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Thoughts on this Signal alarm watch?

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Hello dear forum members, I need your help once again. This time I have a chance to buy a watch, which design is probably the most appealing for me from all Russian watches- Signal alarm watch. Still, its not that cheap (somewhere around 90$, not Sturmanskie, but still quite much :-d ) Here is a picture:
Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Fashion accessory Jewellery

Any thoughts about actual pricing (I can actually discuss that with a seller) and the watch itself?
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Looks good except some of the red alarm numbers on the perimeter appear faded (may be the photo) and the alarm crown is a replacement. On the other hand A gold case in decent condition is hard to find and a dial with that center recess is different. So some good and some bad but all-in-all I could see this watch coming directly from the owner in this condition and while not perfect, not that bad, either. I'd try to get the price down a little mostly because of the crown but it's in the ballpark.

That's my opinion.
Thank you very much for a really quick feedback! I'll surely include an argument about the crown to slightly reduce a price. Condition is somewhat good, sad thing those red numbers seems to be faded... Do you think it would be possible to ask a watchmaker to clean that dust on the lower part of the dial? And is it possible to date this watch?
All right, thanks for the tips, I guess I won't clean those, unless those which are really just dust stuck on the side of the glass. I'll also look into its back when I'll meet with the seller
Contacted the seller, he claims that those red numbers look like that just because of the photo and only are a bit faded. By the way, he is also selling two other watches for a similar price, just thinking if they are rarer or more valuable?

This one is cheaper by almost one fourth the price, with 2809A movement:
Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Fashion accessory Jewellery

Even cheaper one:

Analog watch Watch Watch accessory Fashion accessory Jewellery

These two arent as appealing to me, but I might have enough money to buy one of these if they are valuable enough for my collection
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Thanks for your feedback! Vostok looks realy nice for me too, but I really love the design of Signal. I really hate to choose, but after paying taxes for a flat I think I will be able to buy both of them haha. ZIM doesn't look appealing to me, so I am quite happy that it's not that valuable. By the way, according to that article, isn't 2809B a bit less rare and precise compared to 2809?
All right, just agreed to buy both Vostok and Signal tomorow
Both of the watches are mine now, so happy about both! As always, thank you dear forum members for your help, I can't really say how many times already Schnurrp helped me! Here are the watches:
Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Fashion accessory Jewellery

Analog watch Watch accessory Watch Fashion accessory Strap

Sorry for rather bad quality of the photos, but I must say that all of those red numbers can be perfectly seen, just a bit faded.

Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Fashion accessory Jewellery
Watch Metal

Can't believe that I did it, but I opened the back of Vostok and took a picture of the movement:

Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Fashion accessory Strap
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Well said, thank you very much! I really like both of them and they feel valuable and vintage. While Vostok will most likely be put as a part of my collection, I am more than sure I'll sometimes wear my Signal as it just looks so beautiful to me.
Very nice! I say: wear them! That is what they were made for. not to gather dust somewhere!
Thanks! Yeah, I guess you are right, I feel really bad then I don't wear every one of my watches at least once a week, no matter if it's my cheap Amphibia or really valuable Sturmanskie
Thank you very much serdal23!

Schnurrp, I'm talking about my Sturmanskie I bought after getting help in this thread, you should remeber it:
Sorry, wolf3d. My memory's not what it used to be but I remember you very well now.

You're the guy with one of the highest quality Russian watch collection around...a little small but you can work on that!
I never really looked at my collection like that, thank you very much!
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