From today, the most powerful man in the world is Donald Trump . He has pledged to make America great again. He repeated this promise live on TV only yesterday. Of course, when it comes to his choice of Presidential watch, it must be American designed and made. Ever keen to assist watch lovers from all walks of life in their choice of time wear, here we make some recommendations for the new incumbent of the White House.

Detroit Watch Company M1-Woodward sunburst gray Swiss Automatic (Above)

Where better to start than in one of the great US cities that Mr. Trump is determined to return to its glory days. Detroit. The new president has pledged there will be millions poured into new infrastructure throughout the USA.

Although Detroit is famous as the motor city, not many people know that Woodward Avenue was the location of the first mile of concrete roadway in the entire country and in 1970, bore the M1 designation. Woodward Avenue is synonymous with cruising. As early as 1848, carriage drivers would race up and down Woodward Avenue after the roadway was converted from logs to planks. By 1958, Woodward Avenue was the place to be for unofficial car racing and today continues to celebrate Detroit's automotive history with a Dream Cruise, taking place during August of each year. The Detroit Watch Company celebrates Detroit's M1-Woodward Avenue history with the introduction of the M1- Woodward Chronograph series of exclusive automatic timepieces. This 44mm watch comes with a Swiss automatic movement with a 30 minute subdial, an hour sub dial and a small subdial counter to keep the President right on time during his first 100 days. $1,850.00

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Martenero Edgemere

There are unconfirmed reports the new President is into water based sports, so this nautical-themed watch made in the President's home town of New York is inspired by the marine chronometer. The Edgemere's bold colorways give it a fun, dynamic look that captures the spirit of the sea. The raised hour ring and textured interior add depth to the dial, while the second hand is housed in a sub-dial at the 4.5 hours' position. All three hands have a long, thin stem and a diamond tip. $550.00

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RGM Watches Baseball in Enamel

As an Ardent New York Yankees fan , President Trump will no doubt admire this watch from Pennsylvania watchmaker R. G. Murphy, dedicated as it is to America's favorite sport, and incorporating influences from some of America's illustrious watchmaking past. Behind the dial is an American made 801 movement. The bridges are reminiscent of the Keystone Howard Watch Company's "Edward Howard" model, their flagship watch and one of the high-grade watches of its time. The winding click is inspired by the Illinois Watch Company's "Illini" model and the deep polished winding wheels are finished like those of the Illinois "Bunn Special." Like the great Railroad watches from America's past, the 801 has a high-grade finish that denotes the quality of its construction. In Donald's favorite metal, gold, the watch is $26,700.00

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Bulova Curv Chronograph

A proud American brand headquartered in New York's most iconic building, the Empire State. Built from the inside out, CURV is engineered to with one of the brands high-precision quartz movements that vibrates at 262kHz frequency for remarkable accuracy. On the outside, Bulova's applied design technology makes an aerodynamic statement with a refined, contoured simplicity that exactly follows the wrist. A suitable choice as it's said President Trump will have a significant learning curve in his new job. $899.00

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Kobold Phantom Chronograph Night Stalkers Edition

Mr. Trump has promised he is going to ramp up spending on defense like never before, and will build the Marines back up to 36 battalions. That's got to be worthy of a Phantom Chronograph Night Stalkers Edition from independent American watchmaker Michael Kobold. This watch pays tribute to the elite 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment that has flown thousands of covert, high-stakes missions. When Special Operators are inserted by helo, they rely on the Night Stalkers to fly the mission. The Phantom Night Stalkers Edition features a stainless-steel case fabricated in USA. A titanium version of the case is available on request. On request, the case can be DLC-coated black (Tactical) or tan (Safari). The watch is powered by a Swiss-made automatic-winding chronograph movement. $4,150.00

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Poljot President's Watch

Finally, it's only a matter of time before Mr. Putin congratulates Mr. Trump with a Poljot President's watch. This gold-plated watch runs on a Miyota quartz movement and costs just $149. But you never know, Putin being something of a watch aficionado, he may send Trump something a little more collectible with a slightly more generous price tag.


President Donald Trump may be considered a tad controversial but never mind, whatever his tastes, the White House has had to accommodate the unusual needs, habits and even hobbies of many American presidents down the years. Here are just a few of them:

• Chester A. Arthur enjoyed walking the grounds at night and seldom went to bed before 2 a.m. He was nicknamed 'Elegant Arthur' because of his fashion sense.

• Millard Fillmore installed the first bathtub and kitchen stove in the White House. He also installed the first library, after discovering the White House did not possess a bible.

• Harry S. Truman would rise at 5am to practice the piano for two hours.

• William Taft, who weighed 332 pounds, got stuck in the White House bathtub the first time he used it. A larger one was ordered.

• Conversely, James Madison had a Captain's swivel chair specially built for him to suit his 5' 4" frame.

• Calvin Coolidge refused to use the telephone while in office. In 1923, he lit the first national Christmas tree on the White House lawn.

• In contrast to Calvin Coolidge, Grover Cleveland insisted on answering the phone in person.

• President Nixon had a one lane bowling alley installed in the White House basement.

• Barack Obama collects Spiderman and Conan the Barbarian comic books.

We congratulate President Trump on his inauguration.