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Press Release, TàG Press

The Renaissance of JSH, Journal Suisse de l’Horlogerie
Geneva, May 23, 2008. Created in 1876, the famous JSH, Journal Suisse d’Horlogerie, is being reborn! A true editorial legend, the magazine’s target readership will be the same as the original publication, i.e. watch companies working in the shadow of the large brands. As before, JSH will delight its principal audience as well as watch aficionados. Look for it starting June 3, 2008 at magazine stands.
In 2001, Roland Ray purchased JSH for Promoedition, which was already publishing magazines for an informed audience such as​
Heure Suisse and Heure Schweiz, as well as L’Année Horlogère Suisse. His objective was to provide it with the promotion and place it deserved. With the continually changing watchmaking landscape, the renaissance of JSH comes as perhaps a surprise.

The only publication dedicated to watches for many decades, JSH has, since 1876, marked the history of publishing. It provided a mountain of information. Everyone wanted to be in it! People called it the​
Bible of the industry, an apt term judging from the thickness of many of its issues. But, of this legendary magazine, only a few vague fragments remain in scattered collections (Bibliothèque Nationale, Centredoc in Neuchâtel), as well as with a few nostalgic fans such as the presenters of the website,

In 2006 and 2007, two special issues of
Heure Suisse, devoted to the EPHJ (Salon International de l’Environnement Horlogerie et Joaillerie), received an enthusiastic response from companies and players that are active in the watch sector but whose work is carried out away from the limelight. These include enterprises that work both upstream and downstream in the production chain. JSH will publish articles for and about these people, thus continuing its original vocation, which was, in earlier times, to regularly and accurately publish information related to activities in the sector. It was even the official journal of the “Basel Fair” and reported on the activities of the still very active SSC (Société Suisse de Chronométrie).

JSH’s new Editor-in-Chief, Joël A. Grandjean, is certainly no stranger to the world of watchmaking. As part of his editorial team, he brings together a group of experienced watch journalists as well as a number of new comers and industry insiders, all experts with various competencies. The contents of JSH will undoubtedly appeal not only to players in the industry but also to watch enthusiasts eager to learn more about what happens behind the sector’s opaque curtain. JSH will once again become a reference standard in the watch industry.

Table of Contents, Issue N°1 / June 2008
Materials Section: “Beyond the Show-off,”
Markets Section: “Will the canton of Bern become the capital of watchmaking?” “Turkey, the new Eldorado for watches,” “Exclusive, an interview with an anonymous parallel-market broker,” “Motor – movements, death to lubricants.” JSH will be distributed at EPHJ (Show in Lausanne, Beaulieu), from June 3 to 6, 2008. Available on magazine stands or by subscription.

Photo captions​
Photo 1 (
The cover of the very first issue of JSH, Journal Suisse d’Horlogerie, in July, 1876.

Photo 2 (
The cover of the first issue of the reborn JSH, June 2008, distributed at the EPHJ. Available also by subscription and at magazine stands.



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