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Thomas Prescher Tempusvivendi Qatar ? a Watch to a Country

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Thomas Prescher Tempusvivendi Qatar - a Watch to a Country

Thomas Prescher has recently introduced a new watch called Tempusvivendi Qatar, a gorgeous timepiece dedicated to the nation of Qatar. The novel Tempusvivendi watch features its double retrograde hands, which can only been seen on some vintage luxury clocks and pocket watches.

Thomas Prescher is a Switzerland-based watch manufacturer name after its founder, a renown German watchmaker. His passion and desire to content his soul full of innovative concepts have created the Thomas Prescher haute horlogerie. The brand is famous for fabricating complicated watches and has never crafted a single conventional chronograph. The Tempusvivendi Qatar watch is the newest unconventional timepiece right out of its workshop.

Through the new Thomas Prescher watch, I can imagine the process of its birth. From a exquisite concept, with excellent design, finest materials and perfect processing, the model was created step by step just as dreams become reality.

The watch, inspired by Qatar Coat of arms, show us a wonderful image on its dial. Between two crossed Arab style swords in a yellow circle, there is a traditional sailing ship called dhow, sailing over the waves beside an island with two palm trees. A white and brown band, divided horizontally with a zigzag line, frames the yellow circle.

The two swords move along the indicators to display the time. The tip of the right sword shows the minutes, while that of the left shows the hours. Thanks to the unique retrograde system, the two swords jump back to the beginning to rise again, after they reach the end of the index sector. If you want to appreciate the original cost of arms in gold and noble colours, you can push the button in the crown, setting the swords to a resting position. Pushing the button again can let the swords move back to give you a view of the actual time.

Through the transparent caseback, we are allowed to admire the fine decorative work of the Thomas Prescher watchmakers. As a perfect combination of traditional engraving process and ultra modern precision engineering, the specially developed movement is highly personalized. Joining the watch comfortably to the wrist is a hand-sewn alligator strap. With its greatest tribute to the Qatar region, the Tempusvivendi Qatar watch is of inescapable magnetism for watch enthusiasts and connoisseurs.


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Re: Thomas Prescher Tempusvivendi Qatar - a Watch to a Country

WUS members do know about that watch since a week (see our forum: Independent Watchmakers).

Thomas Prescher is a German national, the watches however are swiss.
Re: Thomas Prescher Tempusvivendi Qatar - a Watch to a Country

:-! :-d :-d The 2824 bashers will really gag over this one.
Re: Thomas Prescher Tempusvivendi Qatar - a Watch to a Country

I think the dial makes me feel sick. Those scimitars and coat of arms just destroy it for me.
A wonderful piece, except the Quatari theme.
(IMO, it looks cheap. Like a gift you get after being a longtime customer of the petrol station Q8 in Sweden...)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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