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I thought I would post about my only Gaussman, the Enduro du Touquet AW-571E-4A2T.

The watch celebrates the biggest motorcycle endurance race in Europe.

I have a NOS one as well as one for wearing.

I find this Enduro series to be the most attractive of all the Gaussman because of its classic red and black colour scheme. There are actually three different Enduro models, the AW-571Es,. They are all done in black and red but in different proportions. One is mainly black, the 4A1T, one is mainly red, 4A3T, and this one, which I prefer, the 4A2T, which is a balance of the two colours.

The watch is nothing to write home about in terms of function. It can show, in the 3 o'clock window, day and date in timekeeping mode or dgital seconds or digital time.
It has three alarms and signal, plus 60 minute stopwatch and timer. It has hand set mode obviously and the hands move automatically to the new digital time when you change it.
It has auto return so that if you operate a function it auto returns to timekeeping mode when you have finished.

It is a very large watch for its era and still stands up very well in terms of size, even compared to some of the modern monsters. It is 51mm by 53mm by 17mm making a little bit bigger than a DW-8200 Frogman, a big watch in itself.

The Enduro series seemed to be very popular at the time, so though they are not seen that often, they cannot be said to be particularly rare either. There are always a few for sale on yahoo.

The Gaussman, is actually a renamed Mudman and is exactly the same watch, with the same module.

It is not clear why they switched to the Gaussman name but probably they didn't want two different 'G's called Mudman running at the same time, as Casio had the digital DW-8400 Mudman running at the same time.

I have one of the original Mudman. The one I have is a very rare thing it is not mentioned on the Perfect Search engine or the Watchshock archive. One first glance it is the same as the Enduro but on closer examination there are considerable differences between the two.

Here are a few wrist shots.

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