They say the camera never lies, but we beg to differ. Behind some of the seemingly innocent pictures we have been receiving from Dubai, are a number of untold misadventures.

For example, just look at Naughty Bhanu above in the main picture. He’s told his office he’s in a meeting, but here he is embarking on a champagne fueled magic carpet ride to Dubai for Dubai Watch Week. He’s brought along his best friend Trouble Spot Scott. Wherever there’s trouble, Scott will find it, and more than likely take a picture of it. Scott told his Mrs he’s just going out to take a few pictures of Bhanu. He neglected to mention the pictures would be taken in Dubai. Trouble brewing.

When finally they touched down in Dubai, Naughty Bhanu didn’t fancy a hot and sticky taxi ride, so what did he do? He fooled the nice chauffeur into thinking he’s the Sheikh of Austin Texas, and Rolled up to his hotel in style. When they found it out at reception, he brushed it off as ‘an Emir misunderstanding.’

A fascinating spectacle organized by the show hosts? No. While no one was looking Naughty Bhanu dressed himself head to toe in some costly gold watches they found in a nearby Souk. “Excuse me Sir,” said Trouble Spot Scott, “Have you got the time on you?” He was laughing so hard he couldn't hold the camera still.

In this picture you can just spot Naughty Bhanu in the right hand corner. Moments after the camera clicked, he flicked a paper pellet at Hodinkee scribe Stephen Pulvirent and no one could figure out where it came from. Stephen’s the one without any socks. Why? Because Naughty B and Trouble Spot thought it would be fun to remove them from his overnight bag at the airport. Isn’t that naughty.

On the inset picture we see what the boys wanted us to see: H. Moser unveiling the brand new Venturer XL Concept Dubai Edition, designed by and made exclusively for Seddiqi & Sons. In reality, when the stunned presenter lifted the veil the watch had gone Dubai byes. You could hear a pin drop. In fact Naughty Bhanu dropped one just to be sure.

The next day Vianney Halter, one of the most renowned master watchmakers in the world, was conducting a lecture on how to dissemble watches. Trouble Spot Scott had been hitting the duty free beers a bit too hard and this is the result of the pictures he took. Vianney is only wearing one watch, but Scott is seeing double.

In this picture Naughty Bhanu is attending a watchmaking class conducted by Jaeger-LeCoultre’s master watchmaker. But instead of reassembling the 986 caliber movement as he was supposed to, Naughty Bhanu decided to take a short cut using super glue. This picture was taken just as the watchmaker discovered it. Yet another sticky situation. And imagine when the watchmaker discovered he had super glued his hand to the worktop.

Finally, we can only guess the cool response when Trouble Spot Scott declared to these sophisticated ladies “I’m no photographer, but I can picture you and me together.”

(Disclaimer: Some of these stories may have been exaggerated or invented)