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THE SINN ULTIMATE U (47mm U series)

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World's First Premieres in Singapore!

The Sinn signature U series like you've never seen before. Bigger, bolder, un-missable - The Hour Glass is honored to present the world premiere of the largest ever watch made by Sinn, created exclusively for The Hour Glass. Aptly named the "Ultimate U", its grander size is encased in an imposing un-missable 47mm case, crafted from the same German U-boat submarine steel from which it derives its name. Following hot on the heels of two prior limited-editions for The Hour Glass - the "U Black" and the "Tempus U1", the U Series legacy continues with the "Ultimate U". Limited to only 200 pieces in total worldwide production.

A Wartime Odyssey
The limited-edition "Ultimate U" is shrouded with a rich and intriguing history. The first German U-1 submarine was launched and commissioned into the Imperial Navy during World War I. A couple of decades later during World War II witnessed the introduction of the Monsun U-boats, a type IXD2 U-boat that were larger and more arresting than their predecssors. At more than 500 tons heavier and almost 10 meters longer than the other U-boats, these long range Monsun U-boats operated very successfully in the Indian Ocean and South African waters during World War II.

Singapore's pivotal role in U-Boat history
A little known fact is Singapore's role in the developmental history of the much feared German U-boats. One of the most decorated Monsun U-boats, the U-181, operated from Singapore as its key base and fought and ended its last days on the island of Singapore during World War II.

The "Ultimate U", with its large casing diameter of 47mm, is a befitting creation, inspired by the original Monsun U-boat's imposing size.

The 'U Series' Legacy Continues
The background and exceptionally sturdy case of the German submarine steel, unparalleled in its remarkable resistance to seawater and anti-magnetic quality, sets the inspiration and creation of the U Series. Exclusively for Sinn, the steel supplier of Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft and Nordseewerke Emden GmbH shipyards are supplying the watchmaker with smaller amounts of exactly the same steel of which the world's most modern non-nuclear submarines are made - the new submarine class 212 of the German Navy. A technical marvel of unparalleled reliability, it can be tegimented especially well. The rotating bezel's minute scale for dive time reading is milled directly into the steel to assure safety, illegibility and accuracy. Tested by Germanischer Lloyd, the global authority in pressure testing of submarines, the Sinn U Series is the ultimate indispensable equipment for professionals and sports divers.

With key distinction in its new oversized case, with a larger crown, the "Ultimate U" has a special dial embossed with the outline of a submarine. Its date marker on the dial presents the 30th day in each month in white, as a distinction to The Hour Glass' 30th anniversary this year. Its caseback is engraved with "The Hour Glass Limited 200". Each watch is also accompanied by a certificate that is personally signed-off by Mr Lothar Schmidt, CEO of Sinn.

The Sinn "Ultimate U" is exclusively available at The Hour Glass and retails at S$7,300.

The Date Dial features a white colored numerical "30"

Clasp is of Superb quality as expected (complete with diver's extension)


Note: Crown is pulled out in the above picture

Technical Information on Model Ultimate U​

The Hour Glass Limited-Edition 200 pieces

•Mechanical movement (ETA 2892-A2) with self-winding mechanism
•21 jewels and 28,800 semi-oscillations per hour
•Anti-magnetic according to DIN 8309
•Shock resistance according to DIN 8308

•Hours, minutes, sweep seconds with stop-seconds
•Date at 3 o'clock
•Hardened diver's rotating bezel with luminous triangle
•Inactive luminous hands and indices
•Date in dial aperture

•Backcase engraved with "The Hour Glass Limited 200"
•Bezel with minute division snapping at different intervals
•According to technical demands of diver's norm DIN 8306
•Submarine steel with TEGIMENT technology, pearl-polished, seawater resistant
•Unremovable diver's rotating bezel hardened to 1,500 HV
•Screw-down crown
•Sapphire crystal, anti-reflective on inside
•Water resistant according to DIN 8310
•Pressure resistant up to 100 bar ( = 1,000m water depth)
•Safe below atmospheric pressure

•47 mm with a bigger crown
•Height at mid-watch: 14.3 mm
•Lug width: 22 mm
•Width of watch band: 24 mm

•Special dial embossed with the outline of a submarine
•Black markers inlaid with grey long-luminous special paint
•Red date display at 3 o'clock, white date display on 30th of each month

•White and red hands inlaid with long-luminous special paint

•Silicone rubber strap
•additional Waterproof Leather strap is included

Guarantee: 2 years


For those who appreciate technological superiority in sporting watches, Sinn's U Series is the answer to extreme sports' rigorous and demanding environments. Made with special submarine steel that is not only virtually indestructible and exceptionally resistant to seawater, it also possesses the highest amount of anti-magnetic quality. Sinn U watches boast not only of innovation in case materials but are packed with a plethora of technological advances, for the sole purpose of making the U watch ever more functional and suitable for the demanding rigors of continuous use in deep underwater, ideal for professional divers who require such lasting functionality and pressure resistance.

The Sinn U series consisting of U1, U2, U1000 and Ux continue to be the ultimate indispensable time-telling equipment for professionals and sports enthusiasts alike.

Established in 1979, The Hour Glass Limited has over the years emerged as Asia's leading specialist luxury watch retailer. The Hour Glass prides itself for its astute retail marketing and merchandising capabilities - identifying and investing in the right mix of brands and products. The Hour Glass is also Asia Pacific's most geographically diverse specialist luxury watch retailer representing over 50 brands across 28 boutiques in 9 cities throughout the region.

More importantly, The Hour Glass is the watch world's leading cultural retail enterprise, having pioneered the development and promotion of contemporary horological culture in this region. Through the launch of TEMPUS - The Great Watchscapade in 2004 and TEMPUS - The Temple of Time in 2007, The Hour Glass has succeeded in enhancing watch consciousness in Asia, as well as raising the level of understanding and appreciation of specialist timepieces.

