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The White Radio Room Vostok (REAL working prototype)

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The argument of a forum watch was already discussed some years ago, with very hard discussions and quarrels as result.
Since that attempt, the "forum watch" argument was a taboo for all the members - too many personalities, too many different opinions. The main goal was to ensure a basilar and peaceful discussion place, and i think that the target was hit.

Recently i gathered a small but strong group of Italian enthusiasts about Russian watches. The discussions led to the project of an hypothetic forum watch. Starting from the pic of a Vostok radio-room navy clock ( ), i have proposed the project of a white radio-room Amphibia.

The "radio-room" Amphibia is well-known for its black dial with red sectors. But the white dial was made only for clocks. Carlo Nicolucci ("Nikarlo") made the definitive prototype in the pics (and the beautiful pics too!), and the definitive watch should be made in 50 or 100 pieces on the basis of a classic Amphibia automatic. We asked the price of the watches with custom dial to the Vostok factory, it should be of approximately 65 Euro for each watch.

Just wanted to know your opinions - the project is still under development, it would be nice to joint the efforts between the two forums.

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bestak!! Where the hell have you been?:)
well i was busy buying some old tiny computer stuff like tandy, sharp, casio, canon x07.
For the watch i have bought 3-4 swiss watches and they are expensive so no russian or chinese to buy because not enought money.

right now i am back to russian watch i have got 2 vostok-europe and 1 poljot international. photos asap ;-)
As an ex-Radio Officer this brings back memories...the 500 and 2182 silence periods I would love to own one of these.
when you're taking deposits i'll be happy to put down whatever you ask.
I've been looking for a "Radio Room" for months.
Therefore, I'm definitely in if it's still possible !
Good news! We have opened the list of buyers.
BTW is it going to have 3AKA3 on the dial? :-s

I would prefer it's caliber indicated, given the black RRO isn't a 3AKA3.
BTW is it going to have 3AKA3 on the dial? :-s

I would prefer it's caliber indicated, given the black RRO isn't a 3AKA3.
Michele explained us that, in issued watches,
the inscription: "3AKA3 MO CCCP" means:
By order of the Ministry of Defense of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics".
(The colour code explains which word means what)

In our radioroom, the inscription says:
"By order of WUS and Orologiando"
It is not a fake military issue inscription.

Just shows my ignorance, thanks for the clarification. :thanks :-!
If it wasn't for Michele, we would never get it right...

Maybe in one of the prototype pictures you can still see:
which, literally, would mean:
"By order of the Ministry of Defence of WUS and Orologiando"
Thank you Carlo,
you too deserve a lot of credit for the work you've done on the white RRO! ;-)
Just received an e-mail from Philp Katilin, the supplier of the watches, with some useful details. He explained the phases that will lead to delivery of the watches.

Hello Michele,

I am glad to hear from you !

Please see answers to your questions below:

1) Time of delivery of the first watches since the payments (intended as the needed amount for the minimum quantity). Carlo told me that the time is 2 months, it is right?

The general delivery time for such order as we develop now with you consists of several steps. Let me explain you more exactly these steps so you better understand why I think that it will be about 2 months.

1. Collecting individual payments from each customer via CCNow (payment processing company for PayPal and credit cards payment we use for online orders): as I previously explained to Carlo Nicolucci it is possible and we are ready to do it but it will be little more complicated and longer than receiving one single payment because there are defined by CCNow times for transfer of collected money to us and they take place only 2 times per month. So there is approx. 2 week delay before we can have funds on our bank account after customer actually paid online. This is done by CCnow for fraud protection and unfortunately we can not make this process faster.
We also work with but they have approx. the same schedule of payments to merchants. You may ask why we can not accept PayPal directly ? This is because PayPal do not allow so far for accounts registered by Russians to collect money - we can only send money via PayPal. So we have to use for collection PayPal and other payments such companies as CCNow or 2Checkout or we also have partners in USA - Western Bid Inc. But they all take extra commission unfortunately. CCNow is most acceptable with 6 % rate.

2. After we collected individual payments and received funds to bank account we transfer them to Vostok in Chistopol immediately and this is not really long but in any case will take 3-4 working days.

3. Vostok watch factory promises to produce this order in 2-3 weeks after payment received and prototype is ready but from my long term experience dealing with them I know that various extra delays are likely so more realistic time is 3-4 weeks.

4. We receive shipment from Vostok with watches ( it will also take time about 5-7 days from Chistopol to St. Petersburg where we are located ) and start to make personal engravings on each watch - this will also take several days at least.

5 We post watches after checking that everything is ok to individual customers in different countries. Shipping will be done mostly via registered airmail with tracking No. - usually takes 2 weeks from Russia to any location worldwide. To some countries (UK, Germany, Italy it is better that we post from Finland so that customers do not have to pay VAT, duty etc.) so time in post is usually faster from Finland but anyway it will be extra time for delivery from Russia to Finland so the same about 2 weeks.

2) About the definitive prototype. Before the production of the watch, we need to know how will be the final result, so we want a prototype, or a pic of the first watch produced (no computer graphic, please).

I already discussed this point with Vostok watch factory and they promised to provide photos of first watch produced.

3) What types of fonts can be engraved on the caseback, and how many letters.

Our plan so far that engraving will be done manually by very qualified engravers here so virtually anything can be done and any fonts can be used but we will need to have extra conversation about this and may be define just several possible styles/fonts because in other case it may become too complicated to handle for 150 watches and take much longer time. Number of letters is limited by the size of font you chose only - it will not affect the cost much if 9 or 12 letters will be engraved for example.

4) Type of box. We want plastic box, no cardboard boxes.

As I already confirmed to Carlo Nicolucci - yes they will all come in Vostok standard plactic boxes blue or black color with Vostok logo on the box. ( I can send you example pictures if you would like ).

5) Main data of your company - bank, address, etc.

I work since 2001 in this business. I mainly deal with online sales via and on eBay.
I also work with small wholesale and drop shipping orders with some regular partners in Spain and UK.
In Russia I registered as private entrepreneur ( not requires company registration ) in St. Petersburg.
I also have close partnership with local wholesale watch company located in St. Petersburg - "Gals" LLC - they mainly deal with Vostok, Molnija and Record watches and supply me and other retail sellers and offline shops in Russia and abroad.

My contact and business registration details in Russia:

Novocherkassky St. 47- 2 - 90
St. Petersburg 195196,

Tel: + 7 812 776-20-84
Fax: + 7 812 373-51-00
Mob Tel: +7 921 920-94-94
Traveller Mob Tel : + 372 595 08 323

My local business partner for wholesale:

"Gals" LLC
Basseynaya St. 53 -4
St. Petersburg 192281, Russia

(bank data hidden on the forum)

[email protected]
I am pleased to see Philp Katilin handling this project. I've dealt with him before, and he is very reliable; he handled a situation very professionally when I received a defective watch some years back. :-!
A simple thought, couldn't it be written at 6: 3AKA3 WUS & Orologiando 2008?
(include the date)
In that case it's perfect! :-d
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