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Thoughts on this Signal alarm watch?

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Hello dear forum members, I need your help once again. This time I have a chance to buy a watch, which design is probably the most appealing for me from all Russian watches- Signal alarm watch. Still, its not that cheap (somewhere around 90$, not Sturmanskie, but still quite much :-d ) Here is a picture:
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Any thoughts about actual pricing (I can actually discuss that with a seller) and the watch itself?
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As an amateur Russian watch collector I like both of the first two watches. Although there are signs of fading on the dial of the Signal, I dont think it is excessive for its age. especially the red, somehow red always seems to fade very fast. If you place yourself back in time in Russia when these watches roamed the streets, I think those that were preserved to look like this watch were the lucky ones and we are fortunate to get them in these conditions. Personally, I like the second watch better, which, please correct me if wrong, is a Volna, supposedly one of the best older movements made in Russia and based upon the Zenith 135 chrono. I think they were produced for only about five years because of high costs. The last one is a cheaper Zim- not interesting at all. Hope I didnt mislead you!
Thanks schnurp for the excellent lead to the article by Storyteller on the Vostok Precisions/ Volnas (are they the same?) Guess armed with this new knowledge, I will start the process to determine whether my Volnas are frankens or not. What to do if they are? I love wearing them both, and like their appearances a lot. They are also excellent runners. So I guess if they are frankens , I will keep enjoying them and use my newly found knowledge on future purchases. I always give frankens the slight benefit of the doubt: maybe they were not "frankenised" simply to con the buyer, but was an honest attempt, maybe years ago, by some watchmaker to keep a great old watch alive... Anyway guys, "HI", as you all can see I am new, have been lurking in the shadows for long, but only recently decided to join. Dont have much technical knowledge to offer, but is a fast learner.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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