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ByThe 90XX series Mudman. Like the Gulfman of the same generation (wrote about it over here), Casio had made the G9000 (non-solar, non-atomic) VERY different from the GW9000 (solar and atomic) and to confuse matters, brought out the GW9010 (again both solar and atomic) all in the same few years! As a matter of fact, all are still readily available!

Family nuances.jpg

OK, first glance they don’t look alike, correct? Straps and bezels are all similar in dimensions and features. Look again at the above photo, and then look at the straps below. In fact they are much more than just similar . . . .

All 3 same resin.jpg

While not as many sold worldwide as the squares or the 6900’s, I feel these are still iconic within the brand and people should at least check them out. Yes, the buttons are more difficult to depress. Many here recommend to boil the bezel in water for some amount of time. I haven’t as these are not my daily wearers. Although I do wear them for the day when I put them on.

This isn't meant to be a review so much as differences between the 3. There have already been some good reviews about them: The GW9000, GW9010 from both Sjors and Doug FNJ, and Buzzbait's great extended review of the G9000. Quite simply, I don't have a whole lot to add to these threads.

First, the faces. Let’s start with the G9000.

GRescue Face.jpg

OK, notice the timer tracks on the top and bottom? If you look on the left of the face you will see “STW1” and “STW2”. Will get more into this later. The track in the middle? Showing you which alarms are active.

Now let’s cruise over to the infamous “5-eye” or GW-9000.

5 eye face.jpg

See why it is called this? Each of those “eyes” represent a different atomic tower. Since this is Multiband 5 that includes the two in Japan, US, UK and Germany. The 5-eye is the first solar & atomic Mudman.

MIRO face.jpg

This GW-9010 would be the 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] solar & atomic mudman! For comparison my 5 eye was part of the 25th anniversary (2008) so it is the GW-9025a and this orange one is part of the Men in Rescue Orange (GW-9010R-4) Family (2008 or 2009 depending on where you look) so genuinely overlapping with the 5 eye. Very different, no? While also simple in layout one thing to look for is the honeycomb solar going on. It is interesting to me because the Mudman “reverted” to the panels of the 5eye for the 9300 series. I don’t know which is more advanced or anything. Still a neat effect.

The next two screens of the GW9010 are unique to it. First is the Rally Timer:

MIRO Rally Timer.jpg

Followed by the “recall screen”

Grass MIRO Recall.jpg

In effect, you can have multiple stages each with individual times while there is a longer timer recording the overall time. Interesting, though I have not used it yet. You can read more about Module 3150 and learn all the nuances if you’d like. While it does not say how many of these “Rally logs” it can store it does say can hold anywhere from 100hrs to 3,000hrs! If this is useful for you, you know who you are. Although I’m gonna guess you may already have an 1[SUP]st[/SUP] gen Escort or visit South America once a year for a big road and off-road trip if you do . . . . . .

OK, onwards and upwards already! Let’s hit the actual stopwatches next. The G9000 has Module 3031 while the GW9000 has Module 3050. Starting with the G9000

GRescue ST1.jpg

And the 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] one!

GRescue ST2.jpg

Two independent 1,000 hr stopwatches on this bad boy. Quite hearty when you compare against other watches.

5 eye Stopwatch.jpg

The 5 eye has one 1,000hr stopwatch.

MIRO Stopwatch.jpg

While the 9010 has a 24hr stopwatch. I guess it has the Rally Timer for when you want to go bonkers.

For the G9000’s Countdown Timer (CDT) it is good for 1 min to 24hrs and has auto-repeat.

Grass GRescue CDT.jpg

While the GW9000 is good for 1min to 60min and no auto-repeat

5 eye CDT.jpg

And the 9010 is good for 1min to 24hrs and also has no auto-repeat.

Grass MIRO CDT.jpg

For the alarms the G9000 and the GW9010 have “Multi-function” alarms which means they can be set to:

  • Once a day, every day.
  • “Date Alarm” which is effectively a once a year alarm (Set month, day, time)
  • “1-Month” alarm which is a daily alarm you set within the month you specify
  • “Monthly” alarm is effectively a 12 time per year alarm (set the day of the month and time)

The G9000 has a snooze, 4 multi-functions, and an hourly chime.

GRescue Alarm.jpg

The GW9000 has 5 daily alarms and an hourly chime.

5 eye alarm.jpg

While the GW9010 twins the G9000 with a snooze, 4 multi-functions, and an hourly chime.

MIRO Alarm.jpg

The World Time mode on all 3 are exactly the same: 48 cities in 29 time zones.

GRescue World Time.jpg

5 eye World Time.jpg

Grass MIRO WT.jpg

Can't forget the caseback! The Mudman's icon is the Mole. Somewhat fitting, and my favorite one is the "Hot Rod" Mole found on the G9000

GRescue Case Back.jpg

I'm thinking that adding the satellite dish would've made it look too much like a radio-controlled car or something so Casio went a completely different route on the 9010

MIRO Case back.jpg

And of course, the 5 eye

5 eye case back.jpg

Hey, wait! There's no mole! Oh, this is actually the GW9025a model so it has an anniversary back. Here is what should be there (look familiar? )

GW9000 case back.jpg

(Found via Google, originally posted on "watchfreeks" )

When looking at these to try for yourself I hope this helps you make an informed decision. Here are some “leftover” shots for fun.

Grass GRescue Alarm.jpg

Grass GRescue Time.jpg

5 eye in leaves.jpg

5 eye on hand rail.jpg

5 eye sunbathing.jpg

Grass MIRO Time.jpg

Whole Face.jpg

MIRO Money SHot.jpg

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I think the GW-9010 is the best of those 3 watches as it has solar-atomic.

The GW-9000 has a screen with limited display area (lacking some characters), making it less interesting, even a basic square can show both day and date of the current month.

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bravo for bringing up this line of the Master of G's, while I don't care much about other functions, except the time and alarm
i feel that quite a few members of f17 paying too much attention to those extra large G's and screwback squares, THAT they
forget these mudman's straps is attached by screws (same as the riseman, gulfman, and the King) which is way better than those
spring-bars should you go on an adventure ... and even though the new mudman 9300 has more features, it is also bulkier - these
old mudman is as comfy and flat on your wrist as the 6900

what G is even underrated that these mudman? the gulfman

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THAT they forget these mudman's straps is attached by screws (same as the riseman, gulfman, and the King) which is way better than those
spring-bars should you go on an adventure


That's a good remark, a true shock-resistant watch should not use springbars.
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Thanks guys! While I think a case can be made for each of them, they are all definitely Master of G's and are famous for being able to take a beating.

My favorite is the MIRO GW9010, but that may be more due to how hard it was to get. Since I live somewhere without atomic reception I find the value of the G9000 a great proposition.

sent with aloha

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They're a beauty, all of them, congrats!
If it wasn't for the button issue these (specially the 9010) would definitively be my favorite G series.

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they look amazing! and great post like always.. old mudman is best! wish they would still continue to make them.. not really into the G9300's I really love the g9000's.
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