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Back on 12/30/20, I got the PRW-6100(Orange highlight model) that I bought from a Japanese seller on eBAY a few days earlier. I was expecting it to arrive mid Jan but it arrived in about 2 days or so. I wore it for a few hours and decided to get the sapphire model (PRW-S6100Y)

I bought the PRW-S6100Y from the same seller. I had hoped to get it at some point the following week (due to the holiday) however I did not get it until today (1/13/21)

In the mean time I sent the PRW-6100 to my brother as i did not need 2 of the same sort of model. I sent the 6100 out to him that Saturday (after New Years Day) thinking I would get its replacement quickly. I did not know it would take another week or so to get it....

The seller had tacked on a 5 business day handling time on the auction. This is something that was not listed on the PRW-6100's auction. This leads me to believe the seller had a PRW-6100 in stock to send me right away but had to order a PRW-S6100 for me. In any case the watch was new and probably fresh from Casio Japan

The watch came via DHL one day after the seller shipped it and it did come with in the range eBAY listed for it to arrive (aka the expected arrival time) so all is good

The looks just like the PRW-6100 with the exception of the green highlights. The green accents give it a more subtle look over the orange non sapphire version. I like it. Though if I could have gotten a sapphire crystal with the orange highlights, I would have picked that one as I like the orange model hand and second hand.

The S6100 is very well laid out and it is easy to quickly read the time on the dial and the info on the digital section

Unlike the PRW-50 that I owned for under an hour, this watch feels well made. The crown does not wobble and the watch has a premium look and feel to it. The PRW-50 felt cheap and looked cheap(plastic like) and the crown felt like it was going to fall off.

The strap is made of carbon fiber and though strong, it feels comfy on the wrist. Unlike some of the newer Protrek models this watch uses a strap that is attached via screw and not a spring bar.

The strap does have a strong electronics/ plastic smell to it (probably a result of being so new), it has started to go away so I think this smell is only going to be around a few short days

The lume is great and so much better then on the PRW-6000

With taxes the watch came out to be over $550 shipped.

To ward off the inevitable comment about the watch being overpriced at that price, I will simply say that I thought it a good price and I was happy to pay that price and I am happy with the watch and as it is my money, that is all that matters.

I can highly recommend the PRW-6100 and PRW-S6100 models as they are great looking and wear well on most wrists.

I can recommend the seller nyankichi2009 as the watch was well packed and communication was good.

Here are some unboxing pics. I took these before I set it so it is still on Japan time in the pics

This is the correct packaging this watch (and the PRW-6100) should have if it was new. Not seen is 2 tags(hang tag( with Yen amount) and a crimp tag) as I forgot to take a pic of them.


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Congrats! I love the 6100 models. If I recall correctly this version has sapphire and is now hard to find. I think $500+ is a reasonable price given current availability. I wish I have that many dough to pull the trigger on one.
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