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BSHT Part 37.

As has been my practice during the opening of the past few renditions of the BSHT, I would like to again start off this new thread by reposting some of what I think were the best posts from part 36, and that best exemplify the spirit of this little corner of the internet we all call home. So without further ado, we'll start off with a tribute from Heebs to his Gram, long may she keep St. Peter on his toes.

On 11/1/2019 Heebs wrote:

Good Morning Gents,

Thanks for the many kind words about my grandmother. We called her Gram and she was a strong, feisty old gal.

On her 97th birthday, she ticked 2 items off her bucket list and made the local paper. She paid off a super old (70+ yr!) debt of 15 cents that she hadn't repaid out of principle/spite and then got arrested.


Despite some occasional hospital stays, she bounded back from all kinds of trauma and pretty much lived on her own up until the end. I'm hoping my little fam has even a portion of her spirit, strength, and longevity!

And then on 11/14/2019, in a welcome message to a BSHT visitor, Firecrow911 wrote:

Welcome to the BSH, where all things submariner are welcome, encouraged, and generally slobbered over. To avoid any future confusion, I will put this out there now:

If you are offered one from one of the denziens of this coven, accept it graciously, smile, and back away slowly making no sudden moves. You will be fine.

Lastly, there is only one rule here from which all other rules are derived... don't be a dick.

... oh and check the batteries on your smoke alarm please.

And then on 11/16/2019 in a message to a newer BSHT Brother, Soghea wrote:

Steve! Guys, lurkers, I thought it was pretty implicit in the threads, if you want to be a brother and try to abide by rule #1 (we all screw up occasionally, we are human), then you are a brother. Once you have recovered from the Goat Ceremony you are a FULL brother; there are no grades or ranks. We are delighted to give respect and credit to James as our founder, Franco the designer of the logo, Jay as our current captain and a very safe pair of hands, and guys like Imatrex for being here since the beginning. However they are all absolutely adamant that they are not some sort of elite council. I'm very much an anonymous user of the Internet. I seek information. My biggest regret was how long I lurked here.

So if you are lurking and enjoying the thread at any level, say hello. You don't need an impressive collection of watches, you don't need a full set for compliance, you don't need a Sub homage, just abide by the one rule.

I'm being a bit of a lovey today, which isn't really my style, but I truly believe the 'hood is a force for good and much more than a stupid watch thread. I am proud of the Brotherhood, very proud of my brothers and humbled to be accepted.

And again I quote Brother Soghea, who on 11/16/19 wrote the following about Doc's 10 found BSH/NTH Carolina dials and the resultant watches that are going to be build:

The 'hood is unique and special, but has always prided itself on not being an exclusive clique. I can understand and empathise with my brother's reservations, however the Brotherhood is about acceptance, inclusiveness and kindness.

Imagine a world where over 7.6 billion people treasured a BSH Caroleena, where Rule#1 was in people's hearts, where generosity, friendship, love and mutual respect, a sense of belonging and being family drove all human interactions.

Yes we would still constantly disagree and hold wildly different beliefs, our little group does that, but we do it with good grace. The 'hood is growing, we all see that. There was a fear it would dilute and change what the 'hood was. However it assimilates and changes us a little. Being in the 'hood has made me a less unpleasant person. Imagine that growing and growing, that would be worth giving up a little quasi-exclusivity for.

Exclusive, really exclusive is to build or have built a one off BSH watch, a unicorn, one of one.

On 11/16/19, Skyfalcon6 replied:

"However it assimilates and changes us a little."

Like The Borg, but with a smiley face.

On 11/16/19 goyoneuff added:

Would 10 more make ten more souls happy? Would making and selling 10 more make Doc happy and provide income to those people working on them? I was not part of the project itself because I was in the mist of THE project, the one that was dedicated to keeping her alive and happy and a family functional at all costs... But I will say this: her spirit was of a very happy person, she was my personal clown that would make me laugh no matter what. She WOULD be happy to know more folks are happy...

Carry on Doc...

And on 11/16/19 Twehttam replied:

Thank you, Cam.

My wife and I have talked about this watch a few times over the past few months, and especially the history behind it. It always tightens up our hearts and really reminds us of the love between two souls.

Never take one second for granted, bros. Which is a mantra I always have to remind myself when I'm sucked into watches and need to re-align to my wife and son.

I love you all.

Thanks again for making this happen, Doc, and thanks to all my Bros for just being here.

And with that, I end the reposts and present you with the obligatory fine print, that you can read, or like an EULA, totally skip over and not read, but click on the box anyway saying you did and that you agree to everything, including giving your soul to the BSHT for the good of humanity. The following is of course brought to you courtesy of our in-house legal counsel, Brother Saturnine.

BSHT Disclaimer of Liability.

By reading and/or posting in this thread, you are implicitly agreeing to the following terms:

"I, the reader, fully understand and acknowledge that there are risks and dangers associated with participation in the BSHT watch exhibitionism and tomfoolery which could result in nausea, profuse sweating, severe dizziness, wrist rashes, wrist hair removal, wrist voyeurism, falling over backwards, intoxicated ebay purchases, changes in sexual ability, difficulty urinating, widened pupils, vision changes (such as seeing rainbows or auras around watches), fits of uncontrollable laughter while at work, vomit that looks like coffee grounds, constipation, extreme mood swings, dry mouth, bankruptcy, dismemberment, paralysis and death. There may be other risks not known to us or not reasonably foreseeable at this time. The social and economic losses and/or damages to me, my family and others, which could result from these risks and dangers described above, could be severe.

By reading the posts of the Brotherhood, I fully assume the dangers and risks, and agree to use my best judgment while engaging in forum activities. I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Releasee, including, but not limited to, post author, the author's family and estate, the Brotherhood of Submariner Homages (BSH), its members individually and its officers, agents and volunteers and employees (hereafter, collectively referred to as the "Brominati").

I hereby certify that I am of legal age and competent to execute this Waiver and Assumption of Risk, that in doing so of my own free will and accord, voluntarily and without duress imposed by Lifetrekker, and that I do so intending to bind myself, my executor, my heirs, and Justadad to the fullest extent."

Welcome to BSHT Part 37. Let the shenanigans continue.

Long Live the BSHT.

So say we all.

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Made the jump by reposting from part 36 ...

Not heavy enough for Monday ...


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I'm here from Australia, Part 37 is quite an achievement, keep up the good work brothers.

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What a great way to start a short work week! It's 4:54am in NJ, I'm walking out the door for work and you guys are on my mind. Work watch on...37 greeted...have a happy Monday, all!

And the number 37 immediately made me think of this...

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