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I love Swiss watches from the 50s and 60s. These 2 are no exception. Both from the 50s. Both keep excellent time and both smack of quality when handled.

I will get around to posting my collection at some stage but thought I'd start with these. Vintage makes up about 60% of my lovely little wrist-friends.

Circa 1959, 18 Jewels, Caliber 120, rare "Hack" feature to stop the second hand to set the exact time.

Vintage Zenith 3.jpg
Vintage Zenith 2.jpg
Vintage Zenith 1.jpg

Circa 1955 Rare square case

Vintage square 4 face.jpg

zenith square 3 face.jpg

Zenith square 2.jpg
Zenith Square 1 back.jpg
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