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I was looking on ebay the other night for another G but nothing seemed to appeal to me. I own a DW-5600E, GW-M5610, G-511 with bracelet, MTG-900, GW-1500, and had a G-7900MS and Mudman on the way. I've never had a 6900, and everybody seems to like them, so when I saw this Adult Swim Metalocalypse Limited Edition I found what I wanted.

I like the idea of a limited edition, but I'm not into Eminem or rap so that was out. As far as shows on Adult Swim I prefer Aqua Teen Hunger Force over Metalocalypse, but this was a cooler looking watch and going for one third the price. And it's a Dethklok! Today it came in the mail:

I've only been wearing it a couple hours, but was a fan of the square and don't think this has changed my mind. My squares fit a little better under my long underwear shirt and I'm old skool anyway. I'll have to see how well I really like the 6900 after wearing it a few days. As far as comfort, the ballistic nylon strap on my G-7900MS is way more comfortable than any of the resin or metal bracelets I own, the only detractor is how high it sits on my arm.

I had thought about getting a metal bracelet for it but since it's got the snake themed strap will stick with it. I had also thought about bullbars, but think they would obscure the logo, and from what I understand the ones available don't fit very well and could rub a spot on it, so I'll leave it as is. I have a matching T-shirt on the way to wear with it so am looking forward to that.
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