———Updated 6/23/21, 11:30am EST———

Well folks, that was that. Unlike the last couple of years where we were able to unearth at least a dozen or more reasonable deals for the watch community, Amazon Prime Day 2021 was a bit of a bust for all involved. A few of the deals that we were able to find were at least a hair cheaper than elsewhere in the market, but it's become quite clear that the watch world isn't a priority for Amazon. We know our fellow WIS love a proper bargain (as do we), so we will do our best to continue reporting on proper sales/bargains elsewhere around the web as we come across them. For now, it's back to the hunt.

Did you find a good deal via Prime Day? Was it one that we somehow missed? Feel free to share your haul in the comments below. As a point of reference moving forward, we'll keep this list live for those wondering what to expect from Prime Day events moving forward.

If not before, expect to see some more deal coverage surrounding Labor Day, and then Black Friday (of course).

Amazon Prime Day 2021 kicks off on June 21st at 3am Eastern Time, and once again there will be a decent cluster of watch deals that we'll be bringing you as soon as we have permission to do so. Since the migration to the new Watchuseek platform, things run a bit differently, so what we will be doing is updating this thread with any new deals that come about, and changing the feature image to provide warning to the community that the deals list has been updated. We've had a quick skim of what's being listed this year. and even though there's still a hell of a lot of junk in the mix, including some gaudy quartz fashion watches and no-name G-Shock ripoffs, we can confirm that at the very least, there are also some offerings from some of the community's favorite entry-level mainstay brands. Unless you're really new here, you should have a pretty good idea who we're talking about here.

Prime Day has been getting bigger and bigger each year, and though the mega-sale only runs for two days, it has been projected that it has the ability to surpass Black Friday in the coming years in terms of sales volume. Plus, it's Amazon, so that means quick shipping and easy delivery when compared to some of the other e-comm retailers out there.

Accessing some of the best Prime Day deals does require a membership, however if you haven't used a free trial already you can sign up for a free 30-day run today to take advantage of the deals below. Happy hunting!

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Amazon Prime Day Watch Deals 2021

Seiko Watch Deals

Surprisingly when Amazon supplied their lists of what to expect, nothing from Seiko was listed in the thousands and thousands of line items, however there are some discounts to be had. We've been doing some cross referencing here, and a few models are coming in more affordable than the grey market, and others are more or less on par. This isn't really a doorbuster sort of deal, but have a skim through the filtered search page below, and as the deals turn on and off you just might get lucky. We've seen a Recraft, a Samurai, and an Arnie pop up for pretty fair prices today.

Check Out The Seiko Watch Deals Here

Terrible Mechanical Knock-Offs to Hit With a Hammer

At a certain point we've gotta have a little fun, no? I mean, god, look at these things. Granted, we know some are fine with the homage space, and this market exists for a reason, but does the world really need a discount off-brand tourbillon Panerai knock off? I mean, come on. Have a look, and/or have a laugh at the link below.

Check Out The Off-Brand Mechanical Watches Here

Alpina Startimer Quartz

The discounts are a little slim in the watch space so far, but we've managed to find this Alpina Startimer Quartz marked down to $271, which is cheaper than we've seen it through grey market sellers like Jomashop and others. This is the 42mm diameter quartz version, with 100m water resistance.

Check Out The Alpina Startimer Here

Alpina Startimer Pilot Heritage GMT

A little further up the food chain, the Startimer Pilot Heritage GMT is also marked down today by a decent margin. The automatic compressor-style GMT is currently listed at $699, which is 50% off of its full retail sticker price.

Check Out The Alpina Startimer Pilot Heritage GMT Here

Barton Bands Elite Silicone Watch Straps

A personal favorite here (currently own about a dozen of these), the Barton Bands Elite Silicone straps are marked down to $16 from $21, however it seems that stock is changing regularly and it's only cetain colors that are available at the discounted price. Most colors with brushed hardware are marked down currently (these are available in both even and odd sizes from 18 through to 24mm). They're extremely comfortable and fit well on a range of watches.

Check Out The Barton Bands Here

Bulova Lunar Pilot Watch

First on the list, The Bulova Lunar Pilot has been marked down to $315.99 from its full sticker price of $675. This is for the bracelet version rather than the NATO version shown above. For those less familiar, this uses Bulova's high frequency quartz caliber, fitted in a 45mm media blasted case that sits roughly 15mm thick. While not a small watch, I recall it being a passable fit on my 6 3/4" wrist.

Check Out The Bulova Here

Invicta Men's Pro Diver 40mm Two-Tone 8928OB

This and our next selection are mostly here for the mod gang—those of you who want to base a custom build off a Submariner-style case. This Invicta Pro Diver is only $56.70 right now, which is a great jumping off point if you're looking to keep your build on a budget. That said, if you're just in the market for a cheap Sub homage and can get past all of the Invicta hate that's found across the forums, this price is pretty hard to beat too.

Check Out the Invicta Pro Diver 40mm

Invicta Pro Diver 36mm

Basically the exact same story here, but the black dial steel variant of the 36mm Invicta Pro Diver is also marked down currently. This one will only set you back $55.17. Last we heard, finding mod parts to suit a 36mm build might be a bit more tricky, but it's still something to consider.

Check Out The Invicta Pro Diver 36mm

While you wait for more updates to start coming in, have a look below at some of the Amazon Prime Day deals that we covered in the last two years. There's a good chance that some of these items will be promoted again for 2021, but time will tell...

Citizen Watches Men's BN0151-09L Promaster Professional Diver

These Eco-Drive Promasters are often on sale, but getting your hands on one for under $100 doesn't happen all that often. Ignore the site error—it's not 48mm across, but rather 44 (thankfully). Bezel action on these is decent, and its lume has a pretty decent punch to it.


12-Piece Watch Repair Kit

There are tons of watch tool kits online for those looking a take a stab at tinkering, and while nothing will rival pro equipment from Bergeron and others, an affordable set like this is a good step in the door if you're only looking to go so far as popping a caseback to check things out, swap a battery, or resize a bracelet. It'll cost you less than $12 today.


Seiko Recraft SNKN37 Automatic

This is another big one, as even the likes of Jomashop would never offer this Recraft this cheap—for prime day this Recraft will land at your door for $70.99. The self-winder is running the basic but reliable 7S26, has an exhibition caseback, and measures 43.5mm across.


Glass Top 12-Slot Watch Box

Though it wasn't included in our watch storage roundup , this watch box is a pretty solid option for a price tag under $40. Its lower tray is adaptable, and a good spot to stash your spare straps and other things.


Citizen BM8180-03E Field Watch

There's one more fun budget beater in the mix, whose design kind of teeters on the border between a pilot and a field watch. It's only 37mm across, so it won't get in the way while you tackle household (or other) projects, and with 100m of water resistance it can get a little wet without issue. I'd always prefer a sapphire crystal on a tool watch, but in the same breath how much complaining can you do when you're getting this for $56.99?


22mm And 24mm Quick-Release Canvas Watch Straps

Watch straps are also a crapshoot on Amazon, as you have to assume that you're going to get what you pay for when you look at the budget end of things. That said, I'd risk dropping the $13 on one of these canvas quick-release straps just to see how they are. Unlike cheap leather, canvas straps are much more likely to break in and be comfortable on the wrist.