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Thoughts on Nightlum?

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Considering a B&R (Nightlum), but not sure how large it will wear on my 17.5cm wrist - just under 7in. I know plenty of people with smaller wrists wear these, but despite being a little conservative in my design preference, I've liked these models since they came out in '05. I suppose I just need some convincing...

Gracias amigos
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Its a 42mm.
They don't wear as big as that number sounds.

But that model...... can you try one on before buying?
They look very different on the wrist.

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Ironically, I live a short distance from a B&R AD. However, I have no intention of purchasing a B&R or any other piece at retail...which is why I don't stop by for a fit. Nevertheless, thanks for including the pic!
Bring cash.
Dealers will negotiate in person, but never on phone or email.

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