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Almost two months ago, I noticed some humidity inside my Bullhead, which vanished after a few hours and did not come again. However, since the second hand of the watch was already a little bit rusty, I thought it was really time to bring it to the jeweller of my trust (which is also an excellent watch maker). It turned out that the seal within the lower crown that controls the bezel was completely gone. Unluckily, it also turned out that neither the crown nor the seal are any longer available at Omega. So my jeweller contacted a friendly watch maker, who is an expert on vintage Omegas, and sent him the watch to construct a replacement for the seal - which he was luckily able of.

The real eerie part of the story is that at the same time when this watch maker sent the watch back to my jeweller, a driver of the used transport company stole his whole transporter with over 150 parcels and fled in a neighboring country. Since this just happened when he was delivering parcels from our district, we (the jeweller an me) really had a few very bad days not knowing if the watch was among the stolen parcels or not. Finally it turned out that the watch was sent only one day after the transporter was stolen!
Well, I really feel more than relieved now, and here are some photos of my treasure ... :)

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