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The White Radio Room Vostok (REAL working prototype)

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The argument of a forum watch was already discussed some years ago, with very hard discussions and quarrels as result.
Since that attempt, the "forum watch" argument was a taboo for all the members - too many personalities, too many different opinions. The main goal was to ensure a basilar and peaceful discussion place, and i think that the target was hit.

Recently i gathered a small but strong group of Italian enthusiasts about Russian watches. The discussions led to the project of an hypothetic forum watch. Starting from the pic of a Vostok radio-room navy clock ( ), i have proposed the project of a white radio-room Amphibia.

The "radio-room" Amphibia is well-known for its black dial with red sectors. But the white dial was made only for clocks. Carlo Nicolucci ("Nikarlo") made the definitive prototype in the pics (and the beautiful pics too!), and the definitive watch should be made in 50 or 100 pieces on the basis of a classic Amphibia automatic. We asked the price of the watches with custom dial to the Vostok factory, it should be of approximately 65 Euro for each watch.

Just wanted to know your opinions - the project is still under development, it would be nice to joint the efforts between the two forums.

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I´m interested in the project since I have worked as Radio Officer in the Merchant Navy for 11 years, so I have observed the same clock hunging the wall in the radioroom during the "silence periods" .Now go on in communications but not at sea.
Hola Jose and welcome. Untill this project is ready, you can get a classic "radio room" Amphibia first. ;-)

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I want one too! :-!
I definitely and posolutely want one of these as well!:-!
New to the Russian Watch Forum; but, love that white radio room prototype.

Once you've ironed out the details, I am in! :-!

I hope Michele is fine, do you have some news about him and its project of white radio room vostok ?
What!? What happened to Michele!? Someone please enlighten me!:-s
What!? What happened to Michele!? Someone please enlighten me!:-s
Nothing! Michele is fine, but is very busy for a new work!:-!
Nothing! Michele is fine, but is very busy for a new work!:-!
yes, i can confirm it...
he have a new shop... so..
there he haven't internet connection...
this is the reason why he's post it's less than in the past......
i hope only for less time
WOW! Count me in! :-!

I'd go for the no date version, if possible.:-d
Thanks for guys had me worried there.|>
That dial looks fantastic! I vote FOR the black hands.
when is it going to be materialised? cant wait for it.
That is an awsome super cool watch you have there. Definently count me in! :-!
Please count me in also, it looks great.

thanks wbill
I'm in too.
Does anyone know where I can find a black mechanical or automatic radio room watch? I'm going to need one while I wait for the beauty that Michele posted.:-!
Only now i know this idea. Am I in time for to buy it?
61 - 80 of 136 Posts
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