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OK, I received my most lovely Bulova Accutron Masella diamond watch magnificently packaged from Ashford. I took pictures but they turned out like crap. It was night and used the flash. My camera is a little long in the tooth, only 7 megapixels and, yes, I confess, I have not a smart phone. I mean who wants a device smarter than she? I don't need no phone going all Skynet on me. I watch Person of Interest, I know what's going on. So what is the best light for taking the "watch selfie" pictures? I see so many on this forum and they are perfect. I am waiting to have a day off work to try in daylight. And waiting for actual daylight. Been so dreary. The watch is now at the jeweler getting some links removed. Not sure if he realized I had been in there a few days ago looking at the same $1450 watch I bought for $319 from Ashford. I couldn't face the jeweler so I had someone do that dirty work. Clearly it's bad lighting. Have a looksee. What's the trick? I appreciate any and all tips. As the army guys say, Tanks.