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It is... but they don't get anywhere near that in a human launch. Significant for the time they feel it, but not a ton. And the biggest issue for most mechanical objects is the vibration by far... but as mentioned, the watch won't really experience that.
Around 4.0G on the ride up in a space shuttle experienced with feet above your head.

For the Apollo missions, max G was on reentry and topped out for each mission like this. G is significantly less of a problem for a human while experiencing it reclined - that sort of G is called Gz. Even if an astronaut was to momentarily experience G-Loc, they'll snap out of it when G loads subside.

My Breitling gets occasional exposure to 10G + for short times and the watches take it in their stride.

Maximum G at Reentry
Apollo 7
Apollo 8
Apollo 9
Apollo 10
Apollo 11
Apollo 12
Apollo 13
Apollo 14
Apollo 15
Apollo 16
Apollo 17

This graph is a Saturn 5 rocket launch

Rectangle Slope Font Line Parallel
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That's a ridiculous watch. I mean it's pretty, but utterly useless. You couldn't even wear it without fear of bashing the stupid thing against something... Forget ever wearing it under a cuff...

Not to mention, it will likely be 6-figure priced.

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Not to mention, it will likely be 6-figure priced.
The actual watch that went to space is being auctioned off for charity, so will probably go for much higher. The estimated price range is not given, but available on request per the auction page.

The MSRP on various versions of the watch seem to go from $600K to north of $1M... this seems to be one of the simpler ones without a lot of gems, so probably at the low end of that range.

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If they can send old people with a lot of money up, it can't be that much out of Jacob & Co's piggy bank to send a watch, especially when you say it's for charity. With enough money, you can send all manner of rich kids to space. I'm sure the crew would rather deal with something that doesn't say stupid things along for the ride. Heck, this watch has gone where many toothbrushes have gone before.
True when old Bill went up I thought he would cark it before re-entry
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