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Making clocks, however, bears little comparison with chronometer making, where the very finest finish is required, and the compensation of hairspring to the balance over a variety of temperatures is the great challenge.

In his book “Chronometer Makers of the World”, Tony Mercer, grandson of the company’s founder, pays homage to Marine Chronometry, an art form in its own right.

Thomas Mercer is proud to announce the launch of its first new 8-Day calibre: TM0801.

TM0801 Escapement.jpg

Mindful of its heritage and the long-standing reputation bound to its name, there is only one mechanism which Thomas Mercer could conceive of to grace the very first page in this new chapter of its history - a mechanism which, today, only Thomas Mercer can make: a 100% pure chronometer. The chain-fusée combination is included without question.

The utmost attention has been paid to the escapement balance, the real heart of the timepiece: in its par excellence form, the Spring Detente. Thanks to its helical spring, this type of design, aspiring to the theoretically perfect balance, does indeed deliver the best results in terms of isochronism - when the time taken for a single swing is constant regardless of the angle of vibration.

Whilst respecting tradition and authenticity, Thomas Mercer introduces, for the first time in its history, the Ovalising Balance, a solution featuring an invar bar which does not expand or contract with changes in temperature and which forces the balance into an oval shape; this, coupled with an uncut rim which makes centrifugal errors practically disappear, leads to a great reduction in residual errors and, consequently, in the “middle temperature” ones.

The new TM0801 calibre revives a fascinating art form and propels Thomas Mercer - in accordance with its tradition - again to the forefront of chronometry. Once more their brand new chronometers are synonymous with Uniqueness, Expert Craftsmanship and Sophisticated Technique: very soon, more exciting news will be unveiled!

About Thomas Mercer:
Thomas Mercer is a British based company founded in 1858 by Thomas Mercer, a chronometer maker in Clerkenwell Road, London, who moved the company to St Albans in 1874. The most awarded Thomas Mercer chronometer was No.8306, winner of the 1911 Greenwich Trials and honoured with a request from the Admiralty.In 2012 Thomas Mercer is back with a new generation of Marine chronometers where Design, Innovation, Engineering Excellence, 30+ years of management team expertise and a fifth generation of the Mercer family on the board are the key to the future success of this brand and its exceptional timepieces.

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