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The non G thread!

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Ok, lets see some of your favourite non G-Shocks!

Every few days there are some great variety shots in the hump day/Friday threads so it would be nice to see them all in one place!

It also gives me some great ideas for future purchases as I see watches I've never heard of before like some of the Pulsars and St Moritz ones.

I'll start with some of mine.

The Shiny Sawtooth on it's new original bracelet! :-!

Black Monster

Orange Monster

The ever elegant Nighthawk

And finally the big boy itself!

(phone picture!)

I'm all out of ideas now and have no idea what to go for next!:-s
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Favourites :think: ..... Well I'd have to start with my 1969 Speedie

After that probably the Snoopy Speedie ...

Then, purely because of value for money , the Debaufre with the Unitas movement, great watch ...

But of course the one that's been through the most with me would be my old Seiko Chrono, my service watch ....

Of course I've then got the one that I love and hate at the same time, purely as , because it's NOS, I'm too scared to wear it. I'm seriously considering selling it to fund more Gs :-d .... I've got others but they are just watches with which I don't feel the same attachment .

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WOW! Photos are too big! :rodekaart Moderators we need this sorted, it fell out of my screen! ....:-d
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