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Because large vs. small triggers so much debate, let’s put that to bed up front. People should wear what works for them, and I’m happy when watch manufacturers make them in a variety of sizes. Oris, Longines, Breitling do a nice job offering multiple sizes in quality dive watches. I wear them larger because that’s what works best for my wrists.

Without specifically looking for larger watches, the two dive watches I purchased this year both have 46mm cases, which is a few millimeters larger than what I most often buy and wear. I tend to look for watch cases around 43-44mm cases and 50-51mm between the lugs, though I have a few watches larger than that. As the Seiko Tuna proves, a large watch can feel much smaller when the lugs are closer together.

For the most part, I bought these based on overall impression, just saw them and thought I would really enjoy wearing them. Anything up to 48mm works OK with my wrist. However, I have been pleasantly surprised that the lugs on both of these aren’t very long considering their size (51 and 52mm). I had considered a Longines Hydroconquest 44, a very nice watch, that ’wears larger’ with 54mm between the lugs.

View attachment 16624287 View attachment 16624290

For the sake of comparison, this is the largest watch I wear, and it has aftermarket lugs that facilitate more strap options but also lengthen the lug-to-lug distance. It’s a big watch, 48mm case, 55 lug to lug, 18mm thick. I have been wearing it more frequently because i finally found a strap that really works - a Borealis vulcanized rubber strap that looks similar to Isofrane without the price tag. View attachment 16624296

So - is 2022 the year of the big watch, or are people looking for smaller wristwear?
Excellent watches with nice wrist presence. Well done!
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