The Hour Glass was named one of Singapore's premier brands by International Enterprise Singapore at the Singapore Brand Awards in 2002. In 2006, The Hour Glass won the "Most Transparent Company Award" for Mainboard Small CAPS at the Securities Investors' Associations Investors' Choice Award, a prestigious award endorsed by the Singapore Stock Exchange, Standard & Poor's, PricewaterhouseCoopers, the Business Times and the Asian Corporate Governance Association. In 2007, The Hour Glass was awarded the Brand Laureate for brand excellence in the fine timepiece category by the distinguished Asia Pacific Brands Foundation as well as being recognised by Wallpaper magazine as Asia's premier watch retailer.
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Wow, some are going to love this. Is it just me, or does that submarine image on the dial look photoshopped?

I hate to say it, but the regular production series U1 appeals to me more than this needlessly large behemoth. For starters, I prefer the "Lego" hands; the hands on the Ultimate look cheap to my eyes. Also, where's the AR coating on the crystal? Even though it's prone to smudging, the double-sided AR is a signature look for this piece. And then, there's the whole "small movement in a large case" issue -- look at how far in the date wheel is set in the dial relative to the rehaut. And I'm not even going t get into the political ramifications of venerating an Axis machine that killed thousands.

Gimmie a U1 Black, White, or original and I'm a happy camper.

Wow, that's a big beaut! Thanks for sharing the background and nice pics. :-!
And I'm not even going t get into the political ramifications of venerating an Axis machine that killed thousands.

Gimmie a U1 Black, White, or original and I'm a happy camper.

No doubt that the exploits by the WWII Germans were criminal in nature, but their military ingenuity is unparalleled.

The context of this issue here is that we're giving them due credit for their technological and industrial prowess.
no doubt that the exploits by the wwii germans were criminal in nature, but their military ingenuity is unparalleled.

The context of this issue here is that we're giving them due credit for their technological and industrial prowess.
+1 ;-)
Here is one together with U1
(photos from horological meandering (SJX))

I'm not sure about that watch, and the price tag :roll:

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Wow that is big. While I am not a fan of heavy watches I do like the look.I would have this dial in the smaller size case for sure. I like that they are using the 2892-a2The minimalist dial markings is great I hate cluttered dials.
I always thought Sinn to be a value for money watch brand for the everyday people and when I saw that the new Ultimate U(very nice!) was retailing at S$7300 :oops: a pop, this is another example of Sinn trying to outprice themselves, with the U1000 as the other example.

Even with the complimentary 20% discount by THG the Ultimate U will still cost S$5840.
Compare it to the Ublack, is the extra S$2500 you pay justified by the 2892 over the 2824 and the extra 3mm increase in diameter :-s?

Then again this is a limited edition watch, guess it is not for the everday people.

Just my 2 cents worth.
I like it but not enough for that $$$$. I'd just buy another U1000 before this.
THG gives 30% discounts for Sinns.
After discount, it'll be $5,110 sgd after $7,300

For U1, its about $2,380 sgd

the issue is, we're paying more than $2,700 to upgrade the watch by 3mm of submarine steel and to get a 2892 movement..

U Black, we should take the market price to be around $3,500
It's a joke and unworthy of carrying the U1 model name. Sorry, that's just my opinion.
No AR?
No Copper Sulfate capsule?

Was that the huge transport submarine they did at the end of the war?
I need to start googling when I get home.

Just to be a tiny bit historical/political, IMO, ALL submariners were heroes, very, very brave men! On all sides of the conflicts (WW1 and WW2)
Now that's what I call an unveiling! Thanks so much for bringing awareness to this special edition U series watch. Very much appreciated.

In my humble opinion, this is a very, very expensive watch, but I think that Sinn isn't worried about this very high price tag they set. I'm sure, as they probably are, it will sell out as out of the thousands of online serious watch enthusiasts who will eventually view this, there will be at least 200 serious players with big pockets who would be willing to shell out the bucks for this nice looking and formidable limited edition. All they have to sell is 200 and this whole Ultimate U campaign will be a 100% success.

I have to say this though, as the owner of a well loved, battle tested U2, in my mind, there isn't any watch out there that I would be interested in, regardless of price.

all the best,
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Even if I don't like the goal of this project, I believe it will be accomplished successfully :roll:
No doubt that the exploits by the WWII Germans were criminal in nature, but their military ingenuity is unparalleled.

The context of this issue here is that we're giving them due credit for their technological and industrial prowess.
I think there's a reason it's being released as a limited edition in Asia and not Europe.
just as i am waiting for my standard U1 this comes along, not sure it tempts me enough but it is certainly big!
I think it is closer to the truth that Asia (Singapore and Japan in particular) are uch large markets for Sinn.
Unfortunately for the rest of us.

We do not drink less Champagne due to Napoleon's extensive "touristing" in Europe, do we?
No, just let's forget such ideas!

I am frankly speaking surprised that this watch is so low in Sinn tech. It seems to be all about style and nothing about tech.
I agree Janne

My sentiments exactly Janne.

For this price, one would expect the Ultimate U to have the ultimate tech. At least the de-humidifying tech, and a steel bracelet!

It's nice looking and it'll sell, even at this price.:roll:

It's probably just me but 47mm is really large, 44 seems right! And it's what, 14.3mm high too, now this thing, especially on ss bracelet, is going to be very heavy... remember, sub steel.
We do not drink less Champagne due to Napoleon's extensive "touristing" in Europe, do we?
No, just let's forget such ideas!
Well, most people today would not put Napoleon in the same category as Germany's leader in WW2. Maybe it's just the passing of time. I am sure people felt differently about the French in 1850s.
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