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It is very strange that it isn't dated. I can only guess from looking at countries that had name changes.
It has Ethiopia (changed in1941) and Indonesia is listed as East Indies (1945-49).
Also has Jordan (1946).
In the back there is a paragraph titled "Slicing and sharing a post-war Europe."
So would appear to be very early post WW2.
Or somebody did not know their history. Those areas became Soviet in 1939 after Ribbentrop-Molotov agreement; Moldova was added in 1940. You can clearly see Poland in its pre WW-II borders in some photos of the map.

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Greetings comrades, the intention of this thread is to entertaining, so do not expect a great background.
I just want to share some pieces of the URSS maps, as the title says it will refer to maps and also to Russian watches.

We will start with an old map I got on the all-way page, It was adverticed as an engraving, but I doubt it.

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It is written in Spanish language, and looks like a spy map, with industrial centers, direct profit lands of the URSS areas where the URSS had gained resistance, etc... I thought it was very curious.

Here below we have the old piece of map with a Zim commemorative watch.

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The watch is a quite rare one, I had not seen it before, it has scars, tattoos, I would say it is a watch with soul. It commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Urss, so it will be from 1967. If you look closely at the sphere, it has red dots, I don't know if it will be the hero cities, named honorably for their resistance to the German invasion, or maybe the USSR repulblics.

Let’s continue with maps, here I show you the cover of an Atlas of the Soviet Union CCCP, it is from 1973.

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It is mainly a road map, there are some complete maps inside and detailed ones by Soviet republics.
This one would refer to Ukraine Republic :

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And here's the partial map of that republic.

View attachment 15907515

You can see the Black Sea, the Sea of Azov, Odessa, Crimea, Moldova etc.. And again a watch :

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It is a Zim commemorative of the URSS establishement, this is the 60th anniversary, so it will be from 1977. The watch has been refurbished by myself , plexi hands etc..

Let’s continue with another map:

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This coloristic map is from the National Geographic in 1967, the level of detail is astonishing, meridians and parallels are observed, in my opinion this map is beautiful, I would spend hours and hours observing it.

And here below another watch:

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This is a Raketa with 2809 movement, it has a textured dial, and shows the map of the URSS with a monument of a soldier and a little girl, it commemorates the 40th anniversary of the end of World War II.
If you are a good observer on the background you can see the city of Leningrad, former communist denomination of the city of St. Petersburg and where Raketa watches were manufactured.

Yet another watch, back to Zim -Pobeda:

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This Zim commemorated the 60th year of the USSR creation, so it must be from 1977, on the background on the map , we observe the city of Kuybyshev, the present Samara, where the Zim watches and some Pobedas were produced , just a a bit above by the crown we can see the city of Chistopol, where we all of us know Vostoks were manufactured and still being produced.

Finally I would like to show you a very unique watch. I remember talking to a Russian customer named Sergey, about 10 or 12 years ago, he knew I was a collector, and he told me that existed some wonderful watches with the map of the USSR on the dial , gold-plated coating both in case and sphere , I stared at him and I didn't understand him, now I'm pretty sure he meant this one:

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The photo is made exprophese without strap, naked, to highlight its beauty. It's a gold-plated dress watch, and one of the grails inside the collection map.

View attachment 15907496

The movement is a Raketa's 2209, the thinnest of all Russian movements with a central seconds hand, thinner than the 2209 vympel, Poljot and Luch,

View attachment 15907499

Notice the thinness of the movement, another wink to the Raketa hometown, again the USSR name of the city Leningrad .

Allow me, the posh detail of the strap also matching with Raketa brand:

View attachment 15907501

some extra linked information about Raketa 2209 watches for anyone who wants to dig deeper ,although as it was said , it is not the main goal of this thread.

to come to an end the family photo of the Russian watches with the
USSR map.

View attachment 15907506

Hope the article has entertained you for a little while, Greetings , and thanks for reading.
Amazing collection. I have the 1954 1st edition publication of the Atlas Mira. Excellent atlas. I edited after I looked at it. 🙄
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