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Well the order got sent in two shipments, so we opened hers on Saturday, but mine had to wait until today (grr...) because customs held up the process. Thought I'd post a few pics and a bit of as review. I'll update with a His 'n Hers wrist shot when she gets back from work later.

I'm actually really liking the gloss blue. It's not an in-your-face hue and it's certainly striking so it's working for me. I'm looking forward to wearing this to work and seeing the reaction there. I hope the print and resin overall holds up well over time, it's very cool.

This is also my first Moon/Tide G, which is nice to have as a curiosity for me but those functions aren't necessarily useful for my purposes. The module is nicely feature-packed beyond that, though, especially the timers with repeat and 5-sec increments. Pity about the 60 min stopwatch and the 99 min timer limits, this would be the KILLER module if they were 24hrs. As it is, though, for intervals and running this is just fine, I can keep track of the hours mentally and the intervals are always shorter than 99 mins ;).

The watch overall feels and looks weightier than in pictures. It's only 79 grams on my scale, so not very heavy at all, but for some reason it wears that way. Not overly so, though, this one will get plenty of wrist time in the rotation nonetheless.

It's also really cool to have a story behind the watch for when people ask about it, which they certainly will. This watch states clearly it's not your run-of-the-mill G.

And here are the pics...time for me to play with the new Moon/Tide stuff b-).

L1030183.JPG L1030184.JPG L1030188.JPG L1030189.JPG
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