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Being a big fan of the Aliens (1986) movie by James Cameron - and the famous Seiko Chronograph Sports 100 7A28-7000 in it - I thought I'd share a couple of images from a classic movie with a classic watch.

Update: The watch shown in this post and used in the Aliens movie is the 7A28-7000, not "7009" as previously titled. The 7009 is almost identical, but with red pushers. The movie watch - the original, is the 7A28-7000.

Gauge Speedometer Auto part Tachometer Measuring instrument

The watch a unique and very rare Seiko, also referred to as the Aliens Seiko, because Lt. Ripley (played by Sigourney Weaver) wears it in the movie. The watch is a Cronograph Sport 100 designed by Giorgio Giugiaro. The director James Cameron chose the watch for Sigourney because of its futuristic feel, and the watch is prominently displayed in many scenes of the movie. She wears it in the silver version.

The first scene where Ripley is seen wearing the watch is when she adresses the colonial marines. She doesn't have it on out of hypersleep, so it's probably issued to her on the Sulaco.
Action-adventure game Movie Army Military uniform Soldier

I won't bother you with all shots of her and the watch, because she wears it in most the scenes. Just the best shots ...

Ripley locates Newt and calms her. The first clear shot of the watch.
Human Screenshot Photography Scene Movie

"I'm gonna make sure they nail you right to the wall for this."
Scene Conversation Movie Fun Photography

"That's the grenade launcher. You don't wanna mess with that".
Movie Action film Fictional character Scene

Ripley slaps in the ammo mag.
Hand Arm Muscle Finger Leather

The facehuggers attach Ripley and Newt when they wake up in the infirmary.
Sky Hand Leg Tree Darkness

"That can't be - that's inside the room."
Music Fun Performance Song Music venue

Ripley looks at the scanner while Hicks cuts through the floor.
Performance Music artist Fictional character Scene

Ripley pushes the floor down, but Newt is gone.
Darkness Batman Screenshot Photography Fictional character

Not really that clear of a shot, but a beautiful moment when Ripley leaves Hicks. "Don't be gone long, Ellen".
Darkness Movie Screenshot Fictional character Adventure game

The "torture bracelet" is clearly visible when she loads M40 grenades into the pulse rifle grenade launcher.

Ripley puts flares in her pockets.
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Hand Finger Gesture

A clear view of the watch when Ripley find the Newt transmitter. Without Newt.
Hand Arm Finger Fashion accessory Jewellery

Ripley blasts the queen eggs.
Heat Hand Muscle Photography Smoke

"Close your eyes, baby".
Nose Human Mouth Photography Animation

Ripley climbs the ladder after the Alien has let go of her foot in the outer door chamber.
Technology Musical instrument Animation

In the final push for closing the outer bay door, the slimness of the watch clearly shows.
Hand Human Finger Animation Photography

In this extra feature, the alien is clearly seen wearing the watch.
Cg artwork Movie Animation Screenshot Digital compositing

Just kidding.:)

Some other watches from the movie.

The standard issue marine watch worn by most Marines:
Human Mouth Photography Darkness Screenshot

Burke explains himself:
Movie Scene Conversation Photography Gesture

The mysterious Bishop watch - sure there is another scene with a better view?
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I'd say, if the future marines actually wore those watches, then those watches must have aged quite a lot. Could be worth a lot more than a kidney...
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I'm curious about the Seiko, what's the push button for?
i guess you mean the two push buttons, top and bottom, they are just extenders, inside the side piece, and push the 'normal' buttons, making it easier to do in a hurry.

BTW the side piece just screws off, making the watch look 'normal' i think i may have got mine cheap due to the shop not realising the 'funny looking' side piece didn't pop off.

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Are you some kind of forum-thread archaologist? You went back a fair bit to find this one - and your first post too!
well, i was watching aliens, saw my old watch, got interested, googled its history, this old page came up, with your comment, without an answer, so...

i didn't really think you would get the answer, it was more for someone doing what i was. so i added an answer to a question that i thought i might be one of very few who knew.

it's a bit of a pain having to make an account, if it hadn't been very quick i'd not have bothered.

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Great post ! Thank you !

I loved the James Cameron's version, that duel of queens was EPIC but i have a slight preference for the first one by Ridley Scott.
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