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there are many watches from casio rated "water resist" which means not suitable for swimming or showering from the iso tests.

famous example f-91

but most people say they already used theses watches for swimming and showering or even forgot it in the washing machine.
so i guess this watch is at least 30 or even 50m WR.

and the reason why they just put water resist" and not water resist 30m on it is MARKETING. i found out, when i showed my watch with 50m to a friend, and he had a f-91. what he thought and said was: your watch is only water resist up to 50m, mine is water resist completely!

i understand that, because most watch buyers dont know about the gradings of water resist, 50m, 100m, etc.... they just see its water resist and thats fine for them.

marketing :)
1 - 1 of 161 Posts
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