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The bronze age of Anonimo
One of Anonimo´s greatest strengths is the craftsmanship of its watch cases. While Anonimo is primarily known for its stainless-steel cases, it has also developed versions in bronze. More specifically, in a marine bronze that had never before been used in the world of timepieces, but rather for … . . ship´s propellers. The result is unique and functional at the same time.

What makes the watches of Anonimo so special is the combination of Italian design, high-tech know-how and durable watch cases which are produced in Anonimo´s workshop with the necessary craftsmanship. The Florentine watchmakers combine high mechanical precision with a sporty, elegant look. Just take a look at the special Polluce Magnum or the exclusive models from the Dino Zei line.

Despite our many years of expertise, we at Anonimo constantly strive for innovation, and so we experimented with bronze for the production of the watch cases. Not just any bronze, but marine bronze (also known as aluminium bronze), a compound of copper, iron and nickel. This alloy, which is commonly used in the chemical and petrochemical industry, on drilling platforms and in the maritime sector (e.g. for ship´s propellers), offers many advantages.

It is corrosion and oxidation-resistant, resistant to metal fatigue and can be used in the most aggressive conditions (high temperature, presence of acids and other chemical substances). Something of great importance, if you know that several watches of Anonimo are intended for professional divers and are used for military purposes.

The casemaking tradition of ANONIMO finds its roots in 1939 when Mister Ambuchi (father of Antonio Ambuchi) started up a small company dedicated to manufacturing cases for the watch industry. This tradition is still alive today, and the current ateliers of Firenze Orologi remain in the same spot as the historical manufacturing. Mister Ambuchi made, as many craftsmen did in the second part of the 20th century, good use of the experience and know how achieved in Firenze at Officine Meccaniche Galilei (supplier to the Italian Navy and others)

This link with marine and submarine activities of several special corpses of the Italian Navy is still alive in ANONIMO today.
We also have close ties with the Cooperativa ****onale Sommozzatori (C.N.S.), one of the world´s largest companies in the field of deep-sea diving.

Thus these are exceptional watch cases which can resist pressures up to 200 atmosphere and more. But Anonimo is more than that. It strives for a unique combination of innovation, performance and design! The bronze alloy therefore not only has a functional aspect, but helps create the unique look of the watches. For example, over time the watch will develop a darker and warmer colour. This tint is unique to each watch, depending on its personal use.

About Anonimo
Firenze Orologi distributes the watch brand Anonimo. This is the Italian fine watchmaking company that was founded in 1997 in Florence (Italy) by Federico Massacesi, former executive at the fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo. Although the company is still relatively young, it can boast years of experience in manufacturing hand-made top-quality watches.
Handcrafted watchcases are produced in an artisinal way in ateliers existing in Florence since 1939. By means of its luxurious mechanical timepieces, Anonimo continues the Florentine tradition of watch-making. Anonimo, which means ´anonymous´ in Italian, refers to Massacesi´s philosophy: the product (the watch) is the focus, not an overhyped brand name. Each year Anonimo makes a very limited number of mechanical watches, made by hand.

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