s to see if I would regret further whittling… and I’ve come to the conclusion that I was only rotating due to some weird duty to justify their existence. 2 more G-Shocks are getting listed for sale this weekend.

Having fewer watches has really made me appreciate what I have more and I’m enjoying a deeper attachment to the watches I’ve kept (since they’re getting worn more). I also feel I may have broken the cycle of pointlessly accumulating (but won’t count my chickens yet). Thank you WPAC!

This coming week’s sales will leave me with just 2. A G-Shock 6900 with a lot of sentimental value and a Timex that serves me when I have shirt sleeves on.

My goals for the year were to have a more varied collection of fewer than 5 pieces and to stop amassing G-Shocks. I’m not abstaining and that brings me to the point of this post – I’d like to request a couple of bashes, which I will ruminate on. Forming a plan if you like…
  • Upgrade the Timex to a Nomos Club 36. I like the aesthetics of the Timex but the movement is noisy and the build is cheap… It serves a purpose but I’m not forming a bond. I’ve tried on Nomos Clubs in 36mm and they fit me well. But I can’t try on the specific colourway I want in the UK, so it will be a punt to some extent if I go for it. I like the long lugs rather than seeing them as a negative; they help give the watch its character.
Watch Hand Analog watch Clock Watch accessory

  • Buy one more robust characterful watch. All the selling has left me with a small collection. I’d like 3… Seems reasonable for someone who loves watches. I keep coming back to the Seiko 7548. They’re from when I was born; I really like the looks and I definitely can’t be bothered to set a day / date on an auto… so the Quartz makes sense.
Watch Analog watch Gesture Clock Watch accessory

Bash away!
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I just addressed an email to someone I will be seeing (for the first time ever) at a work meeting this Thursday. Only thing is I addressed them as a woman, and it's a man. In order to avoid my inevitable death due to cringing embarassment, can @Wimads please lock me back up for a week?
You'll have to buy a watch.
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Have any WPACers dabbled in vintage watches? What was your experience?
But, you won't be buying any vintage watches right? Right?!
Welllllll... I'm not here for complete abstinence. I just happen to be doing OK at it, having only sold so far this year.

Vintage appeals as I'm not that keen on super shiny. But I worry that fears of water ingress / mechanical sympathy would see a vintage piece mostly sit unused. Was considering one as an alternative to a new dressy piece.
Have a bash at the casioak please.. Stood in front of a shop window today, and those keep drawing my attention. I've talked myself out of it for the time being, but am sure they'll pop out at me again another time.. So just have a go at it for good measure. These 2 versions in particular:

View attachment 17442160
Had 2 of these, sold 2 of these. Looked great when I looked at wrist shots of them on me, but never properly fell for them for some reason. I think they weren't odd / quirky enough... Like they'd been designed with a cunning formula for success. Probably just the contrarian in me!

For something slightly more objective - I can't abide the double branding of G-shock immediately adjacent on Bezel and then underneath on the dial. Why?!

And I prefer the battery powered one on right. Don't like the shiny solar dial or the mix of primary colour accents.
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So to get what I want, I'd basically need to get the yellow bluetooth version, and swap the case with a black non-bluetooth one. And then would have to sell the remaining watch (probably at a loss...)
The yellow resins are desirable, so it's not too much bother. Buy the yellow one, buy some black resins from Tiktox / Watchway / Ebay equivalent and sell the yellow resins. I've also seen the watch you're after for sale on ebay with the change already done.

I bought my dad the monochromatic one and he loves it. Wears it on the weekends and for gardening. He's 81 and can't comprehend changing the time on it, so I have to schedule seeing him each time we change the clocks for the farmers!

It's the one G-shock where I prefer the negative display because positive or negative, it's too small to be any use and the negative one makes the dial cleaner.

So, if you buy one, go in to it with your eyes open that it's a funky looking, durable, 2 hand watch, which will tell you the day and date with a bit of focus / squinting. I often use the stopwatch and timer functions on my 6900, so they just became redundant in my collection.

None of this is enabling, because G-shocks don't count. In fact, I don't know why you asked for a bash 😏
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As far as I'm concerned, the only dungeon assignments are enacted when a watch is actually purchased. WPAC is about abstinence, which means having to confront the constant barrage of temptation that is Watchuseek and other watch-related media. Suggestive enabling within the WPAC thread is something our members should be able to resist. Otherwise they are hopeless (ie USC).
A wise and fair leader.
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