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The White Radio Room Vostok (REAL working prototype)

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The argument of a forum watch was already discussed some years ago, with very hard discussions and quarrels as result.
Since that attempt, the "forum watch" argument was a taboo for all the members - too many personalities, too many different opinions. The main goal was to ensure a basilar and peaceful discussion place, and i think that the target was hit.

Recently i gathered a small but strong group of Italian enthusiasts about Russian watches. The discussions led to the project of an hypothetic forum watch. Starting from the pic of a Vostok radio-room navy clock ( ), i have proposed the project of a white radio-room Amphibia.

The "radio-room" Amphibia is well-known for its black dial with red sectors. But the white dial was made only for clocks. Carlo Nicolucci ("Nikarlo") made the definitive prototype in the pics (and the beautiful pics too!), and the definitive watch should be made in 50 or 100 pieces on the basis of a classic Amphibia automatic. We asked the price of the watches with custom dial to the Vostok factory, it should be of approximately 65 Euro for each watch.

Just wanted to know your opinions - the project is still under development, it would be nice to joint the efforts between the two forums.

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Love it!

Full support!:-!
Vostok would produce these?
Yes, using their service of custom dials.
As home-made (although fully working) prototype, probably the watch will be subject to small changes (i.e. black hands instead of chrome, Amphibia or Komandirskie type). But the 97% of the watch design is substantially definitive. I'm very surprised, Nikarlo did a GREAT work (also following my suggestions ;-) ) and the definitive dial was decided in one week!

The money will be not a problem (each buyer will send the money in advance), but we are searching for a safe way to gather and send the money. :think:
That's very Cool..........I could see myself wearing that:-!

Regards Sonny
WOW! Thanks Michele.... :thanks I hope this project will become real!
Wow I love that...I'd buy one!b-)
Black hands

I'd like to add a small detail to this Michele. I think hands should be black instead of silver for better contrast with white. The full custom project is great anyway :-!
Re: Black hands

I'd like to add a small detail to this Michele. I think hands should be black instead of silver for better contrast with white. The full custom project is great anyway :-!
Yes, the project has this options, but I haven't black hands to assembly the prototype. o|
Re: Black hands

hey count me in...

that baby will be going for quite a price in 20 years... ;-)

edit: the ministry cases are cooler...
Re: Black hands

Very nice I certainly would buy one!
Great Idea :-!
I like the idea with the white dial |>
I would buy one for sure.

Beautiful dial ! That would be in line with the design of the classic vostoks.
And a statement against those franken dials, too.
Add me to the buyer's list.

Wow, can I join the (white) wagon Michele? ;-) :-d

An excellent idea is usually the best way to avoid discussion! :p :-!

The hands choice is very good IMO, a good compromise, quite close to the clock hands, but with lume.

PS: I would also prefer other case model with beefier lugs (although not an issue, I want one anyway :-d).
Hello and thanks for putting forum watch idea together.
I would like to make 2 suggestions:
1. The hands could be the Amphibian style hands ie, arrow head hour with a lumed ball second hand. Hands to be in black of course for better contrast with the dial.
2. The inscription at bottom of the dial could be 'made for Russian Watch Forum' rather than the generic Watchuseek name.
Just my 2 cent's worth,

I would like to see it in the older style cases though.

Either way I must have one!! :p:p
I'd like to join the bandwagon as well...Love it, Michele! :-!
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