BlumSafe introduces an intriguing new add-on for its wall safe for watches: a door with tough, polycarbonate windows, providing protection for your watches without sacrificing visibility.

When Rob Blum introduced his BlumSafe watch winder wall safe in early 2018 , he compared it to throwing a party and not knowing whether anyone would show up. The BlumSafe was the first product offering for this new brand, in a space that did not previously exist - a moderately-priced wall safe for watch collectors.

Much to his relief and satisfaction, many watch collectors did indeed attend Blum's "party" and he was gratified at the warm reception the BlumSafe received from customers, especially considering it was a product he had originally developed solely for his own personal use.

Then Blum's 20-year-old son Jordan approached him with an idea: Jordan thought a younger subset of the BlumSafe's audience would like to see - and show off - their watches while also keeping them protected. Would a door with bulletproof glass windows (actually, polycarbonate plastic) be possible? After a few more BlumSafe customers suggested similar ideas, Rob went to work, culminating in the development of the new BlumSafe Display Door.

Display Door's Rugged Construction

The BlumSafe Display Door is essentially the same solid steel BlumSafe door, with two windows cut in the steel, allowing you to see the watches in the bottom six and top three winders.

These windows are made of tough, polycarbonate plastic - much like the type used in commercial security applications - providing basic security against the type of rudimentary attacks most likely encountered in a typical home break-in , with high impact resistance and tensile strength.

To give you a sense of what this means, here's a third-party video demonstrating the superior protection of a 6mm thick sample of polycarbonate (the BlumSafe Display door uses 10mm thick polycarbonate), and here's one of Rob himself going at the display door with a hammer.

The Display Door is expected to protect against the lion's share of typical home attacks, even though steel is more protective than polycarbonate. That said, Blum still cautions, "No safe is impregnable, so layer your home security protection and ALWAYS have adequate insurance on your watches."

Easy Installation

The Display Door is meant to swap out for the BlumSafe's existing all steel door in 10 minutes or less. Just loosen two screws on the top and bottom hinges of the door, pull out the thick hinge pins and then the door, put the Display Door in the BlumSafe opening and replace the hinge pins. Then tighten the hinge pin retaining screws, pull the protective paper off the windows, program the fingerprint lock and digital keypad, and you're done! This 9-minute installation video shows the entire process, in near-real time.

Lock Mechanism

The Display Door utilizes the same lock and entry mechanism as the original BlumSafe, meaning it can be instantly opened for viewing, while the lock can be opened in any one of three ways:
  1. An advanced, gun safe 500 DPI optical fingerprint sensor, capable of storing 32 fingerprints
  2. A four to eight-digit user programmable code, with a time-out lockout function
  3. A high security, four ridge-key (not the cheap, easily-picked tubular key one often sees on safes), as a backup in case of battery failure

The lock also has an LCD display with various visual indicators and sound alerts.


What good would this door be if you couldn't see your watches clearly? Fortunately, the Display Door has three light strips mounted on the interior, to brightly light your watches with the door closed. It is accessed through a light switch on the front of the safe, which turns itself off to save batteries after 15 minutes if you forget to do so; a nice, thoughtful touch. The BlumSafe's existing ceiling mounted light will still light up when the safe door is opened.

Proven, Modular Watch Winders

The BlumSafe's winders are modular, and can be added or rearranged within the safe after installation in any number of configurations: up to 12 winders or fewer, with up to two shelves included in the available configuration. This modularity permits easy winder replacement in the highly unlikely event that a winder malfunctions - try doing that with your bank of six to twelve winders in a single console attached to one inaccessible motor…

Each watch winder is individually programmable for three direction and speed settings. One winder per watch offers improved reliability and serviceability, plus the ability to easily add more winders to the BlumSafe as your collection grows.

Smartphone Monitorable

Again, Blum stresses that the best home security system is one with multiple layers of protection: a dog, security cameras, strong locks and secure doors and windows, a home alarm system, plus concealment of valuables.

As part of your security system, the Display Door extends another BlumSafe innovation: compatibility with an affordable, easily monitorable, off-the-shelf security solution - the Samsung SmartThings multi-sensor (sold separately, of course). A side benefit of this is that it is "do-it-yourself" - i.e. you don't need to involve your alarm company in your BlumSafe protection solution.

After easily configuring the $125 multi-sensor and hub on your smartphone, you can be alerted to BlumSafe door openings, vibration, temperature, battery life and internet connectivity. Like the Display Door itself, this can be attached as an add-on at any time.

Availability and Pricing

The new BlumSafe Display Door is exclusively sold through the BlumSafe website, . It will sell for a limited time, until the initial quantity runs out, for an introductory price of $399. (This is in addition to the cost of the BlumSafe itself, which is currently sold in three to twelve winder configurations for $1,549 to $1,999).

The BlumSafe will still sell with the current all-steel door installed - the Display Door can be purchased and added-on at any time. At current pricing, a 12 winder BlumSafe package including the Display Door option is priced at $2,398 USD - leaving you more money to spend on your watches.

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